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  1. IGN: KaynineXL Reason: i want a salary to sit on the bench just coach me for 1 win Preferred Tiers: literally none Competitive accolades: i always win the gulag Discord contact: Other random stuff: bring back dpp
  2. Also, the thought of not hearing "Hey, what's going on, it's Gunthug here" this season really makes me sad and you should be ashamed of yourself if voted against that.
  3. This tbh And using the "I've never played showdown in 1 year and went 4-1" as a reason to show it's not competitive is bullshit imo.. The easily accessable showdown.. Literally make a team in a few minutes and play pretty much instantly can give any noddy a fairly decent chance to get practice in and perform well, especially if you've played PokeMMO tiers throughout, the transition really isn't that hard. I don't know what the outcome of the original vote was but even if only 20% of the voters wanted showdown, that's a large portion of interest and comparing that to PokeMMO tiers, it's probably similar. I've managed teams a few times and finding people back then for tiers like NU, UU or Doubles was no easier than finding a good showdown player. Voting against showdown just because you don't play it is not a good reason to reject it, however, if you don't enjoy it or believe PSL should be strictly PokeMMO tiers despite it being here since the start, then fair enough.
  4. imagine being in the same team as @DaftCoolio tho yikes
  5. all games are trash if u suck at them
  6. I would say who cares about personal awards, but to be fair, I'm still triggered eric won manager of the season all those years ago feelsbad
  7. its a country off the coast of europe
  8. Well it'll have to be up to someone else. Anyone is free to copy and paste this guide and continue updating. I don't play the game anymore so obviously it doesn't make sense for me to update it.
  9. Sorry folks, this will not be updated. However, there is another guide that may be more up-to-date. Have a look here.
  10. Tried to make it easier to read for those that don't understand. 5 Groups of 6 Teams. 1st places proceed to the next round & the best 3 2nd places pass to the next round. (Duration-8 weeks) 6 Groups of 5 Teams. 1st & 2nd places pass next round. First elimination round is between 2nd places and the worst 2 1st places. (Duration - 9 weeks) 4 Groups total(2 groups with 7 Teams & 2 Groups with 8 Teams). Groups with 8 teams start immedietly at week 1, whilst groups with 7 teams will start playing week 2. The 1st and 2nd places of each group go to single elimination round. (Duration-10weeks) 6 Groups of 5 Teams. 1st & 2nd places pass to the next round & the best 4 3rd places pass next round. This option will need a second challonge bracket. (Duration - 9 weeks) Imo, using "the best 3 2nd places" or "the best 4 3rd places" seems quite unprofessional and not legit. It's like something you'd see written by a new guy making an unofficial tournament with a tuesday 2am starting time. Perhaps instead of just plucking out the "best"(which would never really be accurate), just add an extra week of duels to showcase who's the best 2nd or 3rd place.
  11. randbats is the best showdown tier do us a favour
  12. KaynineXL


    Hey, if anyone is looking for a team pm me and I'll drop an invite to our discord.
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