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  1. I don't believe I said you can't read? What are you talking about I didn't kill Sansa? Maybe ur implying I'm Arya in some sort of childish fantasy way. Okay bro.
  2. Alright "I predict tyrion will die" cringe nerd xddd
  3. I don't know why, but I've got a feeling we're soon due an important character to die, one that's loved by the viewers. Thinking about who people like and someone that could die, for some reason I'm thinking Tyrion. Maybe backstabbed by Cersie while they are "teaming" against the white walkers. Completely out the blue, so it's probably wrong, but it's a gut feeling.
  4. That was the best GoT episode of all time
  5. the 1080p version is blocked in my country -_-
  6. Can someone link me to leaked version before I get spoilt even more.
  7. @DoubleJ vs @RysPicz in VGC
  8. ^ I kinda know some shit thats happening from shitty spoilers
  9. you bunch of plebs
  10. pls no talking about the leaked version here until it's officially out
  11. I always burn my pizza :/
  12. It's the only way to prove they exist until they get past the wall, in which it could be too late. I do agree, it's a bit dumb. So if Danny and Jon team up and wreck the white walkers, Cersie can just walk in and take over? Sure... but leave Cersie's armies in the main land and just take her 3 dragons... 3 dragons + the armies of the north would rape the white walker army lol.
  13. I kinda used it in an OU finals for my shiny clops... Also, I swept an OU team with curse lickitung. Get gud.
  14. My entry will be mixed Electabuzz in OU. I think it used to be better in the Snorlax meta but it's still fairly good and holds a niche in our meta, especially with Chansey gone(which was one mon that it sort of struggled with). Its closest comparison is probably Jolteon, and here's why I think Electabuzz can be better than Jolteon in many scenarios. 1. A lot of teams rely on the fact Jolteon has volt absorb and will just trace it to single handedly counter it, this means that they will commonly reduce their sp def investment and instead add some physical bulk - commonly done by Porygon & Gardevoir(so they can handle Gyarados more reliably). This means Electabuzz will be hitting them fairly hard whereas Jolteon can't really do anything. 2. Electabuzz has access to Psychic which is fairly big. Not only is it hitting Venusaur for a good portion more damage that hp Ice, but it will also hit those nasty water/ground mons like Swampert and Quagsire for a sizeable amount of damage. If Jolteon doesn't run hp grass, it simply gets walled hard by the two pokemon mentioned. 3. Electabuzz has access to Cross Chop which isn't as useful as it used to be, but it can still be useful because it can fuck up the fully sp def invested Porygon. Additionally you can do something Jolteon can't really do - hitting Magneton which is pretty big. So it's not as fast as Jolteon, but Electabuzz still has a good amount of speed which puts it ahead of Flygon which is the most important. It's not as fast as Starmie but a lot of Starmie don't even max out speed nowadays so you could still be faster, additionally, Starmie is no threat to you as long as you're healthy, so it will be running. Tauros would beat Jolteon anyway, but I guess this is where you'd miss the speed when you want to sweep and a Tauros sits in your way. Jolteon is faster, but it can't fight you, you're superior with Psychic and then there's Aero which is a tie for Jolteon anyway. Finally Alakazam + Sceptile could pose a threat while Jolteon handles them better. Porygon Calcs: There's a whole variety of natures/spreads for Porygon. Health, defense, Sp def and even sp attack. Here's some I think are more common:
  15. Jorah always uguu blocking... You know she wants a piece of Jon, incest or not.