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  1. Hey guys, I'm thinink about selling my sunny day team to build a hail team to do Gym Rematches 1. (F) Torkoal (LVL 100) DROUGHT, Hardy Moveset: Random BAD EV/IV Moveset 2. (F) Torkoal (LVL 100), DROUGHT, Relaxed EV: 252 HP, 252 De, 6 SD IV: 31-13-31-31-31-0 Moveset: Solarbeam - Heat Wave - HP Ice - Rock Slide 3. (F) Darmaritan (LVL 100), SHEER FORCE, Adamant EV: 6 HP, 252 At, 252 Sp IV: 24-31-15-14-10-31 Moveset: Flare Blitz - Rock Slide - EQ - U-Turn 4. (F) Tangrowth (LVL 100), CHLOROPHYLL, Bold EV: 240 HP, 252 SD, 18 Sp IV: 31-31-31-31-31-30 Moveset: Giga Drain - Bullet Seed - HP Ice - Ancient Power 5. (F) Sawsbuck (LVL 100), CHLOROPHYLL, Naughty EV: 6 HP, 252 At, 252 Sp IV: 24-31-16-12-16-31 Moveset: Headbutt - Horn Leech - Jump Kick - Synthesis
  2. 1) Show name of items when hover mouse over hotkeys so players won't need to memorize how each item looks (some medicines really looks like one another) 1.1) Show name of item on the dislpay when using it (message would be "Use "ITEM_NAME" on wich pokemon' instead of "Use on wich pokemon") 2) Allow shortcut for items like pokeballs in bag during battles or add "last used item". To help catching pokemon by spending less time looking for the right item to use. 3) Bag and PC boxes "Full Screen" - With the increase of pokemon and boxes used (PC) and items (bag), makes no sense having a window mode and having to use a lot of scrolling bar (bag) and arrows (PC) to find what you want. At least give option to players to have it like that. 4) Make breeding interaction with less text and allow players to select everything in the breeding screen (thing like gender, wich pokeball will hold the offspring). The NPC would only explain that he will keep the parents and asks if it's ok. The rest is selected in the screen.
  3. Sorry, maybe it's my bad english but i didn't understand as well... I was leveling up against hordes of Piloswine in Giant Chasm... They give about 6k of xp... with the exp charm, there would be a extra ~1.5k exp ( +25%), totaling ~7.5k... Since I was leveling 2 pokemon with exp share, each one would get ~3k plus ~750. But the message clearly says that the total was 3.122 (2.969 for the horde, plus 153 for the exp charm) The thing is, if you count each Piloswine in the horde individually, it should give ~1200 exp (~6k / 5)... that means extra ~300.. Splitting that in two, there would be 600 xp for each, plus 150 for the charm , wich is the number that shows in the message... https://imgur.com/a/gYCd9Sp EDIT: Here's a second pic (screenshot), this time without any charm http://i.imgur.com/qN1lC2K.png
  4. That's one way to solve the problem... maybe the seller could be able to select the increase for each bid.. and the new bidders only click in the new bid increased automatically... because for cheaper things might work OK but, for expensive things, increasing at low rates would take forever to be sold (imagine a natured comp increasing by 1k, 5k, 10k)... but i liked the idea
  5. Maybe I misunderstood when he said that auctions doesn't work that way... the way I thought about it, the bid would be deposited (money only) until the auction is over OR the player cancel its bid... the player can choose to bid in the very end of the auction (which he would be forced to, if it's a open bid auction) but also can choose to allow his money to be taken for longer time... imagine the possibility of one interested player not be able to be logged in again until the auction is over... there would be no problem in not having the money available to him... And there is the possibility to implement both types of auction (I don't know how much work for the devs it would be) but my opinion is that, in a open bid auction, as BerZerKsC said above, most bidders focus on the very end of the auction to bid... anyone not online very close to the expiration time would be left out of the auction... And because there are people all over the world playing (in different time zones), the hidden bid auction would give a chance to everyone be part of it... not only those online at the time. If the devs only wants to implement only one type and they think that open bid would attract more bidders, it's ok... but i was just saying that hidden bids also work (i can't say if would attract more or less bidders)
  6. I don't know if i explained it right... english is not my primary language... so i copied a explanation from wikipedia... is it ok to post external link? "A first-price sealed-bid auction (FPSBA) is a common type of auction. It is also known as blind auction.[1] In this type of auction, all bidders simultaneously submit sealed bids, so that no bidder knows the bid of any other participant. The highest bidder pays the price they submitted." Edit: as I said, it's just an idea... not sure if it would work but auction with hidden bids is a thing
  7. It may allow buyers to offer how much they think it's worth or how much they are willing to pay (not just a little over the current winning bid)... If they are really interested, they may offer even higher than the winning bid (afraid someone else might have offered more) but it was just a ideia... If there is a instant purchase price, you risk someone make that offer and take it without giving you a chance to bid again... My point is... if there is the possiblity people VERY INTERESTED might offer way higher, it means another form of money sink AND another form of players making money (selling their shinies for example)
  8. When use a item, it should appear the name of the item... there is a text saying "Use on which pokemon"... make it "Use RARE CANDY / PP UP / ANTIDOTE on which pokemon"
  9. I agree... they could even implement a deadline type of auction (where the highest bid in the set deadline would win the auction) with a optional automatic purchase price (if one player offer that price, he will buy in the moment). The bids might be secret or public... Example: I want to sell my 5x31 natured comp... the minimum bid is 900k, and the auction will last 1 month... if i select secret/hidden bids, each buyer can offer 1 bid and after that month the player with the highest bid will get my comp. But if I select public/open bids, every buyer would be able to see the winning bid and offer more OR buy instantly, if seller made the choice to put a instant purchase price (2M)... It might make the GTL even more worthy AND if the auction have the cost right, another money sink
  10. It's in the Battle Tower (north if island 7) or Battle Frontier (Hoenn) i guess... funny that I have one gengar with sludge wave but i'm not sure wich one is the place EDIT: It's called Trainer Tower (North of Island 7) the place to get Sludge Wave on Gengar. It costs 11K Battle Points
  11. I'm not sure (and please correct if I'm wrong)... but passing hidden abilities (in the single player games) was up to the female breeder (or male only if breeding with ditto)... what you can try to make is a MALE COMP with the NATURE you want and 4 of the important IV's ... when the HA update hits, all you going to need is a Female with the HA and the 5 IV's that you desire ... But depending on how they implementent HA, you will need another 4 desired IV's to make a 5 IV MALE breeder and with that breed with a Female Natured 4 desired IV from the species that you want. I don't know if it's clear what I meant but that's what I'm breeding for atm
  12. You're welcome... remember to activate the mod in the client
  13. 01. Open the "Explorer" (Nautilus, Nemo, etc); 02. Go to you personal folder (where u can see the Documents, Images, Dowloads folders); 03. Configure it in the way u can see the hidden files and folders (in Linux Mint is just press CTRL + H or Menu "Show" -> "Show Hidden Files"); 04. Find the /.pokemmo folder and open it; 05. Double click on "Data" and then "Mods" 06. Put the mod in this folder "Mods" Edited: I use Linux Mint but i guess it's kind of the same
  14. Just a question about phenomena: there is just one encounter in each cycle, right? how long does a cycle last?
  15. Drain Punch - Nacrene Tutor (2x Black Belt) Sucker Punch - Castelia Tutor (3x Black Glasses) Roost - Mistralton (3x Sharp Beak) Tailwind - Mistralton (2x Sharp Beak) EDIT: Sorry... I should've edited the last post
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