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  1. I mean it is dependent on the format, in an 8 game per week format SD seems to make the most sense. Anything less than that and the value of that game might feel 2 high for something that is unrelated to MMO which I get. The other interesting part is that it seems like people prefer DPP which will have the largest skill gap between players compared to Gen 8, which most players are probably on a much more even playing ground. It will be much harder to make up years of experience in something like DPP compared to modern gen OU. Also legit question why does adding an SD tier take away from the MMO aspect? A large part of the teamtour/mmo aspect is the community portion of the game which will still exists. The question comes down to how the quality of player is distributed and if adding an SD tier disproportionally benefits certain teams.
  2. Seeing Gen 8 games would be super interesting as long as players are sufficiently prepared to play but that falls on the manager imo.
  3. They need that name for credibility but it is lame.
  4. The original autochess mod was based off of a Pokemon Tower Defense Mod from original Dota (Warcraft)with this system. So in essence all auto battlers derive from a pokemon game.
  5. Ty for the in depth response, first off while you initially said he restricts team building you go on to make the point that he has tons of potential counters and that all well built teams would be running these mons anyway. Which seems to imply that he isn't an especially difficult or unique threat. I also agree with most of your general assessment of conk but still feel like you are downplaying his strengths. Many of the counters you initially mention would be classified as "soft checks" meaning they can either counter it by prediction or revenge kill it/force it out. Even mons like skarmory can lose to conk 1v1 especially if it isn't properly teched for it. This means that if you are not running a legit counter as in Cofag/Spiritomb etc you are 100% relying on prediction to deal with Conk. I think you are overplaying his drawbacks and underplaying his strengths quite a bit, just to be right. Dealing with Conk requires either a hard counter or some level of risk. Unless you are playing semi/stall which will have dedicated answers to such a common threat you open yourself up to flipping coins. Hand waiving the fact that you have no choice but to play the prediction game with conk unless your playing stall is an indication of it being unhealthy if anything. Yes, more offensive playstyles can apply more pressure to Conk but against teams with no hard check he will almost always trade favorably. I really do not think Conk is as much of an issue as is his combination with teleport. Without teleport Conk needs to be played much more carefully but in combination with teleport and the fact that blissey/chansey is the most common carrier who also happens to handle many of ur listed counters quite well make him so much harder to deal with. Analyzing him in a vacuum I actually agree with you. But I have a hard time seeing Conk as healthy just due to the fact he forces so many coin tosses. Sorry for my formatting I am responding from mobile.
  6. Don't you think it is a slight issue that many of the checks you mention require some level of prediction to be able to actually handle him? I would also disagree with the assertion that he does not restrict teambuilding, as you pretty much have to limit the amount of mons that are weak to conk or get outraded by it. It is not just about having answers but limiting ur mons that let it come in for free. This is only exacerbated by teleport Blissey/Chansey which pairs perfectly with Conk. The fewer real answers to conk and the immediate pressure it puts on the opp when it gets a safe entry also makes it very easy to abuse the opp with a good double. Teleport into Conk -> Force Cofag Entry -> Double into -> Hydreigon. Sequences like this are common and have little counterplay without predictions/risk. Conk having a large variance of moves and viable spreads also adds to his issue. The variance in speed investment or the risk of facing a bulk up variant only adds to the immense threat and pressure he puts on teams. Unlike other high pressure mons like volc he has fairly few drawbacks with his impressive bulk and access to priority.
  7. Bro imagine coming back to a game after almost a decade and reading ur own forum posts. I legit almost died cringing at 16yr old me on these forums. Still a valid forum topic tho : P
  8. We have chinese players on our discord, given they speak english but def have access to discord if they want it. Edit: Would also add that having 2 many different discord that are similair but separate will be confusing and reduce participation. If you could merge with einstein or ur viability discord it could help as well.
  9. I am not a big PokeMMO player so take what I am saying with a grain of salt. However I have ran and continue to help run tournaments in other Pokemon MMO's and have run leagues in other games for quite some time so have a bit of experience with this type of thing. I think you identified two of the really big factors which hurt participation which are obviously the rewards for playing, and the effect that event fatigue has on players. The time investment required for league styled team tours can be exhausting especially for managers or top players who are required to play every week. I am 100% sure the playerbase size is not the issue, as we host regular leagues with 40+ players with 1/5th the playerbase. I think following a smogon esque schedule could lend itself over your proposed timeline just due to familiarity. We have had a lot of success doing snake draft tours, which are obviously similar to PSL but can be considered it's own tentpole event. Alternatively you could host circuit styled tournaments leading to some kind of grand tournament as a way to build up hype but still have continuity. I personally do not like swiss or round robin style non team tournaments just due the high time requirement and exhaustion it puts on players. Having to play 5+ games consecutively in a weekend where you aren't actively progressing through a bracket is hard for me to personally be motivated to do. Once again excuse my ignorance around MMO but the lack of a proper "hub" outside of this forum board I think hurts you guys a lot(This might exist I am just not familiar with it). Having a central discord for all unofficial tours that is active will help out a lot, as the forums are quite dead imo. In the game I run tours for having a central discord for all of the unofficial tournaments and discussions around PvP helped foster a PvP community outside of just guilds/teams and is pretty cool despite all the nonsense trashtalk that goes on. Overall I am fairly surprised that you are having problems getting people to sign up because of how large the PvP playerbase is on here, but would guess it comes down to some combination of lack of exposure and lack of funding for players. I doubt fatigue is as big a factor as many people like to mention. If the prize is big enuf people will find the time/motivation.
