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  1. Doubles: Frags vs Mackx OU: Pitzzin vs BlueBreath UU: Luneth vs Lkrenz Doubles: Rendi vs iJuliantFNT UU: Zhiko vs pachima OU: EVLGOON vs Drayyton 1m each
  2. 1m on Julian beating Axl or whoever he's fighting 1m on Bluebreath 1m on Yetto 1m on Zhiko 1m on Arca
  3. If I tell you "let's play now" and you reply me "yes" isn't that setting a time? We're playing NOW. That's what happened and Axl failed to show up, while Julian didn't.
  4. We must not forget to mention we wanted the match to be played since we asked coolio for an extention just right after axl dcd and we knew Julian couldn't play on Monday. We weren't going to make a sub on Monday, any scenario where Julian wasn't playing the match would be a disadventaje for us, we all know he's one of the best dubs players and i'm not understimating anyone here, but we had big chances of winning and get an important point for us. It's easy just act like something happened and try to dodge Julian to play someone else. I'm not saying it was on purpose, but it isn't our fault, match should have happened on Sunday and it was Axl who dcd, if there's no extention, it's clear Julian deserves the activity win.
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