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  1. Threads for the PTS server and initial announcement are gone, does this mean Platinum isn't happening or is it a mistake?
  2. As long as Pokemon is a big franchise, so will PokeMMO continue to get enough players to survive.
  3. Do you know if you can get all the starters pre post game?
  4. A easy fix is remove buying TMs and instead make those available as BP prizes, coin machine prizes, and available throughout story/locations on map. Also selling them would be a good, because their would be a market of people too lazy to get them or can't get them yet, but want/need them.
  5. I honestly think this or what BigShot said should happen. It could definitely help for community events in Safari Zone by allowing easy access to pokemon you caught or even with BigShots idea make fuchsia city less annoying.
  6. In Gen 5 they made TM's reusable. This was a god send for many players, as it made tedious grinding at coin slots and having to pay for expensive TMs at stores constantly, no longer a issue. I believe adding this would help many players. Also to address potential damage to economy, you could make them still available to sell, that way the damage to the economy would be little at best.
  7. It was great in ORAS, I say let's do it here.
  8. I can think of people using it to get pokemon that evolve through happiness to evolve immediately during the story, instead of putting effort into them.
  9. Except everyone pokemon game defines end game as after Elite Four and so do almost all of the Pokemon community. And what's wrong with gyms? This isn't even really adding story it's adding gyms to challenge while in the Sevi Islands. Would definitely help e4 and end game training of pokemon. They could be made completely optional as well, as they aren't monumental or a necessity, just like going to Kanto/Hoenn is optional. The area is pretty void of content or things to do already, except breed, get cash, or get Johto pokemon, all things available in other areas where there is more to do. Adding this would give more purpose and a reason othere than extra exp and cash, breeding, and Johto pokemon to do.
  10. After elite four is considered end game. Also storyline bonus isn't a problem. Except you forget that the Sevi Islands is basically it's own region, but with near no content, but Johto pokemon and a short team rocket storyline. You also say it's no replay value, even though it adds to the overall things you can do and is something to do on other characters. I would say the core game is pretty finshed, at least the parts new players play. Also suggesting something doesn't mean it has to be worked on immediately. It can be accepted yet put off till other things are done.
  11. You literally give a reason in your argument. Make Sevi Islands more exciting. At its current state all it is to get some pokemon and grind money and exp. There are quite a few things to do already, but whats the harm in adding more, especially since a MMO is supposed to make new content keep coming to bring players to keep playing and this would be a great thing to add as sort of like a expansion in World of Warcraft. Also to clarify if wasn't clear, gym leaders would be around the same levels as elite four and progress higher as you go on. [hr] How is it not end game content? It's after the Elite Four and adds more to do in the Sevi Islands.
  12. More to do after elite four, more replay value, custom content, nostalgia to Ash's orange island adventure, adds more purpose to Sevi Islands.
  13. Similar to the orange islands and what another user suggested is turning the Sevi Islands into its own league with its own gyms and even a possible Elite 4 and champion.
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