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  1. as far as i know, they dont delete characters very often. The last time they did it was around the time hoenn came out? And they only did it to accounts that hadnt logged in in like a year, had no OT shinies, and maybe <1k hrs playtime? This is off the top of my head cause it was a long time ago and i didnt really read it to remember it. Ive been absent from the game for about a year on at least two occasions and i can still get in, so i think youre good. Furthermore, im expecting platinum any day now.
  2. Heck, that was fast! I expected you to confirm you were doing it before i sent the money. Thanks a lot! I dont really like the Title font, the one heading the windows etc. Maybe ill try to change it myself.
  3. IGN: PepperPoots Theme Subject: Star Trek Color: Black & ...Pastels? Text (default or custom?): Whatever you think looks better? Donation? (100k minimum): 200k This is like 5 years old, and either didnt get updated when the game did or was never complete. If you could finish it I would be forever grateful. In case you cant tell from the screenshots or dont watch star trek (which you should), it imitates the GUI from their computer screens. Id be happy to get SS from the show or help out in any other way.
  4. Sounds like fun! Questions: The random tier will be one of the established tiers or can it include gimmicks like monotype, middle cup? How is the random tier determined? Just for fun, can we get an example of a team shield? @Breadlicious
  5. Want to play NU right now?
  6. No one is forcing you to play. There is a specific vision for this game and legendaries in the capacity you want are not a part of that vision.
  7. I really dont understand how you still dont get it after it being explained to you 4 times very patiently. If someone can obtain a legendary easily, that makes it not special, and there are plans to make them obtainable in a special way eventually.
  8. I have tried it on my Pi 3 and just stopped trying because i followed the instructions exactly (I think it was a youtube video?) and it still wouldn't work. So, sorry to say it, but just give up. Or if you figure it out lmk :p
  9. I guess this is done, I cant think of anything to add. Hit me with criticism
  10. or just get it from bulbapedia. if on a pc, right click and select copy image location. Then on your forum post, click imsert image from url.
  11. which means shiny pokemon have even more hair
  12. sounds like a problem with your internet. have you tried turning it off and back on again.jpg
  13. YALL im off work for two weeks and i fixed java on my laptop and did the update so consider me back. looking forward to seeing all of you when you wake up. PS the group description says nothing about this being a weeb group did something change
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