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  1. Sure I bet 500k on myself if u want to take it
  2. It's only your imagination oowoo
  3. Nah I played 1 steel type and yes it was a spdef invested so i could switch in to poryz but there is absolutely no difference between this to running full def druddigon so I can counter krooko, or running max def crobat to counter heracross. There are more than enough scary mons to be looking out from than just pory-z and that's why you must match yourself to the tier, I think that what scares the community isn't pory-z, what scares the mmo community is actually adopting the idea that tiers can and should change from time to time, and switching their beloved cores and mons from time to time -
  4. 3 days ago iMat lost final with poryz vs non poryz team bro nice facts
  5. Sorry ima have to drop out getting busier and busier
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