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  1. I think that since we removed DPP from psl, the showdown level in other tiers was just a huge joke. Whether ud want it or not, The DPP level was really high and I'd say around 80% of the matches were exciting and people knew what they were doing. In my opinion, if DPP doesn't get picked, then there shouldn't be a showdown tier at all.
  2. Scizor Garchomp Kingdra Hydreigon Hitmontop Raichu
  3. SweeTforU Raichu Garchomp Machamp Empoleon Gengar Hydreigon
  4. I don't support machamp nu at all
  5. Special match: zhiko vs Sweet - 1m @Zhikodark
  6. nothing personal bro u know ily, for me ur both same level but julian is a teammate nab
  7. MY BETS: Belgium 0 - 0 China A OU - Jawaax VS mentalsoft - taken by @Paul (500k) UU - Mkns VS MamoswineZ NU - Kriliin VS MullenYu - taken by @XondeX (100k) Doubles - IMat VS bfu SMOU - LLLLiolae VS Starmind - taken by @KingBowser (500k) Mexico 0 - 0 Peru B LC - Baneadito VS Hernjet Spain 0 - 0 Columbia A UU - Killuminatis VS Enchanteur - taken by @XondeX (100k) NU - Busso VS JamesFaul Doubles - Zigh VS iJulianFNT - taken by @Zigh (500k) Rest of Asia 0 - 0 Argentina A NU - SweetForU VS Souu LC - dinofish VS Wiriketchup SMOU - slavicmedicine VS BranYT - taken by @nicollassiittoo (200k) 100k-500k EACH, 1 person per bet
  8. From my experience Tito always pays when he loses a bet
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