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  1. Hope u like it! Feel free to ask for changes :)
  2. How good is it! Feel free to ask me if u need one
  3. :D Who on earth said u can't do that....That was a compliment not a comment to oppose :D
  4. Welcome to my Sig shop First let me make it clear I'm no pro,I just feel I can make sigs(that just look better) and do not blame me if they turn out bad :P I take 1 hour-3 days for delivering sigs and yea yen motivates me to do the work faster and better and you need to be patient if u really need it for free :D. P.S: "Don't bug me" Request Form: Name: Team(Optional): Render: Donation(Optional): Feel free to ask for any special characters or backgrounds if u need just don't say "anything" in Render. Do I make gif(animated text)? Yes but it costs. I'm new at forums so ignore my mistakes :P Showcase: [spoiler] [/spoiler]
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