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  1. LKrenz


    IGN: LKrenz Country: Argentina Tiers: Not doubles Discord: LKrenz#7429
  2. LKrenz

    Best of 2018

    Updated: Vullaby's Venture [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st EpicVerde - 2nd Mkns Wave the Flaming Fists [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Redav - 2nd MadaraSixSix Scales of Beauty [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Zhiko - 2nd iJulianFNT What A Shocker [Doubles] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Mkns- 2nd Redav Common But Powerful ~ Bracket ~ 1st koudaii - 2nd LuisAnderson Minami Juujisei Kara NO Inori ~ Bracket ~ 1st Akuaayiyahei - 2nd gbwead Pressure Makes Diamonds ~ Bracket ~ 1st Aerun - 2nd LKrenz 2018 has finished, congratulations to the best players of the year: Overall champion: Enchanteur (@camilo7) OU champion: Zhiko (@Zhikodark) UU champion: Enchanteur (@camilo7) NU champion: YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL (@znk26) Doubles champions: DoctorPBJ & LKrenz (@DoctorPBC & @LKrenz) LC champion: yosoyarca (@yosoyarca) Gimmicks champion: JulianFNT (@FNTCZ)
  3. Was bored, went to safari to catch some breeders and found this
  4. LKrenz

    Villa Gathering II Discussion

    It's a bad idea to make it 2x LC, there aren't enough players, even CCs are for16/32 players, just go for doubles.
  5. LKrenz

    Villa Gathering I (Sunday, Dec. 16th)

    Team Name: Asgard Warriors Team Tag: Aw Registered Players: LKrenz, enchanteur, yosoyarca, AurumPegasus, ZhikoDark, Kiwikidd, Haazuu, Frags, Axlkghost, YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL. Team Captain: LKrenz
  6. LKrenz

    Best of 2018

    Updates: October: I am Jelly [UU] ~ Brackets ~ 1st SweeTforU - 2nd Schuchty Steelix' Rocky Rumble [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st enchanteur - 2nd gbwead Zetsu NO Kajitsu [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st enchanteur - 2nd kinao LC Best Tier [LC] ~ Bracket ~ 1st enchanteur - 2nd AxLKghost Scare Crow [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Keggi - 2nd MadaraSixSix A Graceful Kiss [Doubles] ~ Bracket ~ 1st EfronX - 2nd LKrenz Reijigen NO Jealousy [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Zhiko - 2nd enchanteur One Paw Man [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st EpicVerde - 2nd gbwead It Was A Hax-ccident [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Zhiko - 2nd ZDFire Eien NO Melody [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Axellgor - 2nd abstractt Petal To The Metal [Doubles] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Rendi - 2nd OrangeManiac Haiiro NO Nagareboshi [Doubles] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Redav - 2nd Chjul S.A.T.O.R.A.R.E [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Stelian - 2nd Takens November: This Comes In Handy [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st stariway - 2nd Akuaayiyahei Fun is overrated [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st ZDFire - 2nd Cristi Venomoth Lamp [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Zhiko - 2nd Cristi Everlasting Koori NO Hanataba [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st enchanteur - 2nd EVLGOON Heavy Rain Has Come [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Redav - 2nd abstractt Nerves Of Steel [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Pinklabel - 2nd Tawla The Deep-Sea Star [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st enchanteur - 2nd ZDFire Throw me at him!! [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st abstractt - 2nd YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL Nub Tourney [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st EVLGOON - 2nd SweeTForU English Knightmare [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st abstractt - 2nd Haazuu I'm Bat-Man [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st enchanteur - 2nd Zhiko Spin and Dig [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st koudaii - 2nd jingmingjiujiu
  7. If you need anything, count me in.
  8. LKrenz

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    Transformers, Assemble! (0) vs Strawhats (0) OU: Stelian vs abstractt @villa UU: enchanteur vs ZDFire @yosoyarca NU: AurumPegasus vs Kizhaz LC: Lazaaro vs Elcoolio @Lazaaro DPP: Linken vs StriderxD 100k each, void if sub/activity.
  9. LKrenz

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    I owe @Lazaaro 200k @RLotus owes me 200k
  10. LKrenz

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    Transformers, Assemble! (0) vs VGC (0) UU: Mlhawk vs Wiriketchup @DarylDixon UU: enchanteur vs Cali 500k NU: AurumPegasus vs Excavalier @DarylDixon Doubles: Nahwel vs iJulianFNT 300k LC: Lazaaro vs OrangeManiac 200k @Lazaaro DPP: Linken vs NikhilR 300k The Cackling Cacturnes (0) vs Strawhats (0) OU: MadaraSixSix vs Abstractt UU: SweeTforU vs ZDFire 200k @RLotus NU: Zymogen vs Kizhaz Doubles: Oltann vs Roxxass @RLotus LC: Lotus vs ElCoolio @RLotus 100k each unless specified. Void if sub/activity.

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