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  1. Thanks for giving him the rematch, gg.
  2. Love u
  3. I knew that, I'm not talking about you. I don't agree with that, I gave my opinion of what I thought would be better, but I gave him the final decision, I would do whatever he wanted. We made the decision together.
  4. That's cause I don't need to. What I do know is that sometimes I get criticized for some decisions I make (like playing OU last season against Guerinf or trading for the first pick this one). When I do that, I know the risks I'm taking. In the end they can turn out right or wrong, but if they go wrong, believe me, I will be the first to criticize myself and blame myself for learning from my mistakes and improving. That is why I don't need to enter into the trash talking game, I prefer to ignore them and only take into account some constructive criticism.
  5. Better stop the trash talking and give me my teambuild session.
  6. IGN: LKrenz PokeMMO Team: Aw Experience: After seing psl 4 behind the curtains I realized it was one the most amazing event this game can offer, so, as soon as the next season started i joined it as a player, playing for Glumaac's Gladiators on season 5 and Wyanut Zoidbergs on season 6, but being more involved in psl 7 as Captain for Eric's team, helping him taking the important decisions. Motivation: I really liked my task as captain in psl7, looking for good players, negotiating with other managers, practicing with my team mates until sunrise, for others this could be seen as something tough and tedious, but not for me, I enjoyed it, even when I also had to prepare for my own duel. My efforts last season might not have been enough, so i will do it again, but with twice the effort, so at the end of the day me and my partners will be satisfied because we gave everything to win. Fluff: I'm also generous. The other reason why i'm applying for manager is that i'd like to give my place as the best Doubles Player to someone else :)
  7. Thanks, you are the best! What's your ign bro?
  8. Choice of two colors: Black and Red Name: LKrenz Team (Optional): Aw Render: Salamence
  9. Sent
  10. I'll take