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  1. There is two different types of pickup, your standard one using the pickup ability and another one where you character randomly picks up stuff(usually just potions/seeds) once they defeat pokemon in the wild. You're just doing the second type is all.
  2. Doc vs Lord?
  3. U mom = my dad
  4. God isn't real
  5. Maybe you're thinking of an extra 'PC Slot' which can be purchased.
  6. DoubleJ, put Hota in or u bad
  7. I bet u go to the live shows where everyone in the audience is a freak
  8. My bad, I meant picked from the host, not the community. The community isn't involved in picking the tier council either, we just need to put a little trust in that one person who has the final say. I wouldn't say the small council are the hosts friends as they're are mixture of different people, some of which have the credibility of being in the TC. If they just so happen to be friends, then so be it. It's impossible to guarantee the small council will make the calls based on if they truly believe it or just want their friends to win, but where do we draw the line, I know for a fact using the community to vote would be full of biased opinions.
  9. I feel bad for kiz, has to put up with telfs reactions :/
  10. Did u pay bil yet otherwise u be blacklisted amirite @DaftCoolio
  11. Yeh but the council aren't your average joe's plucked from the community at random, they are carefully hand picked from the community based on how trustworthy we view them. It's similar to the tier council, they could also be biased but for the most part, we find them trustworthy. That's why the small council has consisted of many of the tier council members.
  12. I am the owner of a private council which is in no way affiliated with the lesser experienced "small council". I can't give names due to confidentiality, but my thoughts were asked and I believe my input to be the main reason for the decision.
  13. I c u nikhil
  14. The witch said Cersei will be strangled to death by her little brother. So it could be Tyrion or even Jamie as he is the younger twin. An interesting one would be Arya with the face of jamie/tyrion, but that would require one to die before so she can get the face.