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  1. Simply put, if you see a sun in the top-left corner next to the time, Eevee will evolve into an Espeon. If you see a crescent moon in the top-left corner, Eevee will evolve into an Umbreon. If the desired outcome doesn't occur, you can always cancel the evolution of course.
  2. Kyklous

    Tutor location

    Ember Spa - north of 1 Island; 3 yellow shards
  3. Kyklous

    Mold Breaker vs Sturdy

    You're 100% right. Mold Breaker is supposed to break through sturdy, however...it's not fully implemented yet. There's a link to a list of abilities that have been implemented on a recent update log along with a similar list for moves.
  4. Kyklous

    Question About Farming

    Holy crow! Didn't even know there was a screenshot thread. Whoopsie doodle ^^
  5. Kyklous

    Clothing for Pokemon?

    As cool as it may be, I don't think it's likely to happen. Customizing player sprites is probably already hard enough. :P Something I do hope they add is the customizable pokeballs from gen 4. ^^
  6. Kyklous

    Question About Farming

    Who said anything about berries? I'm more concerned about whether or not I messed up my Yanmega farm! D:
  7. Kyklous

    Question About Farming

    Um, can I get an answer from a player experienced with farming? The farming guide didn't bother specifying. ^^ So... ...I just wanted to know whether or not letting the moisture go below 4/5 ticks negatively affects the IVs because, if so, I think I already screwed up. >_<
  8. hey add me as a friend I changed my name to necrohorror. also where have you been? I miss you!

    1. Kyklous


      Sorry pal, mid-terms were last week so I didn't really feel it proper to play the game while that was going on. Of course, I didn't really study, either. lol I tried drawing my submission for "Define the Storm" in the meanwhile, but the concept of perspective is too OP.


      Anyways, hope to meet you in-game from now on.

    2. Ectopuss


      omg wait are you kindled o_o x_x

    3. Kyklous


      Er, at least I think I am? Well, at least I'm not actually a circle. Hope to see you a-ROUND.


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