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  1. Till I was happy we finallyyy have an nu shiny tour y'all really stop it 2 rounds before the end unbelievable
  2. Not gonna write a big paragraph, I'm just going to say that since the last tier movements I have played shit tons of nu matches and came to a realization that giga+stout combo is horribly good in nu and so easy to abuse. The solution in my eyes is to complex ban sandstream/ban giga. Now, roserade. Roserade is just outstanding in nu. Specs set has the tools to demolish any type of team but life orb sets are great as well. It is super unhealthy for the tier as now nu is starting to look life ou/uu because now almost every team pretty much has to run a very limited group of mons so Rose in this case could be countered.
  3. So an extra 500k for my match (means we have 800k on g1 and 300k g2)
  4. 300k on any of my matches vs sejuani - both taken by @LifeStyleNORE
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