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  1. hey add me as a friend I changed my name to necrohorror. also where have you been? I miss you!

    1. Kyklous


      Sorry pal, mid-terms were last week so I didn't really feel it proper to play the game while that was going on. Of course, I didn't really study, either. lol I tried drawing my submission for "Define the Storm" in the meanwhile, but the concept of perspective is too OP.


      Anyways, hope to meet you in-game from now on.

    2. Ectopuss


      omg wait are you kindled o_o x_x

    3. Kyklous


      Er, at least I think I am? Well, at least I'm not actually a circle. Hope to see you a-ROUND.

  2. Erm...even when I play on full screen, the problem persists, but thanks for trying!
  3. Oh, didn't know I could do that. Thanks!
  4. I don't know if this only applies to me,but I've encountered some great inconveniences when trading items or putting items up on the GTL. The first issue is the fact that I can't see the top most element. Though, this i quite minor, and I find this quite manageable. The larger issue is that I am incapable of scrolling down exceptionally long lists like the...erm what's the element above medicine again? Anyways, to demonstrate... As you may or may not be able to see, when I attempt to scroll, the list simply closes. Curiously, it does not occur if my mouse hovers over anything else like say the chat box (I acknowledge the fact that you can't see my mouse. Just bear with me!) Now, I often mitigate this problem by giving my pokémon items to hold, but I fear that, in the future, this minor inconvenience could develop into a major inconvenience, especially with the inability to toss out items like in the official games.