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  1. But the host is also doing what a host should do, doing everything they can to make sure games are played which you really can't fault him for this season.
  2. How dare you waste time writing this up instead of working on Johto😡
  3. ain't nothin' charming about LeJovi lemme tell u
  4. I've never seen anything like this Literally 2 minutes after Terresa said she'll find one.. whaaaaat
  5. As far as I'm aware, at the start of clubs era, you had a time period where you could bring it to the new club. Any time after and it was gone. Perhaps things have changed idk
  6. @Tear Could I request a gif style signature, themed around shiny growlithe with "KaynineXL" text :O
  7. @mayuuuuu plssss make me one *-* I want shiny growlithe! Everything else you do you. I belieb in u I gift u a shiny charm as donation 🙂
  8. give me money

  9. give me money

    1. awkways


      sounds like a trap


  10. stop taking my shinies

    1. AlateaOlwyn


      Then don't find them before your turn!

  11. I tried a bit for koffing and mawile, turns out the game only wants to give me gold shinies
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