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  1. So I am wondering what is purpose of making the E4 and Champion this difficult in Re-battles? I have 6 fully Ev trained and max IV Team and the difficulty level is insane. I don't even know the amount of money you get from beating them...You have to spam so many healing items and revives to win which in turn requires multiple items and farming to craft...I understand that the E4 should be difficult in rebattles, but this is a bit out of hand. There is also the issue of newer players who don't have enough money to breed perfect IV pokemon. Wondering if it is possible to reduce the difficulty a bit?
  2. Hello,it has been a while since I played. It is so cool that we have sinnoh added. My question is Feebas available in the new areas or only in Hoenn? If so where?
  3. So I stopped playing for a while and came back. I can't log in. I got a verification code in my Email. I put it to log in it says error. What should i do? how can i play>?
  4. jpshadow


    Ban Wobbuffet from OU?
  5. jpshadow


    Wobbuffet is used in normal play.
  6. Wobbufet, Ferothorn,Gliscor, Blissey now...this is getting exhausting how the hell is Wobbufet in OU?
  7. Thank you for the replies, some people really helped me understand a few points that I missed, this should help me in the future, since i like the game and plan on still playing it. The only 2 points I wish to stress is that there is only 1 Volcarona counters, as for the person that is saying Heatran does not counter her, when have you ever seen Volcarona running HP ground? that is not really an argument,(every poke can use any HP to counter) Blissey seems to be the only counter, while Milotic dies to Giga drain, Mantine will attempt to stall with haze and Toxic but it is risky. the second point i wish to discuss furthermore is outrage base power. I never had problems with dragons in this game, they have so many counters...(based on my exp) not an individual case, 3 weeks till now i have suffered from this issue(20+ players), people are using Skarm/bliss and another 2 tanks because of a lack in mix attackers. If you only take into consideration the finals that is another issue, because it neglects 99% of the player base. Variables such a luck and RNG also take place, i am speaking of personnel experience and i bet more than half of the people here are using Skarm/Bliss for a reason.
  8. I just faced a team of Skarm Bliss an Hippo. this is prob the 4th one today. edit 4 walls he just said he has Jellicent as well. rofl
  9. ok, honey you should provide arguments as to why you support such changes that are not available in the Official Pokemon games? Outrage was 120 base power in Gen 5 and all dragons were legal in official Pokemon battles, i don't have anything to explain. Mixing Gen 7 updated mechanics with Gen 5 is clearly illogical, trying to follow a more advanced gen with different evolution, Pokemon, items... what is the point of Changing some RNG and leaving others out? "it is better like this" oh ok lets make scald 60% burn rate, it would be better. Some of the replies i got were ridiculous, clear indication of fanboyism and ignorance. Milotic can't counter Volcarona, Mantine suffers with SR+ switch in damage, in addition Volcarona can stall. its main counter was Heatran, that Pokemon is not available. I love the contradiction, "We are keeping up with the new Gen, but outrage is 90 base power etc..." formulate better arguments please.
  10. So what i wanna discuss are a few problems in pvp on this game. 1- Volcarona being used normally while not having a real counter (many Pokemon are missing) 2-People running around with 4-5 tanks and the game is missing wall breakers, mixed attackers 3-Outrage low Base power? why? 4-Hydreigon+ draco meteor is banned 5- Hidden Abilities non existent make some Pokemon run rampant 6-Sleep counter not reseting while switching out 7-Serene Grace not working properly 8-Dragon rush Accuracy is bugged, used it more than 80 times missed way more than 25% 9-Burn damage nerfed to follow Gen 7( makes no sense since we need that extra 6,25% damage in a gen filled with Physical attacker/walls) 10- Confusion rate is not 50% ? why?
  11. just wondering how many hours have you guys played before you encountered a shiny? i am at 500+ hours and haven't seen one. Some people got it in less than 100 hours.
  12. how do you know that :O? You are a very rich player and complaining on the forums, yet plenty of poor/new players are online having fun without any problems, yes it is hard, and even RNG dominated at times but it is still good.
  13. So i am wondering ''IF'' and "When" the Pokemon from Gen 4 will be added, many of them are missing, many of them are essential for OU/wall breaking. The current state of PVP is everyone running 3-4 tanks with barely any counters...yet people still complain about Hydreigon thinking it is some god. Also outrage base power at 90 is ridiculous. Garchomp, infernape etc are really needed.
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