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  1. Synchronoise should be nerfed, is bugged

    It's not allowed in official tournament play because of this, but it's pretty useful for getting through the story
  2. What's your fav pokemon

    When i first discovered pokemon my favorite was charmander. As i grew and matured, i imagined it growing too, and evolving into Charmeleon and Charizard. But no mega evolutions. If i have to pick a non-starter, lairon.
  3. Delete a save file?

    I dont think you can delete save files. You should be able to go to a different region as soon as you reach the port city in each of them (Vermilion, Slateport, and the huge 3-D one).
  4. Ultility Pokemon Guide

    Farfetch'd learns false swipe and can be tutored yawn (and taught fly), i use it as my catcher. psst you dont have flame body on your flame body pokemon and dont forget about octillery with suction cups (and why it's useful). Nice guide, this was missing before. Maybe you could go into a bit more detail about why the things towards the end of your list are useful. I've got more constructive criticism if youre open to it
  5. Shiny Stunfisk Lottery

    just got home from work, mail incoming
  6. what's up with this

    you have to upload the screenshot to the internet. Try something like Imgur.
  7. New players looking for info.

    Yep. High damage, good coverage, fast, some can set up (ex: Swords dance) to do more damage or gain more defense. Walls cant do much damage on their own but can take a lot of hits, and heal health or status, sometimes on other members of their team (moves like wish and heal bell). An example of this would be Chansey. They basically slow an enemy's momentum and force them to switch. They are really only used in PvP where they are no fun to face, and you would probably be better off picking something with a little higher damage output for your story team.
  8. New players looking for info.

    You can get thunderbolt TM (and others) from the Vermilion poke mart, same way with all other cities and their corresponding gyms (Earthquake in Viridian City, for example). There are a few guides in the Guide Tavern you will find useful (Kanto walkthrough is in Work In Progress Guides but still should help a lot.) You can really use any pokemon you want, but you might find something in Guide Tavern to help you build a well rounded team. (sweepers, tanks, walls, etc) Good luck!
  9. Shiny Stunfisk Lottery

    69. nice
  10. Kitty Konundrum (Saturday, March 3rd)

    CAT HYPE! is there really a shelter in Nimbasa?
  11. Box Choice Item

    bumping cause i was about to suggest this It shouldnt even be an item, it should be automatic that everyone can choose to designate a box for caught pokes to go to. Thats how it was in the last core games i played. With the breeding system the way it is, Im surprised this hasnt been implemented/suggested more yet.
  12. Shiny victreebel lottery

    sent tha money
  13. Shiny victreebel lottery

    I forgot to send money yesterday and this ^ fella wants 26 also and has sent money already, it looks like. Am i out of luck? nbd. I can't get on for another 8 hours probably.
  14. Shiny victreebel lottery

    26 please
  15. WTB SHINY (gyara, manactric, aipom kingdra)


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