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  1. Then here is a comparison of a few from the ones posted in the images above. Old New @TooManyLuigis Maybe you should add a comparison :\
  2. If you are able to tell that the ones in the pictures are different, then that is enough to discern that this is a different mod. He didn't change all of them but he posted his work on discord. I assure you there are plenty of mons that he updated.
  3. @Danthehedgefox That is normal. Proceed with the movie clip file.
  4. @BurnedRiceCrispy The sprites. The mod author redid a bunch of the sprites and they look way better. I also believe he is still updating more sprites.
  5. or right-click, open with file explorer if you have windows 10.
  6. It can depend on whether you are using Desktop or Android, as mod support can differ, but these are the ones I suggest. Pick ones that you believe are best suited for you. @SteveDerBaum's mod suggestion (the post above) I would also highly recommend.
  7. This mod is outdated, please use Mortedesu's Animated Battle Sprites mod in the meantime.
  8. @BaconMan104 As far as I know, audio mods are not supported by android. If you are indeed getting errors from this mod, then I guess support may be in the works. Also I haven't updated this mod is quite a while so there may or may not be more tracks from Zame to add to these mods. I've been busy/lazy.
  9. @surrender4fun you want to post those errors?
  10. Sorry if there was trouble! Glad it worked out for you!
  11. I couldn't agree with you more.
  12. This mod replaces the game's monster icons with the 3DS versions of them. Download Before: After: If there are any mistakes, please notify me. Feedback is appreciated.
  13. @Verdep Not sure how you got those ID's. Very Surprising. If @GigoloimCabrio doesn't come online soon and update this, I'm gonna update it myself probably.
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