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  1. Lmao I've never seen @aftershocker come at people like that, what a boss!! Look what have you made him @DoubleJ, this is on you.
  2. maybe we're still joking and you ain't realised that yet?
  3. I agree, JJ still treating me like shit, that's why I left the first time.
  4. you aint a real doctor
  5. No no... I liked your comment and replied. You got salty about my comment and then it turned into something. If anything, it's all on you.
  6. I weren't pissed xD I even liked your comments nooo, I was so sad :(
  7. @JIceJDragon You dirty piece of shit. Scamming and only returning the cash when it suits yourself, this is what low life scum do nowadays. You only gave the bet back because you wanted to bet/rejoin PSL and you knew that couldn't happen with your dirty little scam. You need to remove your application and just leave this community, you are some degenerate that nobody wants around anymore. I sincerely hope you are hurt by this message, because if you weren't, I'd be very very sad. P.S Kill yourself @DoctorPBC There you go my friend, that's how it's really done.
  8. I knew you couldn't really be mad at me =)
  9. If kicking me then reinviting within 24 hours is stabbing me in the back, then damn... I've been backstabbed a lot.
  10. are you talking about me abandoning NORE? I don't really understand lol
  11. You released/traded 90% of your original team
  12. He's cuteeeeeeeeee
  13. how does such a nice, smart, handsome young man like myself have so many rivals?
  14. I am making jabs because that's what traditionally happens in PSL, it's not my fault you're taking them so seriously. But please, do imply I'm doing it to maintain relevance, I just genuinely think you're pooped lmao. I hope we're both manager so I can screw you over again in trades, you're easy.