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  1. LKrenz

    [PSLX] Administrative Decisions

    Player registration thread is now closed, players can no longer sign up from now. Due to different situations, @DoubleJ, @Artemiseta, @Kimikozen, @MadaraSixSix and @DoctorPBC are allowed to play. Keep that in mind for tomorrow's auction @pachima @Haazuu @Predakiller @Havsha @Maekaaay @Sashaolin @RysPicz @everbroth
  2. LKrenz

    [PSL X] Player Registration

    Player registrations have closed
  3. LKrenz

    [PSL X] Player Registration

    55 mins until deadline
  4. True, I'll try to get them
  5. https://discord.gg/mEdxnC And yes, auction is tomorrow 7pm BST
  6. Deadline is today 11pm EST
  7. We're going to announce all our decisions about banned players after player sing up's deadline. You have to wait until that moment and then complain if u want.
  8. We decided that @Kimikozen shouln't be on that list a long ago, we just forgot to remove him. Sorry if it caused confusions, I'll edit the list as soon as possible.
  9. LKrenz

    Best of 2018

    Updates: August: Steel Your Resolve#4[OU] ~ Brackets ~ 1st Jaawax - 2nd Place Pitzzin Petit Power![LC] ~ Brackets ~ 1st yosoyarca - 2nd Place OrangeManiac It's Looming Over[UU] ~ Brackets ~ 1st YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL - 2nd Place BlueBreath Summit Of Silver [Doubles]~ Brackets ~ 1st RealDevilLegend- 2nd Place LKrenz Sharpen My Skills [UU] ~ Brackets ~ 1st YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL- 2nd Place RealDevilLegend Strawberry Sundae [NU] ~ Brackets ~ 1st Sebat - 2nd Place Calidubstep Tell Which Tail Is Tale [NU] ~ Brackets ~ 1st Mkns - 2nd Place Butlerrr Dragon Of The Primal Lands [OU] ~ Brackets ~ 1st IEscanor - 2nd Place ZhikoDark September: [OU]Hazardous Gases ~ Brackets ~ 1st Pitzzin- 2nd Place ILyam Howling Flames[OU] ~ Brackets ~ 1st gbwead- 2nd Place Redav [UU] Across the Pond! ~ Brackets ~ 1st Forfiter- 2nd Place Redav A House for a Smurf[Doubles]~ Brackets ~ 1st LKrenz - 2nd Place Kimikozen Little Minds[LC] ~ Brackets ~ 1st Mkns - 2nd Place yosoyarca [UU] A Sparking Victory! #2 ~ Brackets ~ 1st ZhikoDark- 2nd Place iJulianFNT
  10. LKrenz

    Best of 2018

    Yes, I gave them the same value.
  11. LKrenz

    Best of 2018

    Why you didn't say anything last year when you were in the top? I just see a kid crying for no reason, it isn't my fault no one wanted you in Aw :(
  12. LKrenz

    Best of 2018

    Yea, i also missed a second place from Mkns, gonna fix it soon
  13. LKrenz

    Best of 2018

    First hater has arrived, give him an apple :)
  14. LKrenz

    Best of 2018

    For now i'll just follow the last one, i think it will be easier that way

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