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  1. Anyways unlike other seasons I'm not gonna argue about keeping DPP as a tier because, like gb said most of the DPP players are dead, tho the playerpool for SMou looks even worse so ye DPP is better bros
  2. Coolio choosing smou over dpp cuz I saw him today on ladder and he stuck at 1200s smh
  3. Talking about battle of age but forgets the real age that was a madness And yes I'm talking about the SNORE PIG age
  4. who is redav and why am I not in the list
  5. I saw this on Monday when I still was in the army, and couldn't believe it. Roxxass and I met for the first time in vermilion PC, her English was pretty bad and it looked like she was a happy kind of girl. Other people including me sometimes, were making fun of her English and her positive attitude back then, not in a purpose to harm of course, we were laughing with her not at her. One day I had a talk with her in PMs and she told me she doesn't like her current team, so I immediately asked her if she wants to join RISE, even tho I didn't know if she plays competitive or not and how everyone else going to feel about her joining. She refused, but the day after she took the offer. Roxxass was such a nice and positive girl. I can't think of a person that didn't like her, and honestly, I really doubt its possible. Apparently she knew how to play competitive, and she kicked my ass at the first time we played doubles with a garbage trick room team. Me and Roxxass got very close as time went by, and we became a very good friends. She used to tell me about her week, and if anything bothers her, whether if its in MMO or in real life. She told me about relationships that didn't go too well for her and about her best friend that died not too long ago. More than once she told me she wants to end it all, but I promised her that me and RISE are always here for her. She used to send me her songs or drawings she made and wanted me to see when she felt a bit down or when I felt a bit down. It's been a long time since I heard her saying she would end it all, because she got closer to us, RISE, and considered us as her family. She used Pokemon as her runaway for everything. When I joined the army she wroye me a beautiful goodbye message in-game. She told me she would never forget me and I promised her I won't too. God's problem, is that he always finds a way to balance us, humans, so no one will be perfect and every single one of us will have a flaw. Roxxass was an angel. She didn't have any flaw. God saw he had made an angel, so he decided to put her in a very bad environment unfortunately. Roxxass' life were violent and more than once she had suffered from people who harmed her irl. I think of her every day the past week, my prayers goes to her family, may you be strong. I will never forget you. You were the best person the world could possibly know. Now, as you always wished, you can finally rest in piece. Miss you forever, Jonathan
  6. won vs nik 2-1 ggs won vs luke 2-1 ggs
  7. anyone bo3 dpp if i win i get 50k if u win u get 250k
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