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  1. IGN: LKrenz Tiers: All Other random stuff: I won't have much time since studying, working and stuff, there will be weeks where I can't play. However, I'm an experienced player and I can help you out with the auction, line ups and team stuff. Take me like an assistant + sub player, don't waste your credits.
  2. A last effort for my teammates, gg Mexico and congrats Belgium.
  3. Already mailed @Paul and @Moi @SweeTforU owes me 100k @GuaPizzz what's your ign?
  4. OU - xMikasaAckerman VS LKrenz 5 mins
  5. Belgium 0 - 0 China A UU - Mkns VS MamoswineZ NU - Kriliin VS MullenYu 200k @Paul SMOU - LLLLiolae VS Starmind @GuaPizzz Mexico 0 - 0 Peru B NU - MexiDany VS ZDFire @Moi Spain 0 - 0 Columbia A OU - Kiwkidd VS Brianattackpro 200k SMOU - Jorgefirebolt VS Zeldris 200k Rest of Asia 0 - 0 Argentina A OU - xMikasaAckerman VS LKrenz 500k UU - Frosteye VS azzazz 200k NU - SweetForU VS Souu @SweeTforU LC - dinofish VS Wiriketchup Doubles - InuYashaL VS GasaiYunoSan SMOU - slavicmedicine VS BranYT 100k each unless specified. Void if sub/activity win. 1m on Argentina going to semis.
  6. playing Raider after encanto's match
  7. First of all, I'm happy for the improvemets we'll be getting into the PVP and Matchmaking area. Now getting into the discussion points: Tournament rewards will be more versatile in their choices, allowing for Gender selection & selectable IVs with any value (0~31): The best way to improve this is to let us lock 2x31 while allowing to select a value (0-25) for the remaining ivs. Tournaments: I think tournaments must remain just as they are right now. It's obv not allowing spectators will kill the hype. In my opinion, Shuffle brackets would only work if each round starts at specific time and that would make tours even longer, wich is a big no. I'm not against scouting/cteaming since cteaming your opp doesn't mean you will win. He can just switch his team, play better than you, etc. Restricting one team per player is just bad. Just as mkns said, if I invested a ton of hours to have a ton of comps, I should be allowed to use them and take adventaje of the time I invested on this game. Gengar: I really think levitate should remain as his ability until we get everything(or at least fairy/steel mechanics + mons from newer gens) updated. His fight/ground immunity is a big thing to the current OU and even doubles meta. Not having levitate will make it much less usable and will also limit teambuilding so hard. I wont go into details here because it's obv nothing can replace gengar due to its versatility/type/ab/speed. Even if he gets NP or not, the cons will be much bigger. I also liked this idea.
  8. Team Name: AsgardWarriors Team Tag: Aw Registered Players: FABBROoo Frags LKrenz Haazuu Sejuani enchanteur yosoyarca Zhiko timwaps ProfesorEinstein Craneo Akles Bilburt Team Captain: FABBROoo
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