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  1. Teambuild to beat lvl 90+ Kanto E4??

    I will... That's why I will try the Buterfree sweep and Breloom.... free turns to sweep... if it works I will post here
  2. Teambuild to beat lvl 90+ Kanto E4??

    When Trainer Tower was a thing, I tried to build a bulky set up team with pokemon that could restore own HP... Maybe it wil work here too... I saw it on a YT a long time ago and I remember that the team had a Softboiled + Calm Mind Blissey, Cosmic Power + Softboiled + Belly Drum Clefable, Slack Off + Calm Mind Slowbro, Curse + Rest Snorlax etc.... I know it needs tweaks since new gen is available (new pokes, new moves, nem abilities) but now may be easier... I'm thinking about breed a Compound Eyes Buterfree with Sleep Powder + Quiver Dance + Giga Drain; a Poison Heal Brelom with Spore + Swords Dance OR Bulk Up + and Drain Punch and so on...
  3. Finding Every Move

    UNOVA MOVE TUTORS (Not Complete) Mistralton City – Airport Building Iron Head - 2x Steel Gem Defog - 3x Sharp Beak Gunk Shot - 3x Poison Barb Seed Bomb - 3x Miracle Seed Bug Bite - 2x Silver Powder Uproar - 2x Silk Scarf Gravity - 2x Twisted Spoon Castelia Street – GAME FREAK Building Aqua Tail - 3x Mystic Water Earth Power - 3x Soft Sand Dark Pulse - 3x Black Glasses Zen Headbutt - 3x Twisted Spoon Foul Play - 3x Black Glasses Magnet Rise - 2x Magnet Last Resort - 2x Silk Scarf Dual Chop - 1x Black Belt Nacrene City – West of PKMN Center Sleep Talk - 2x Silk Scarf Stealth Rock - 4x Hard Stone After You - 1x Silk Scarf Wonder Room - 2x Twisted Spoon Snatch - 1x Black Glasses
  4. new ev training guide with sweet scent

    Route 120 (that one pond with Azumarrils), between Fortree and Lilycove
  5. new ev training guide with sweet scent

    Just found hordes of Seel/Dewgong on Icefall Cave (Island 4) more than once... Zubat/Golbat horde is not the only one anymore.   EDIT: How about Scorched Lab in HOENN? Harder to get there, not as close to a PokeCenter and hordes of only 3 Golbats... but it's 100% Golbat hordes

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