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  1. Prism scale

    Sorry if this was discussed before, but i wanted to get some info. Apparently Prism scale was in the Unova region at start but later removed, so some people have it. I went to route 13, could not find it there, got another item. ( I don't remember what i got instead) A few hours ago I saw someone selling Prism scale on GTL, while others are saying they have Prism scale that cannot be traded, so i am really confused now. I want to ask, how to get Prism Scale now? Does it work? will it evolve Feebas? Why was it "removed" yet not completely?
  2. is Premier Ball in the mystery box?

    I wonder,why was it removed?
  3. LF Shiny Feebas/Milotic

    So no one has a Shiny Feebas or Milotic :/??
  4. Pick UP ability

    I did not understand how this ability works here. Does pick up still work after i switch the Pokemon with the ability out?
  5. LF Shiny Feebas/Milotic

    Anyone selling Shiny Feebas or Milotic, haven't seen one in game, or GTL
  6. Feebas tiles

    Starting Feebas hunt now, normal Feebas and Shiny if possible, I am willing to stay for a while ! come on guys whisper me in game, my name is Mirokaross .
  7. Feebas tiles

    of course, the more the merrier, we really need a large group for this to work. keep an eye on the notification. cheers
  8. Outrage Base power

    I noticed with all the replies that they follow ''Smogon" sets and spreads. if you are running Rhyperior without defense/hp/attack evs that is your problem, people running it with speed evs are very ambitious. If you are running Milotic with bold and max def because smogon said so that is also your problem (125 vs 79 base defense stat)...Also Skarm has WW, Tangrowth does not care about fire punch/fang ever after 1 dd and can put them to sleep or even kill them with hp ice, it has great overall stats. No one uses Hippowdon ... The game was designed so you won't be able to switch that many things to stop dragons. And Finally Ice shards. Sorry English is not my first language, that Pokemon is spelled completely different where i come from, I am glad you weren't confused.
  9. Outrage Base power

    I noticed every pvp battle, people are using some generic teams, steel types are everywhere and everyone lacks a certain sweeper. I haven't seen a single Weavile,scarf cham those are incredible...How is Heidregon a problem when we have access to Milotic? Blissey? How is 120 base power outrage a problem when you can wall to no end with Skarm,Metagross,Tangrowth(yes it can be very annoying),Bronzong,Rhyperior, and finally the most annoying of all Ferrothorn.
  10. Outrage Base power

    LOL i am shocked that people complain about about dragons, they are good but with all those steel types around...if Garchomp was included i understand. Heidregon gets walled by so many things...90 base power outrage is kinda useless and out of place.
  11. Knock Off

    In gen 6-7 it is insanely OP and annoying. thank god we don't have it here !
  12. Feebas tiles

    yup that is exactly what happened to me last night, i found one at the bot of the river and just after 1 feebas it disappeared and changed tile. That what I was thinking ! :D maybe tomorrow night or during the weekend, i will contact you ! <3
  13. Feebas tiles

    The problem is no one is there on 119 trying to find it.Today was the first time i saw 6 people, because the GM was with us searching with us. in the end everyone got bored and left with 0 Feebas after 20 min.
  14. Feebas tiles

    So last time I searched for that ugly fish, i found a feebas tile on my 15th try. It felt normal and not too time consuming. Now going back to get more it was hell. It is insane considering we have to search for only 6 tiles and they change place. in the Original Emerald it was very difficult, here on POKEMMO it is almost impossible to find it when you are alone. My questions are : How long does a feebas tile last when you find it? Can you get Feebas from the tiles above the waterfall in route 119? Can we get Prism scale implemented? if not can we get Feebas in route 1 Unova? maybe have some tiles there or something. Does anyone have a strategy for searching quicker? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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