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  1. I think: automated system messages + Doble prize + remove normals.
  2. take for 200k? Take for 100k? Take (shame?) Take Take
  3. Thats true, but Maybe Lanturn/Gastrodon/Swampert spam dislike to Rotom... Thats going to reduced viability of some sets.
  4. Alert in UU: Rotom's Heat reign know the fear.
  5. Rotom Wash has reached position 4/5. Here is one less argument when discussing its viability.
  6. Team Name: GuardiansoftRose Team Tag: RØSE Registered Players: Azzazz, MAXXIIx, INTELL, Yeikochu, DianaAnkudinova, branYT, JuLioZm, ninamik, JorgeFirebolt, Novaniel, ManuelPVP, Dreykergame, CristhianArce, Taranys. Team Captain: MAXXIIx
  7. Bran won https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-1122292474
  8. Don't worry, it wasn't serious. Although im enjoy to think that someone who prepared his team all week and miss a "will o wisp" says: ... Mama mia! ? come on... lol
  9. why ban insults? Does anyone know someone who is in jail for insulting? Does anyone know a country that is forbidden to insult? LMAO
  10. No, omg lol! that was a mistake, so sorry.
  11. Group A Belgium 0 - 0 Columbia B NU - Kriliin VS Skulldeus Doubles - Mkns VS Kepzal Venezuela A 0 - 0 Peru A UU - CristhianArce VS Robertramirez LC - IIlDanielII VS aldahirramirez Group B Rest Of America 0 - 0 Korea UU - Urquidi VS IhikariI @xSparkie NU - Cristi VS largeflower LC - YEYOxD VS Narikiri Doubles - Santiii VS grdzick Portugal 0 - 0 Spain OU - DeusBuno VS KiwiKidd NU - JuniorPT VS RealDevilLegend Doubles - Millernine VS Zigh Group C China B 0 - 0 Brazil OU - Pumpnevermiss VS Elvessss UU - Caosl VS Quakaroto NU - sgerard VS Jhowcrazy Mexico 0 - 0 Africa OU - Camineko VS Lunarck UU - KokenoCastro VS PoseidonWrath NU - Mexidany VS Tawla LC - Baneadito Vs Samehada Group D Canada 0 - 0 Venezuela B Doubles - Edriyan VS Guilleex Brexit 0 - 0 Rest of Europe OU -BlueBreath VS Bulbasaur NU - Zymogen VS rynners Doubles - Rendi VS Kanzo USA 0 - 0 China A UU - DoubleJ VS MullenYu @varietypaul @xiaolinggg Doubles - Artemiseta VS BFU @xSparkie 100k ALL (Or offert) Void: subs and disconected.
  12. Chile 0 - 0 Argentina A $1.000.000 Argentina wins (Void if tie)
  13. Bassed on Team ROSE discussions: Agre Disagre Disagre Agre Agre Not sure Agre Agre
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