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  1. Woppsss, im sorry. Lets gooo @xJoseee
  2. Sold Out Good luck to everyone participating!
  3. letts goo only 29 tickets! atm
  4. Team Name: A los cuervos que cantan sobre la selva del internet. Players: Filantropia - MendeeZ - InuYashaL - Azzazz - OrangeManiac Sup: EYL
  5. Solo enviando el dinero al ign "Azzazz" ya estás participando!
  6. Whismur everyone! (Hello!) Nature is Impish I'll raffle this little friend with a total of 70 tickets each ticket is 50k You can mail the money to: azzazz Thanks @xJoseee ! And good luck
  7. GN : Azzazz reason : The best analyst in the whole fucking world. Mmm, maybe i will streaming the event. Tiers : OU UU DUBS Competitive accolades: Top 3 WC 2020 other random stuff: Stall its not wall.
  8. Azzazz Vs RayUwU in 10 min Congratulations To Belgium.
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