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  1. You could download software which pops up a clickable keyboard on the screen. In fact, most operating systems already include on-screen keyboards. This one is included with Win10 for example:
  2. Can I also vote on all my alt forum accounts for extra lottery numbers bro??
  3. Keep up the good work BF

    1. Bestfriends


      Thank you Kaynine.

  4. I like bestfriends videos, I don't find them cringy at all... Your cringy comments on the other hand...
  5. As king of the PokeMMO realm, I reappoint Bestfriends to Mayor. I appointed myself king btw and nobody can stop me, all you chums have the same power as me, just like we all have the same power as Bestfriends, but heck, I'm still king :) Pls, for the love of god, stop taking it seriously and let Bestfriends just have this one made up title Kyu gave to him.
  6. Can't believe people are disrespecting my boy bestfriends title
  7. I don't play, but I check forums every day to see if you return
  8. It has been a long time, master... #VALEHOOLIGANSUNITE
  9. Chernobyl is great. Watched the first 3 eps and I recommend for sure.
  10. From my experience, they were fairly new at the time so they were somewhat used, not to the extent of the round table though. If clubs are used the same amount the round table was, you'd have to spend far more time moderating clubs.
  11. Blue? Should have picked a darker shade on your new title.

    1. Darkshade


      The trouble I had was picking a dark shade while also upholding A E S T H E T I C, so I went with the latter

    2. KaynineXL


      Well, if you must go a lighter colour for aesthetics... I suppose you might be right.



      Surely you considered pink?


  12. So I too have moderated clubs, perhaps my input is worthwhile reading. So to my understanding, clubs were brought in to reduce moderation(or was one of the reasons?). The Round Table was moderated quite often, but to be honest, this is simply because they were one of the only places in this forums which was actually active. Remember, we didn't even have multimedia back then. The thing is, clubs require much much more moderation. The Round Table: -The Round table was simple. You see the team threads all in a row, all in one place, you check the bolded ones. Easy. Clubs: -Well, the amount of work going into creating them is not to be underestimated. It's not as simple as one person creating a thread in a few seconds, it's much much more. Without giving exact details, you need to wait on other staff members, it's drawn out and tedious. -Following the above, you also need to spend a fair amount of time pruning dead clubs. This involves getting in touch with club owners then waiting for a reply before you get others to prune. More drawn out and tedious work. - Players can moderate their own threads... That means club moderators do less work, right? Wrong. It doesn't matter, because no matter what, actual staff moderators need to check unread threads regardless, this is so time consuming because of the amount of clicks you need to do just to read through all the clubs and their sub threads. TL/DR: Clubs are more obscure, more clunky and require a lot more staff moderation than the round table.
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