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  1. I mean it is dependent on the format, in an 8 game per week format SD seems to make the most sense. Anything less than that and the value of that game might feel 2 high for something that is unrelated to MMO which I get. The other interesting part is that it seems like people prefer DPP which will have the largest skill gap between players compared to Gen 8, which most players are probably on a much more even playing ground. It will be much harder to make up years of experience in something like DPP compared to modern gen OU. Also legit question why does adding an SD tier take away fr
  2. Seeing Gen 8 games would be super interesting as long as players are sufficiently prepared to play but that falls on the manager imo.
  3. They need that name for credibility but it is lame.
  4. The original autochess mod was based off of a Pokemon Tower Defense Mod from original Dota (Warcraft)with this system. So in essence all auto battlers derive from a pokemon game.
  5. Ty for the in depth response, first off while you initially said he restricts team building you go on to make the point that he has tons of potential counters and that all well built teams would be running these mons anyway. Which seems to imply that he isn't an especially difficult or unique threat. I also agree with most of your general assessment of conk but still feel like you are downplaying his strengths. Many of the counters you initially mention would be classified as "soft checks" meaning they can either counter it by prediction or revenge kill it/force it out. Even mons
  6. Don't you think it is a slight issue that many of the checks you mention require some level of prediction to be able to actually handle him? I would also disagree with the assertion that he does not restrict teambuilding, as you pretty much have to limit the amount of mons that are weak to conk or get outraded by it. It is not just about having answers but limiting ur mons that let it come in for free. This is only exacerbated by teleport Blissey/Chansey which pairs perfectly with Conk. The fewer real answers to conk and the immediate pressure it puts on the opp when it gets a safe entry also
  7. Bro imagine coming back to a game after almost a decade and reading ur own forum posts. I legit almost died cringing at 16yr old me on these forums. Still a valid forum topic tho : P
  8. We have chinese players on our discord, given they speak english but def have access to discord if they want it. Edit: Would also add that having 2 many different discord that are similair but separate will be confusing and reduce participation. If you could merge with einstein or ur viability discord it could help as well.
  9. I am not a big PokeMMO player so take what I am saying with a grain of salt. However I have ran and continue to help run tournaments in other Pokemon MMO's and have run leagues in other games for quite some time so have a bit of experience with this type of thing. I think you identified two of the really big factors which hurt participation which are obviously the rewards for playing, and the effect that event fatigue has on players. The time investment required for league styled team tours can be exhausting especially for managers or top players who are required to play every week. I am 100%
  10. Hmm I guess I just fundamentally disagree with the idea that reducing wave size would not reduce the overall time. And that increasing Nian difficulty wouldn't hurt the overall run. We beat Nian using less than 3 PP 90% of the time because of how low of a threat level he had. If he actually did damage and getting him down as fast as possible was important u would not only need to risk more of ur mons but also lose them as a result but would def end up using more "valuable" PP. For example wasting 4-5 dragon claws on each Nian drastically reduces the runs potential upside. If every
  11. I was thinking about making a similair thread but will post my thoughts here instead. I am fairly sure nobody has played the event more then Nevari and I, and we clearly had the most success. So I think I have a pretty good handle on the issues in the event. Like you said the Item RNG is a big issue, however I think that the runs still need a way to feel unique and thus should stay. However because the run is completely reliant on Evolution stones and Str stones to a less extent these need to be ensured drops. I think 2 of each should drop at the end of each boss wave in the house
  12. Yo, I will be streaming our finals runs of the Lunar New Year Event, we believe it is possible to hit 70 and that will be the ultimate goal but obviously quite a bit of RNG is involved. If your curious about how we did our runs or just want to come hang out feel free to stop by. The runs will start at about 9am EST.
  13. You must be trolling. Genesect has absurd coverage which is part of what makes him so ridiculous on top of access to download. He has Flamethrower, tbolt ,ice beam, u-turn, espeed. You can run him physical/special/mixed.
  14. How did you do research and exclude the mons with broken strategies and leave genesect in. Their is a 0% chance genesect will be allowed in OU if added.
