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  1. Apemon7

    Dump tables files something missing ?

    Have you tried adding it to the text file manually and seeing if that worked?
  2. This mod swaps Venomoth's sprites with Butterfree's sprites and vice versa. This mod also colors Butterfree's sprite of Vemomoth to be green in order to have the color fit more closely to Caterpie and Metapod. Download
  3. Apemon7

    [MOD] 3DS Pokemon Cries

    @escrevierrado I'm not the best person to ask something like that. A developer on the android team would be best to ask about that. I just hope it comes at some point. As of right now I have the mod installed on my android client so that if an update with that feature releases, then there is no hassle to install another mod. It's already there and ready to go.
  4. Apemon7

    [MOD] ZameJack's Kanto Tunes

    Lol. Second hasn't happened to me yet. Funny, it also only seems to happen to me when I walk either in or out of a pokecenter. I think it might have something to do with the sound that plays for the center door, but that is just a guess. No clue really.
  5. Apemon7

    [MOD] ZameJack's Kanto Tunes

    @Sync Not my fault. Music mods aren't working well right now from what I can tell.
  6. Apemon7

    [MOD] ZameJack's Kanto Tunes

    I don't have time right now but I might look into it this week. If you can find out where the crashes are caused or what themes are acting strange, then that would speed up the process for me. Edit: Just checked out the mod and WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE THOSE NOISES! I don't think that's something wrong with my mod. I think something is wrong with the game. More testing is needed.
  7. Apemon7

    [MOD] HD Battle Sprites

    This mod is a great idea, however I do not believe that PokeMMO currently supports changing the size of animated sprites. Unless they implement animated sprite scaling, this mod won't really work.
  8. Apemon7

    Forum Formatting

    Thank you, that is very helpful.
  9. Apemon7

    Forum Formatting

    Is there a guide that can explain how to change the format of text, images, and videos on forum posts? i.e. how do I bold or italicize text or change text size and color and all that jazz.
  10. Apemon7

    [MOD] 3DS Pokemon Cries

    Pokemon Cry modification is not supported on android if that is the platform you are using. Otherwise just tested on windows and works fine.
  11. Apemon7

    [Tutorial] How to make Music Mod

    @AlezHunk You can change Pokémon cries. It essentially works like this mod, except the folder name is "cries" instead of "sounds", and the music track IDs are exchanged with the monster's Pokédex ID. If you are looking for a mod that changes the cries of Pokémon with their cries from the anime, then this is it. However, cry mods do not work on mobile.
  12. Apemon7

    [Tutorial] How to make Music Mod

    Android sound and cries modification doesn't seem to be supported yet.
  13. Apemon7

    [MOD] Kalos+Alola Mod Update 6.0.0

    @DiegoMR I don't think you understand how mods work in PokeMMO. Like skin packs, they just change how things look or sound. When the creator is saying he changes Blastoise to Greninja, he isn't actually doing that. It's still a Blastoise, it just LOOKS like a Greninja. For example as you can see from my image I posted earlier: It says that this Pokemon is Venusaur, and it IS still Venusaur. It just looks like Chesnaught now. So, no. It does not change the moves.
  14. Apemon7

    [MOD] Kalos+Alola Mod Update 6.0.0

    Hey Dude, your mod is empty. No files within it. That's why it ain't showing up for people.
  15. Apemon7

    [MOD] ZameJack's Hoenn Tunes

    Oh woops. As soon as you guys told me about that error, I immediately knew what it was. Sorry. Should be fixed now. Thanks for letting me know!

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