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  1. "DANK" shall Rise again ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. ah still waiting for the update to login...............d-desu pls
  3. slowdive....shoegaze.....dream pop
  4. because who needs legendaries? amirite amirite
  5. The real question should be, "why Pokemon Black and White, instead of Pokemon Black and White version 2?"
  6. why hide, dont you want to see everyday the love of the people?
  7. this is why you should never, ever go to the safari zone. can cause manly tears
  8. since this update will have new contents or maybe a new region (maybe cuz i aint gonna hype).........are we going to have a new engine and can we still play this on a potato?
  9. sooo, this next update..............will you guys bring "happy face" back?
  10. @coapb934, return after the next big generation update...then you will decide if you still going to play this game. :>
  11. wow, yu gi oh...final fantasy be and now this... big game companies are joining this free play format... i wonder whats next
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