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  1. So I am wondering what is purpose of making the E4 and Champion this difficult in Re-battles? I have 6 fully Ev trained and max IV Team and the difficulty level is insane. I don't even know the amount of money you get from beating them...You have to spam so many healing items and revives to win which in turn requires multiple items and farming to craft...I understand that the E4 should be difficult in rebattles, but this is a bit out of hand. There is also the issue of newer players who don't have enough money to breed perfect IV pokemon. Wondering if it is possible to reduce the difficulty a
  2. Hello,it has been a while since I played. It is so cool that we have sinnoh added. My question is Feebas available in the new areas or only in Hoenn? If so where?
  3. So I stopped playing for a while and came back. I can't log in. I got a verification code in my Email. I put it to log in it says error. What should i do? how can i play>?
  4. jpshadow


    Ban Wobbuffet from OU?
  5. jpshadow


    Wobbuffet is used in normal play.
  6. just wondering how many hours have you guys played before you encountered a shiny? i am at 500+ hours and haven't seen one. Some people got it in less than 100 hours.
  7. how do you know that :O? You are a very rich player and complaining on the forums, yet plenty of poor/new players are online having fun without any problems, yes it is hard, and even RNG dominated at times but it is still good.
  8. So i am wondering ''IF'' and "When" the Pokemon from Gen 4 will be added, many of them are missing, many of them are essential for OU/wall breaking. The current state of PVP is everyone running 3-4 tanks with barely any counters...yet people still complain about Hydreigon thinking it is some god. Also outrage base power at 90 is ridiculous. Garchomp, infernape etc are really needed.
  9. So essentially we are saying there is no point in having a shiny? it is just an albino with horrible Ivs and nature ( unless you are lucky) that is sold for many Ms...
  10. I think people are confused about what i meant. Why not make it so Shiny+ normal = 50% that the child is shiny? it would be a risk some people are willing to take. Also an item could be implemented in the shop that increases shiny encounter rate, make it expensive but permanent.
  11. What is the shiny % from Breeding 2 normal Pokemon? What is the shiny % if you breed one normal + one shiny Together? Shiny+Shiny= Shiny, i know that, was really interested in knowing if someone got a shiny by breeding 2 normal pokemon. it seems really rare.
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