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  1. GN : Azzazz reason : The best analyst in the whole fucking world. Mmm, maybe i will streaming the event. Tiers : OU UU DUBS Competitive accolades: Top 3 WC 2020 other random stuff: Stall its not wall.
  2. Azzazz Vs RayUwU in 10 min Congratulations To Belgium.
  3. I agree. Doubles is considerably more competitive, diverse and strategic than other tiers (especially if we consider that LC can be pitched and doubles cannot). Although it is true that new players find it a little more difficult to learn to play doubles efficiently, because the learning line of is somewhat slower, it is not true that it is the least played tier. Banning the pick only devalues players who specialize in that tier, and discourage more people from entering it. Hopefully it can be revised. I love everything else ... hype! Spanish
  4. Ign: Azzazz Electrivire Scizor Amoonguss Hitmontop Pelipper Kingdra
  5. Thank you very much! Thanks also to my teammates they are great players and great people, I had a fantastic time on that discord channel. Congratulations to Belgium and Colombia proved to be extremely good (I mean everyone deserve it except Jorel). Someday Gbwead will visit Argentina and become a Peronista.
  6. Gratz Colombia. Good lock in the Final
  7. LKrenz vs Zeldris SMOU https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-gen7ou-1140961240
  8. Azzazz Pelipper Metagross Vaporeon Ludicolo Amoongus Hitmontop
  9. 450k* (creo que confundiste la apuesta de Zigh, eran 200k y no 300k)
  10. Won: NU - Kriliin VS MullenYu 200k @branYT NU - Kriliin VS MullenYu 200k @Stelian NU - Kriliin VS MullenYu 200k @Kaitha NU - SweetForU VS Souu 300k @deemoaaron Doubles - InuYashaL VS GasaiYunoSan 200k @Moi LC - dinofish VS Wiriketchup 300k @mago1993 Lost: Doubles - Zigh VS iJulianFNT 200k @iJulian LC - Baneadito VS Hernjet 200k @iJulian LC - Baneadito VS Hernjet 200k @TiToooo OU - WallsLife VS xLuneth 200k @branYT NU - MexiDany VS ZDFire 200k @TiToooo not played yet: OU - Kiwkidd VS Brianattackpro Take: @TiToooo NU - Busso VS JamesFaul Take @mago1993 IGN: Azzazz
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