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  1. Ah this is a different occasion then #KanzoScum
  2. Do u have link to the betting thread that was at? I definitely did at one point
  3. Iirc I paid that for Kanzo but he gave it me back so it's all good
  4. i find all my friends in global chat
  5. facck goosebumps when Vi hit during the beat....
  6. There's multiple roms and each rom allows you to access specific areas of the game. Assuming you have them all, make sure they're extracted. There's multiple ways you can attach these roms. Firstly, there's a roms folder in your PokeMMO files, you can simply just drag them into there. Secondly, you can load up the client and load the roms during the login screen.
  7. i always loved waking up at 4am to water my plants
  8. Lol, it's not her job. You'll get it when she feels like doing it. I'm sure it's not going to effect her knowing you no longer want a sig lol. P.S I've been waiting 24 hours and still no sig. you suck!
  9. if that nerd toast gets one, surely I do??
  10. only your mothers breast milk may I add
  11. I'm no longer active so I'm unable to update with my own source of methods. However, if there's folks out there that provide new stratergies I can update. I can also remove obsolete bits.
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