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  1. Huh ? Ot: Using the drop down menu in the top right corner you will see clubs, browse through those.
  2. when are you guys making colossal conquest 2. i have been waiting for over 5 years.
  3. hello old friend

  4. Damn, how did I not see this. Feelsbad
  5. im kind of a pro e:wait we went from metronome to monotype discussion. i bamboozled
  6. That's a shame, I was looking forward to it. Can I ask why?
  7. Is this because the function isn't implemented right now and it's a possibility for the future or was it just decided it won't be a thing?
  8. will randbat tours happen, if so pls can u make a randbats tourney
  9. Team name: knock his fuck off Player OU: Zigh Player NU: KaynineXL
  10. Hmm, this thread didn't age well.
  11. Haha, having a moment looking back through the bible aka lyle round table thread(be gone clubs). Saw this post of mine and it definitely made me smile to realise I finally got a Heracross.. @Quint Miss you guys. LYLE #1
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