  10. Hmm I guess I just fundamentally disagree with the idea that reducing wave size would not reduce the overall time. And that increasing Nian difficulty wouldn't hurt the overall run. We beat Nian using less than 3 PP 90% of the time because of how low of a threat level he had. If he actually did damage and getting him down as fast as possible was important u would not only need to risk more of ur mons but also lose them as a result but would def end up using more "valuable" PP. For example wasting 4-5 dragon claws on each Nian drastically reduces the runs potential upside. If every pre evo mon like dratini is gonna get insta popped by a super power or devour then it makes them impossible to abuse as well. I am not sure if u stopped by in our streamed run but I am fairly confident the main advantage we had over most other players was our overall PP management and finding ways to get value out of all of our pokemon, not how safe we played. I am fairly sure our 58 run was around 12 hours. I am assuming Raches run was able to be that long due to prolonged breaks in between rounds. I guess I do not see how wave size wouldn't effect overall game length since the majority of our wasted time came form needing to use methods of conserving PP that ate up time such as howl spamming pre evos or mass switching to put everything at -6 before killing etc. If the waves are shorter and you create some some incentive to do them faster (maybe have a high score category for who got to later waves the fastest). I will also say on most of our later runs we were prepping to be able to beat later rounds from the beginning and thus started conservation tactics very early. Which prolongs the runs quite a bit. Once again though thanks for making a fun event I enjoyed it a lot and hope to see more content like this in the future. If you ever want help testing stuff like this ik Nevari and I both really enjoy trying to beat/solve this type of thing and would be happy to help.
  11. I was thinking about making a similair thread but will post my thoughts here instead. I am fairly sure nobody has played the event more then Nevari and I, and we clearly had the most success. So I think I have a pretty good handle on the issues in the event. Like you said the Item RNG is a big issue, however I think that the runs still need a way to feel unique and thus should stay. However because the run is completely reliant on Evolution stones and Str stones to a less extent these need to be ensured drops. I think 2 of each should drop at the end of each boss wave in the house just like at the start. Doing this would allow you to lower the evo/str charm rate in the normal red bags and maybe add in other items like the gems back in. Since the gems were only usable if u had a ton of the type boosting items which is nearly impossible in the current system. Ur 2nd point is legit just incorrect though, playing with 4 people has no real advantage besides using 2 people as a glorified PC unit. The core issue with the game mode is that it can only sustain 2 players actually playing, a full redesign would be needed to fix this. The more players increases the overall risk of messing up and losing valuable assets in the run. Rewarding percentile would comptelely kill incentive to be on the top of the leaderboard. The prize distribution is fine the game mode itself is the issue. Because the event requires a massive time commitment both to learning and pathing and then the actual run and execution it makes getting a high score for the average player near impossible. In fact some people who asked us to carry them, would have to refuse after we told them we needed them to be around for 8-10 hours. The actual length of the event to get a high score is way to long. I think conceptually they event got the survival and endurance parts perfect and really forced players to use their brains to optimize the entire run not just each round. However I think reducing the wave lengths and increasing the boss difficulty would go a long way in making the event harder and making the run times shorter. Having a much more difficult boss that always rewards str and evo stones I think would make the event be more consistent and make run times shorter but still reward optimization. I do not see an issue with the same people taking multiple slots in the leaderboard of they fix the issues around run times. We held 3 top 10 spots but it serves to make the hood more exclusive and in some way rewards us for putting the time into solving the event mode. However for this event I do feel a little bad bumping people out of top 25 and eating up 5 good slots with duplicate accounts/my alt. Most people cannot commit 10 hours to sitting on their PC to get a high score and think this requirement is a bit absurd. A high score run should cap out at 5-6 hours. Overall the biggest changes should all be around Nian itself. First off it should have Inner Focus, intimidates are the core way to beat him and barring a crit he legit never does anything. This makes the boss fight extremely low risk and boring until he randomly crit nukes one of ur mons which is just unfun RNG. We beat boss 8 once exclusively damaging Nian with dragon rage dratini, the current design is easy to manipulate and braindead to beat. Make his spawned partner correlate with the wave that was deleted. For those who do not know the boss wave will consume the zodiac wave it falls on, the boss partner should have a special lunar new year themed mon as it's spawned partner that falls into the deleted wave. This allows for players to still always get mons from every category makes the fight more difficult in many cases and adds more variety. Another alternative is to make Nian have multiple lives and potentially change type (that relates to the consumed wave, could also give it a move that changes it's type based off of nians) as the rounds go on but I am not a big fan of that. Overall I really enjoyed the event but the long runs really burned me out and are untenable for majority of the playerbase. The event should reward skill and willingness to learn the event not the amount of free time people have available on any given week. It currently requires both which is why Nevari and I were able to take as many top spots as we were. I should also add that I am highly confident that up to 70 score is very attainable and we did not even hit the upper echelons of what a true efficient run would be. We made mistakes almost every run inting valuable mons or misusing PP and we still had success. If anyone is curious about how we did the event I streamed our last run and it is saved as a vod on my Twitch.
  12. Yo, I will be streaming our finals runs of the Lunar New Year Event, we believe it is possible to hit 70 and that will be the ultimate goal but obviously quite a bit of RNG is involved. If your curious about how we did our runs or just want to come hang out feel free to stop by. The runs will start at about 9am EST.
  13. You must be trolling. Genesect has absurd coverage which is part of what makes him so ridiculous on top of access to download. He has Flamethrower, tbolt ,ice beam, u-turn, espeed. You can run him physical/special/mixed.
  14. How did you do research and exclude the mons with broken strategies and leave genesect in. Their is a 0% chance genesect will be allowed in OU if added.
  15. I personally found the event to be very fun. If you enjoy "solving" puzzles and like pokemon pve you would enjoy the mini game even if u ignore the rewards. If you have a friend to play with it can be a good time.
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