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  1. Wtf lol Kicking someone because they beat you(no matter how many times you say they called you a mean word) is the most laughable thing I've seen in the Comp Alley. The only purpose of a rematch is to give the host a second chance, not the player shit talking.
  2. ? A ginger girl gamer, get it right.
  3. Cool guides man!

  4. A bit cheap. I was far more valuable.
  5. I remember the days when the round table was used daily, now team threads can go months without a reply(undoubtedly clubs fault). Sad days
  6. the doubles god has returned to claim his spot @DoctorPBC knows
  7. @NikhilR Not sure why I didn't get a notification for your message but it's good to see that after all these years of the hard work we put into this game, you were able to make a come back and win a huge tournament. Most of us have left MMO behind and I've never considered playing comp again seriously, but to see you do it, and win... Amazing. Anyway, although we don't speak nowhere near as often as we used to, I'm sure I'll catch you for our occasional long discord chat(which we're probably overdue). P.S I still beat you 9 times out of 10 :) get good.
  8. Remember watching that... If there's anything that creeps me out, it's tight caves... fuck that lol
  9. You could download software which pops up a clickable keyboard on the screen. In fact, most operating systems already include on-screen keyboards. This one is included with Win10 for example:
  10. Can I also vote on all my alt forum accounts for extra lottery numbers bro??
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