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  1. I'd agree that MMOs need grind, but being tedious is something mmos try and avoid. Just because something's repetitive doesn't mean it necessarily has to be tedious.
  2. + club moderator rip mailbox
  3. wtf why did you do that lmao
  4. I used the wear that stuff when i was poor, but I added "?" because I didn't think I had those eyes lol. Also the guy below zebra, he's underneath with afro and horns, I know him but can't remember the name.
  5. here, I even added some.. I think thats the aura crew in bottom left. The old days when you used to recognise the people the fought against... RIP
  6. Ah I thought that top was kudasai and bottom was robofiend, they probably wore similar vanity. I'm gonna try mark up the names on the actual image right now
  7. Late 2014, early 2015 I'd go with Who can you spot in the picture? Tranz, Flava, Me(I think?), misterhide(maybe?), noad, eggplant, raaidn, double, kudasai, musika, eggroll, orangemaniac, PandaJJ, Burntzebra, DestructX(I think?), Darkshade(I think?), Unclegyp(I think)? That's all I can see from those with their iconic clothes Try add to it
  8. Well, maybe we should do as you said and start 1st December so people have chance to see this and join. On another note, I did a small bet today, very unlike me but let's see how it goes.
  9. Can't we tell this man is a future Doc. Also, we should definitely all start with a set amount of money like Doc did and update daily on progress, see who can reach a goal fastest(although the competition may make us do stupid risks and potentially lose)? Also, kudos doc, your daily betting is going real well.
  10. @Parkemother fucker!! Also, Surely there's no way they can take it from you? Figuring out an algorithm is their fault really.. Gratz on the win though, let me know if you get it.
  11. jesus maybe i should copy your bets
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