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  1. and implement the region sinnoh, on new expansion? all community wish is see this region and all pokemon. its time the region sinnoh see light
  2. you know how make the bucle in the sound? pliz i need this from my mod
  3. Excellent, make the sound Hoenn .. its realy owesome Excellent, make the sound Hoenn .. its realy owesome
  4. Thanks it's very cool.... all nice :3 but setting more..!!  :lol:  Nice work man 
  5. it's cool but fix file:///D:/Proyecto%20pokemon/PokeMMO-Client/screenshots/screenshot_1440707087.png look this
  6.   ​ Pity about the doors! anyway still being very good Ikarus your work !!  you are the best Man  B)
  7. AND The Doors?? finish the doors!! please :C Ikarus you are the best..!!!  B)
  8. cooll.....................Nice Work  :lol:  test test test test test test jeje
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