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  1. Team name: Who cares Player OU: SweeTforU Player NU: Tawla
  2. ur not gonna rep for nore sorry bro we have better ones
  3. this is insane!!! how can you guys justify this?! @staff !!!!!!!!
  4. easier to ban than to change a look
  5. Dumbest ban reason I've ever heard of. If you are buying 100RP for 2m that's 110% your own fault, how is it different from sniping a mon or an item from GTL because the lister forgot a "0" out there? This is legit the dumbest thing I've ever heard and my guess would be that a staff was the one who fell for the trap and got mad. Enjoy abusing your power lmfao, y'all make yourself looks worse and worse every single time.
  6. Everything this guy says is just facts
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