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  1. Tbh, I think the episode was awesome up until after the throne scene. Despite what people say here, throne scene was great imo. Everything else after was complete and utter shite for my liking.
  2. Careful of the downsydrome kid above giving spoilers of leaked episodes. He doesn't understand "spoilers" in the title means spoilers of the newest non-leaked episodes.
  3. I was never disappointed that Arya killed the NK, and I think a lot of others weren't. I think I, and others are more annoyed that the NK died without doing a whole lot. We waited so long to see what the NK does and he just got stabbed in a couple seconds and it's over. Kinda the same with E5, we've waited so long for a battle vs the lannisters and perhaps to see Cersie die... But actually, the whole battle was just a dragon fucking everyone up and a couple seasons ago I'd be all for it(when I thought the dragons were untouchable), but we saw 1 ship take out a dragon last episode and now all of a sudden this 1 dragon wipes out of the whole of the lannisters and eurones fleet. That said, I've not necessarily jumped on the bandwagon saying S8 has been terrible, I still enjoyed the episodes and the CGI and music was incredibly good as always... I just believe they could have made the story more worth the long long wait.
  4. Perhaps the horse was warged by Bran to get her out? It was a bit weird, I must say.
  5. All English europa and champions league finals(first time its ever happened I believe?)... Last week people were saying the BPL is overrated xD
  6. Well, it's almost surely going to be either Tyrion, Jamie, or Arya that kills her. That's what the prophecy says. Out of those, I'd say Jamie or Arya would be most exciting and unexpected I guess? Just imagine if Cersei tells Qyburn to burn them all, like she did to the monk people... then Jamie follows him and stabs him, then goes and stabs Cersei in the back... It's definitely a possibility. History repeating itself?
  7. mmo players are shit compared to showdown players.. this is why showdown players win more on mmo
  8. yeh but your opinion was still based on nothing though and your comment was posted 46mins ago, you act like it's been there for a week and nobody disagreed. historically, there's been plenty of players who were active and still played showdown tiers, im sure you don't need to be look back and give you a list, you have a decent memory.
  9. I agree with basically all of that. Beric and Thoros I believe were really just there to bring the lord of light into the show a bit more I think, even though I thought Thoros was an awesome character. Beric isn't that useful anymore, I think they'll just kill him off early. Jamie is definitely not going to die early I reckon... I think he will die eventually, probably doing something heroic because I think he always wanted to have something written in that book of great deeds or whatever it is. I've seen the theory on littlefinger and it's very plausible, I believed it for while but I'm doubting it now.
  10. Good day, my orange friend.

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