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  1. KaynineXL

    obedience level

    Did you do the Elite Four?
  2. KaynineXL

    Football discussion thread

    That's the point... It's coming home really was a joke... lmao
  3. por favor mod, podria decirle a algun gm que revise las reclamaciones de soporte tecnico, llevo esperando 1 sdemana por mis pokemon sin respuesta, y cada vez me da mas asco el juego , porque he hecho lo0 que me dijo un mod para reclamarlos y la sensacion es de no hacer ni caso... por favor revisen soporte tecnico

    1. KaynineXL


      Your appeal has been looked into. Apologies for the delay.

  4. I did say a variety of tiers. Go home
  5. Nowadays, tournaments generally get posted closer to their start date. No particular reason, that's just how they're approved. Anyway, to the point. There's a whole bunch of tournaments in the back waiting to be released. The next couple weeks has a variety of tiers, so hopefully you'll be satisfied.
  6. imagine bringing a girl back to your closet then again... imagine bringing a girl back
  7. KaynineXL

    PokeMMO Battle Association - Swiss Round 5/5

    Lost due to the timer. RIP
  8. KaynineXL

    PokeMMO Battle Association - Swiss Round 5/5

    Me and Zhiko 10mins
  9. Dear lord... You need to write a book NilhilR. I was hooked. I NEED TO KNOW MORE, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.
  10. KaynineXL


    Once you switch regions, you will only be able to use the Pokemon that are obedient to you. Obtain more gym badges to higher your obedience level which then allows you to use more of your already obtained Pokemon.
  11. KaynineXL

    Football discussion thread


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