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  1. oh didnt see this, gonna be a little busy this weekend but just try to whisper me every time u are on if you catch me online we can play
  2. i hate doubles but sure i dont mind im available almost any time today just hit me up
  3. When you have too many cooks in your kitchen and nothing tastes like you want it to - it is time to hire a chef ezzzz
  4. 100k? What are you a chicken?? Let's do 110k nu.
  5. Both name the wager and I'll be there.
  6. that'd be highly appreciated, implementing this will help us so much
  7. Hey, genuine question, did I lately lend my poliwrath to anyone that follows me? He returned jolly one instead of adamant and I can't remember who was it

    1. DarylDixon


      you can see to who you mailed the poli

    2. SweeTforU


      I can't because I just write in all my mails dijgjcnejckdkad

    3. DarylDixon


      just open your mail box and go on sent mail and you will see to who oyou sent mails just find the one with poli sent

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