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  1. SweeTforU


    cacturnes :(
  2. SweeTforU

    [RISÉ] The Uprising

    First of all, if I miss anyone and I know I will, dont get angry please im writing this real quick cuz i aint got no time. I dont think its possible for me to really consume what an amazing journey I have been through in this dumb online game called PokeMMO. I acquired so many friends that I dont even know and probably never will in real life, and at some place sometimes I felt more close to them than my real ones. I think this is nuts to think about it, but I really loved playing this game. I will never forgot so many things that didnt mean ANYTHING in real life, but mattered the world to me in here and in life in general. Things such as joining my first official, where I faced DoctorPBC (DoctorPBJ these days) I was a click away from winning, but as u may know me and my potato PC I dc'd and lost. I remember the guy I looked up to wanting to be as good as him back then when I was a newbie, his name was "Spazzle" and I will never forget his skills. I remember afking and watching a nerd with a hat battling outside viridian/vermillion later, his name was @Havsha. He used to be very good and win most of his matches with his shitty iv comps. I remember when he added me to a known team in my eyes, PkeL. @benjaminvoz and havs and other great teammates like @Ikkee, helped me get into comp intensely and teaching me most of what I know today. Quickly learning and consistently practicing, I finally won my first official vs @XPLOZ, after I lost him 3 finals already. I was very happy, and named my gift shiny after him, a habbit I continued to adopt when winning future officials. I remember a guy using muk and howl arcanine in ou and other shitty gimmicks with 0 walls. Me, who was a waller back then, was amazed how he keeps winning games in vermillion. From that moment, I never used walls ever again (unless they have rocks/spikes) and sold most of them. This is when I changed my perspective about competitive playing and really started to enjoy battling. Battling might be fun and all, but cant ignore the facts. The only reason I stayed was my dumb toxic teammates, which always made my day a million times better. I love u guys more than I love my girlfriend. Real talk. well.... maybe not more than my gf but more than I love havs, thats for sure. Besides the ones I mentioned (not you xploz), I gotta thank my best friends who been with me for a very long time now and always been there for me, not in a gay way. ily @Oltan ily @Coge and ily everyone who been there for me, u guys are the best <3. Unfortunately, I need to get on the real life train. God knows how much I dont wanna leave but a man gotta do what a man gotta do. Wish u all great luck in the game and in life aswell, may you never have to join the army :) Special thanks to the ones who made my stay since I came back better, @Lvkee @Kaitha @Zymogen @DarylDixon @BlackJovi @xSparkie @JIceJDragon @Leviticus @Bilburt and many many more that I cant remember rn, my bad, feel free to flame me if i forgot u. test
  3. SweeTforU

    Let's Dance! (Sunday, 25th November)

    Obviously I lost so u donate more :) but on a real note all the money I'll have left tomorrow will go to this event. (It's not alot it's like ehh 400k)
  4. Zd won, I didn't play well
  5. My last ever PSL match, vs zdfire in 10 mins
  6. SweeTforU

    Docs road to $1k

    way to go doc, $10 to $248 i c you wilding :) love to see that and this thread gives me a reason to check forums daily lol. Also wtf parke ???????
  7. SweeTforU

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

  8. SweeTforU

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    tbh if u take it its a win/win for u lol
  9. SweeTforU

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    @JIceJDragonu owe me 1m, keep it tho I don't want it, love u
  10. SweeTforU

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    UU: SweeTforU vs ZDFire 1m The money I win goes to @Haazuu's event prizepool
  11. SweeTforU

    Weather Team Counter

    as the #1 on ou leaderboard i can assure that u are right my friend and everything u say makes sense. i also agree that the "DaftCoolio" guy is probably a newbie and just got into the competitive scene because his answers clearly shows he doesnt understand anything about comp or teambuilding.
  12. SweeTforU

    [PSL X] Strawhats

    Unbelievably sad news. I can't even contain what I just read. I doubt anyone really can. I didn't know BullDogBlue very much but from what I've seen and heard he was a very likable dude. It's crazy to think that one of us, one of the PokeMMO community, has passed away for real and not for a joke or something similar like we are used to. We, the MMO players, all share the same roots and unexplained urge to play a game based on a TV show that lighted a spark in our eyes when we were little. I believe BullDog also had the spark in his eyes. The friends he made throughout his road in MMO probably devastated right now. My prayers are with you guys. Stay strong. Hopefully his family and real life friends will never allow this to drag them down to the ground. Stay strong. May he Rest In Peace.

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