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  1. Play vs. AI is the very reason behind our team's inception! From the beginning to the end of the month, team members are encouraged to propose Pokémon sets. In order to properly assess them, each Pokémon will be used in battle. However, rather than team members facing off against each other, each set will be used in battles against random players in matchmaking! Submission Time: September 1 - September 30 11:59 PM (CDT) Judging: October 4 (Sunday) Rules: — Anybody can participate. — Entries will only be accepted if they are posted in either this thread or the set proposal channel of the discord server. — Be detailed. Sets must at the least mention the tier the Pokémon would be used in, the moveset, ability, nature, EV spread, and item of choice, but do mention additional details such as if Wish support is expected or if rain needs to be present, etc. — Any set of any Pokémon is eligible for participation. If you wish to post a choice band Scizor, go ahead. — No duplicates. Ever. If a set has already been submitted, be it from a past month or by somebody else in the current month, you can no longer submit any variation of said set. — A maximum of 3 sets per person will be accepted. — Any entry must also include your in-game name. — Entries must be submitted within the timeframe. — Entries will be judged based on a balance of unorthodoxy versus effectiveness. Prizes: 1st Prize ₽ 1,000,000 2nd Prize ₽ 500,000 3rd Prize ₽ 250,000 * All participants will get semi-comp versions of their sets.
  2. Phenomenon spotted! :D Forget the truck. I bet Mew's hiding in this one spot. :T
  3. Simply put, if you see a sun in the top-left corner next to the time, Eevee will evolve into an Espeon. If you see a crescent moon in the top-left corner, Eevee will evolve into an Umbreon. If the desired outcome doesn't occur, you can always cancel the evolution of course.
  4. Ember Spa - north of 1 Island; 3 yellow shards
  5. You're 100% right. Mold Breaker is supposed to break through sturdy, however...it's not fully implemented yet. There's a link to a list of abilities that have been implemented on a recent update log along with a similar list for moves.
  6. Holy crow! Didn't even know there was a screenshot thread. Whoopsie doodle ^^
  7. As cool as it may be, I don't think it's likely to happen. Customizing player sprites is probably already hard enough. :P Something I do hope they add is the customizable pokeballs from gen 4. ^^
  8. Who said anything about berries? I'm more concerned about whether or not I messed up my Yanmega farm! D:
  9. Um, can I get an answer from a player experienced with farming? The farming guide didn't bother specifying. ^^ So... ...I just wanted to know whether or not letting the moisture go below 4/5 ticks negatively affects the IVs because, if so, I think I already screwed up. >_<
  10. hey add me as a friend I changed my name to necrohorror. also where have you been? I miss you!

    1. Kyklous


      Sorry pal, mid-terms were last week so I didn't really feel it proper to play the game while that was going on. Of course, I didn't really study, either. lol I tried drawing my submission for "Define the Storm" in the meanwhile, but the concept of perspective is too OP.


      Anyways, hope to meet you in-game from now on.

    2. Ectopuss


      omg wait are you kindled o_o x_x

    3. Kyklous


      Er, at least I think I am? Well, at least I'm not actually a circle. Hope to see you a-ROUND.

  11. My in-game name is Usamahun. I've been playing PokeMMO for two days now. I personally think it's awesome. I've always been a big pokémon fan since Pokémon Master Quest came out. My first encounter with the games was Pokémon FireRed, which I played to death and now I'm thirsty for a new frontier to conquer. The implications of having thousands of people play the same game obviously means more than just trading buddies after all. I'd like to get to know you all some day.
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