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  1. KaynineXL

    [PSL X] Week One

    VILLA #1!!! :)
  2. KaynineXL

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    @DaftCoolio Avatar bet on our duel???
  3. KaynineXL

    [PSL X] Week One

    the only hype match i see
  4. KaynineXL

    Marriage System

    you didn't :/
  5. KaynineXL

    Marriage System

    only if you sing 'thinking out loud' on mic edit: or bil, whoever does it first
  6. KaynineXL

    [PSL X] Predictions Thread

    Granted, we didn't purchase any jajas, I still think we have good couching potential
  7. KaynineXL

    [PSL X] Predictions Thread

    they do, my friend jj told me it was the best way to couch
  8. KaynineXL

    [PSL X] Predictions Thread

    For a dead team, I bet the dank express has more discord posts than any other team
  9. More like XP, since that OS was the GOAT.
  10. Well, shit. Looks like we've figured out the enigma. If we use this criteria for next PSL, everything will be spot on. Bed for reals
  11. Well, you could say why you thought the other player deserved it rather than "hurting someones feelings". It's not that hard to show why someone deserved it while being respectful. And there's no excuse for the least favoured manager spam. I just got a vibe that he was being disrespected. He was playing PSL before most people here, people do know him, it's really not that far fetched that he could get a managers spot. Please don't take this the wrong way, I do think enchanteur deserved a spot, that was a mistake I think, but noticed how I complained enchant should be in without degrading any of the current managers? If you disagree, then maybe I'm just too soft and we'll have to agree to disagree. Thanks for the talk as always, going to bed o/
  12. Saying he was only picked because of his relationships with host, and he was an idiotic pick(there's more) along with a large portion of players adding him to the least preferred manager simply because they disagree with the decision(and let's be honest, this is the actual reason) is quite disrespectful I think. It might just seem like a small harmless comment to you, but if a bunch of people are doing it, it can mount up and not feel so small anymore.
  13. Iirc, it was like 3-4 years ago and PSL is different to officials. PSL is an event the community runs and it's a team event which has been very successful(despite the shit that's gone on, it's still active as fuck, just look at the other dead unofficial tourneys), coaching should be respected much more here. If we're going to say everyone that has coached or been coached in an official, then fuck... looks like 90% of the player base shouldn't manage, because I can guarantee most of the players in the comp community has been there done that. The "if he just said "no i will not be involved in this in any way shape or form it is wrong"" is complete bullshit lol, for something he did years ago, something not even connected to PSL, he should hold his hands up and say, fuck it, I can't manage because I'm an honourable guy and I coached once like 3 years ago in a completely different event. That doesn't make you honourable, it makes you a dumb ass.
  14. Tbh, the way Haazuu was/is being treated simply for being picked is pretty lame. If you want to direct the spite at anyone, obviously you go to the hosts as Haazuu had no input and simply just wanted to manage, there's nothing wrong with that yet he was treated like shit. I don't really understand why so many don't want him as their manager as well, makes no sense whatsoever. For one, a large majority of you weren't even around when the whole account ban thing happened so you probably don't know the full story and at the end of the day, he's an elite player, back in his day he was considered one of the top players in the game. Whilst I haven't spoken to him(I don't think) he seems decent based on his posts and for god sakes, he was/is one of the Aw leaders... This stuff matters because when hosts decide who they want managing it's obvious to go for big names that create hype. I understand that perhaps the hosts should have gave the reasonings, but again, it's not a reason to redirect it at Haazuu.

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