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  1. There's a bug when calcing with gems, for acro+gem calc use aerial ace and boost it's base damage to 165, for acro without gem use aerial with 110 dmg, both calcs u need to do with no items held
  2. I made this thread for helping out players and sharing some teams, not for farewells... Never said I quit for good just taking a long break, thanks tho everyone!!🥵
  3. Unfortunately Tomorrow I am leaving the game, wanted to share some of my lately favorite builds before I leave! I will provide difficulity level (in my opinion) next to every team. (Easy/Medium/Hard) OU: UU: NU: IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS DONT ASK ME I WONT ANSWER BYE
  4. Can someone give a warning point to this man???
  5. Finally, someone who says what we all think.
  6. oh didnt see this, gonna be a little busy this weekend but just try to whisper me every time u are on if you catch me online we can play
  7. i hate doubles but sure i dont mind im available almost any time today just hit me up
  8. When you have too many cooks in your kitchen and nothing tastes like you want it to - it is time to hire a chef ezzzz
  9. 100k? What are you a chicken?? Let's do 110k nu.
  10. Both name the wager and I'll be there.
  11. that'd be highly appreciated, implementing this will help us so much
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