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  1. They don't give exact dates and they rarely give ETAs.
  2. KaynineXL

    PokeMMO Battle Association - Signup thread

    Player name: KaynineXL Timezone: BST Preferred date of draft: 25th/26th/27th May or 1st/2nd/3rd of June (bold the dates that will work for you) - Sunday all day. I can do the others provided they're in between 2pm-10pm BST Do I think I can be active for the duration of this event (~ 2,5 months): Yes Team name: VALE
  3. Thank you everyone who participated. Congratulation to the winners! Bracket
  4. Bracket Congratulations! Both DoubleJ & EpicVerde got an invitation to the seasonal's finale! MaKx & Mirfos have won an invite to the reserves but can still participate in future invitationals for a chance to get Invites!
  5. KaynineXL

    Carry your Team Mate with you while HM Surf, Fly

    We should use a motorcycle with a sidecar instead.
  6. Congratulations to the winner!
  7. Hi all I have the Jack-O-Lantern Mask on me :) Good luck to the winners.
  8. KaynineXL


    1m debt system with no consequences of using it is basically just giving every player a free 1m. This is why in real life you have to pay interest when you borrow. It's also riddled with flaws which can't be ironed out easily.
  9. Congratulations to our winners!! gbwead & ZhikoDark have received an invite to the finals! MadaraSixSix & quixinchou will take the reserve invites! Best of luck to the rest of you in the next invitational
  10. KaynineXL


    we all died and toast was last alive early on so he just went for it
  11. KaynineXL


  12. KaynineXL

    Freedom of speech

    PokeMMO staff simply enforce the code of conduct. If you don't like the code of conduct and believe it needs to be changed, then you can bring that up with the higher staff. However, don't insult staff for simply enforcing rules. If, as you say, we are not fair and honest and punish players for personal issues, then you are absolutely free to appeal them to SGMs+ and I'm sure they'll be dealt with accordingly. From then on, you're just being rude. You're acting like we allowed scamming. As soon as it was made aware, it was dealt in the most serious way. Why do you feel the need to put every other staff member under the label just because of one bad staff member? Every staff member is different, and if you dislike how one does things, go ahead and give your opinions to the higher ups so they can investigate. Insulting all of us just because you dislike how some staff members act is just ignorant.
  13. Hey, you can make fun of me, you can make fun of bilburt, but never, ever, make fun of Amumu.

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