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  1. Or the longest April's fools day... :)
  2. I don't know gen 4 neither gen 5 or their maps, so to me is fine whatever it comes.
  3. After 24485 encounters since January 5th 2017, + no shiny and no encounters count since November 19th, 2015 (my last shiny), probably 75000+ encounters...... Finally got it !!! Ivs: 23 21 14 21 23 7, nature Hardy.
  4. Is there another way to get Plain Bitter Seed? Because I planted 9 and got 8, not a good business :/
  5. One find 2 ot's in 1 day and you found nothing in 2.5 years. That fucking sucks.
  6. Lol, my last java update was in 2014. Fixed. Thanks. Edit: I'm still having problems with hordes. They don't count. Edit 2: Now is working fine. I finally did it. Thanks.
  7. Me anotas Pls (ง ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


    1. Gauneta


      Oie cy   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  8. For example, FallenGrey caught a Glalie and 5 days later caught a Golbat in north pole. What's the point of that? 2 shinies with 5 days between each other. RNG? Encounters number? Doing "specific" things? Come on. He has more chances than one who has been shiny hunting for the last 2 weeks, several hours a day, and playing for 1 year and 1 and 1/2 half month since the last shiny and found nothing like me? My friend was looking for breeders on december 31 and was just walking on january 1 and found 2 shinies. What would be the explanation???
  9. Can anyone explain me why a friend of mine found 2 shinies in 2 consecutive days? (december 31, 2016 and january 1, 2017) and have 5 shinies ot in 3500hs of gameplay, and another friend of mine have 8 ot shinies without buying donator status ever with 4300hs of gameplay... and I only got 2 in 3800 hs, playing since december 3, 2013? Friend 1: 1 shiny every 700hs Friend 2: 1 shiny every 542hs Me: 1 shiny every 1900hs (february 1, 2014 and november 19, 2015). I do shiny hunt, did a lot of payday, but refuse to buy donator status because rating isn't clear (although I am thinking about buying). I mean... my "friend 1" found the same amount of shinies in 2 days than me in 3 years and 1 month. I believe this is so unfair and I can't explain why since the rating is better than before right now.
  10. Never got captcha'd, although I made a lot of bot-like stuff, such as paydaying everyday, at the same places, with almost the exact same routines. Can I please get one? I want a shiny, I'm not a bot :) And for those who say "complain will never get to something here", well... you weren't at "THE SHINY THREAD" where a guy discovered what a lie donator status was with that 1/8192 shiny rate and the Devs had to donate-donator status to a lot of people then.
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