  15. I personally found the event to be very fun. If you enjoy "solving" puzzles and like pokemon pve you would enjoy the mini game even if u ignore the rewards. If you have a friend to play with it can be a good time.
  16. You can use UU in OU, and NU in UU or OU etc. When learning how to play pokemon I would really focus on 2 things to start. 1 the type of teams you want to play, and 2 using teams that work before you build your own. One thing many new players seem to miss is the idea of win conditions and how different team types function. In a very basic way, Stall is all about attrition and outlasting your opp, force your opp to beat you rather than you beating them. Setup hazards, keep them off ur side, click toxic on switches, recover on attacks, and so on. These game will go on longer but wil
  17. Unlike weather Trick Room can only be removed/negated by using Trick room again. This makes it have little counterplay outside of outplaying ur opp or outlasting the turns and taking advantage. While it may not become completely broken I think that effects such as this that have little counterplay are anti competitive and make the game much more match up based. For PVE games like Reborn it makes sense since they already have "fields" and increased difficulty to tip the odds in opp favor most of the time anyway.
  18. I mean ur options are limited Teleport Blissey + skarm+conk is probably ur best core. Pair that with a reliable defoggers/scarfer/setup sweeper and u should have a decent team. Blissey- Tele/toxic/softboil/stoss Skarm- Srocks/WW/Roost/BB Conk- Drain/Mach/Rock blast/facade ScarfChomp- Dragon Rush/Dclaw/EQ/Stone edge Gengar- Sub/Nasty plot/shadow ball/focus blast Defogger/Filler spot Something like this should work fairly well and is a typical team you will see on ladder.
  19. Feel like ur rain MU is pretty bad and u do not have a lot to deal with special threats on top that ur only EQ switch in has no recovery and prone to being worked down. Ferro/cofag is nice to deal with most on physical side but just go full meta and pair it with bliss/chansey. I would also consider running defog over tbolt on Rotom even with trick as volc really enjoys double hazard removal, and most times ur going to want to click volt/hydro anyway.
  20. At the very least have a friends tab or just highlight/push friends and guildmates to the top of spectate list.
  21. Ye, pokemon AI is hard to increase in difficulty, unless they decide their move after you choose urs, which then basically makes it so that you need to just overpower the AI. In other games for example after you roost the opp mon will try and EQ you even if they are faster since you become classified as grounded. I also agree with ur thoughts on the actual difficulty scaling but think that also has a lot to do with the generally limited options you have when choosing your own elfbots.
  22. You generally want to think of defensive mons in terms of "cores" Skarm/Bliss is classic but Fire/Water/Grass, Dark/Fighting/Psy, and Fairy/Steel/Drag ( Obviously does not exist in our game) are the most common. These cores basically come down to the most efficient typing combinations that cover each other. Instead of just focusing on random mons to make, decide on a defensive core and build around that. You should also try and identify common meta threats like Conk and Volcarona when building the mons themselves. For example if ur only defensive check to Volcarona is Blissey, the
  23. The biggest issue is the lack of actual options in how to efficiently play the event. You basically had 2 potential options- speed run first 4/5 bosses with flying off/ psy def, with Fire/Grass combo or do the Infinite run with Double fire. Most of the other combinations were complete trash and not even worth trying. Rock/Ground/water were all ridic slow and meant u either would get blown up or status'd almost every fight. Bug/Fighting/Normal OF had potential but either needed really good rng in items/tms early and still would get overshadowed by flying. I think the inclusion of Water Spout/Er
  24. Ok, 27 in the defensive stats is fine enuf for the chomp/tyranitar. What will the total be?
  25. Hi, I was wondering if you could do a bulk order, I am interested in the follow mons. Garchomp Naive- 30/31/30/31/27/31, Cofagrigus Quiet- 31/X/30/31/30/0(Toxic spikes), Tyranitar Hasty 30/31/27/31/30/31(Pursuit, Dragon Dance) , Blissey Relaxed 31/X/31/30/30/0 (Aromatherapy). Thanks in advance.
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