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  1. I believe jovi made like 7m though betting this season if I remember correctly. Oh yeh, 5m on VALE winning this week. Includes win from tie breaker. No randos, no xstars, no one else who thinks i dont deserve the money cus i dont login often enough.
  2. U got union jack on ur flag u can join us fam
  3. Making it a team event is a fairly smart strategy to accumulate more players as well, since people want to be with their friends. Crazy amount of registrations
  4. Next season i just gotta work on being a nice guy that should just about sway things on my side
  5. Thats fortunate. Jovi has played lots of dpp recently and will fight you anyways :)
  6. Disregarding the win he just got, didn't ploz have more? Or joint I cant remember. I just felt like xploz has done a lot by himself to get where he is and looks really dominant. Rap was equally great, but I believe he is helped with team builds(nothing wrong with that). It wasn't a simple choice, but Xploz is the one dpp player that I think will give my boy Kimik a tougher time.
  7. Last season I didnt get it because I didn't draft even though we stomped everyone until the finals. Fair enough. This season I didn't get it because ??. Yeh eric did an ok job fixing his bad team, but unlike him I drafted a solid team that did not need to be fixed. The only trades I did was me swapping for 2nd draft to get osuki and pretty much swapping Lucas for Maekay. I wasn't online as much in game, but we have 11k messages on discord that I was actively using. I don't know what more I can do, but I guess I'll try again next season hue. @DaftCoolio we gonna try again m9?
  8. @Kanzo why does @Gazelli want your uguu so bad lmao I think he's missing your friendship bro xddddddd
  9. Lower mouth? I give up
  10. Where do I insert said beer. the instructions are so unclear.
  11. B-but i believe we got it this time! -_-
  12. He will carry us with the best banners and sigs