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  1. Hmm, this thread didn't age well.
  2. Haha, having a moment looking back through the bible aka lyle round table thread(be gone clubs). Saw this post of mine and it definitely made me smile to realise I finally got a Heracross.. @Quint Miss you guys. LYLE #1
  3. i miss u

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    2. KaynineXL


      I'm still alive so that's nice. How about you?

    3. Goldeneyes


      I feel much the same, it's neat. play this game any?

    4. KaynineXL


      Nah, not really. I've recently been getting on to talk to old faces though. Are you currently playing any games?



  4. On the topic of trying not to pick the more known players: From a managers standpoint, it always makes sense to pick players that you know has a good attitude, work rate and ability. I don't think you can blame managers for trying to roster people they already have a lot of knowledge about. That said, from my time managing I often enjoyed looking through the lesser known players and trying to find a hidden gem because you will often get them cheaper and it's more rewarding to see your scouting payoff.
  5. Oof. That's some memories. Love the yearly descriptions.
  6. I ate out Monday and got this dirty thing. Was the best burger I have ever eaten. A burger with noodles as the buns.
  7. Not watched a lot of league over the past couple years.. switched on worlds and G2 is playing SN.. Wow what a game. hype as fuck
  8. IGN: KaynineXL Reason: i want a salary to sit on the bench just coach me for 1 win Preferred Tiers: literally none Competitive accolades: i always win the gulag Discord contact: Other random stuff: bring back dpp
  9. Also, the thought of not hearing "Hey, what's going on, it's Gunthug here" this season really makes me sad and you should be ashamed of yourself if voted against that.
  10. This tbh And using the "I've never played showdown in 1 year and went 4-1" as a reason to show it's not competitive is bullshit imo.. The easily accessable showdown.. Literally make a team in a few minutes and play pretty much instantly can give any noddy a fairly decent chance to get practice in and perform well, especially if you've played PokeMMO tiers throughout, the transition really isn't that hard. I don't know what the outcome of the original vote was but even if only 20% of the voters wanted showdown, that's a large portion of interest and comparing that to PokeMMO tiers, it's probably similar. I've managed teams a few times and finding people back then for tiers like NU, UU or Doubles was no easier than finding a good showdown player. Voting against showdown just because you don't play it is not a good reason to reject it, however, if you don't enjoy it or believe PSL should be strictly PokeMMO tiers despite it being here since the start, then fair enough.
  11. imagine being in the same team as @DaftCoolio tho yikes
  12. all games are trash if u suck at them
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