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  1. Event Description Hide-and-Seek but instead of one seeker and multiple hiders, there are multiple seekers and one hider (the host). Also, you'll know exactly where the host is hiding, which will be a location a significant character or pokémon showed up in the story. Actually, is this even Hide-and-Seek anymore? It's more like a race. Date Sunday, 28th November Time 11AM CST (Time Zone Converter) Location Kanto, Hoenn, Unova, or Sinnoh Prize Differ depending on the round's difficulty: Easy — 50k Medium — 100k Hard — 200k Rules 12 rounds are planned, but there may be more or less depending on time. Duration will be about 1 hour. The host will announce their location. A round will not formally begin until the host announces they are ready to be found. A round will not formally end until a participant sends a trade request to alert the host of their discovery. No limit to the amount of times a participant can win. There will be an even split of locations between regions.
  2. Details Single Battle | Swiss Style | 6v6 | Lv. 50 Tournament Mode Date & Time Sunday, 21st November 2021 11AM CT (Time Zone Converter) Rules Species / Self-KO / Sleep / Evasion / OHKO Rules 1. Participants will be given 24 hours prior to the tournament to catch the Pokémon they will use. 2. All Pokémon must come from the areas outlined below. — As long as the Pokémon was encountered in said area, any method of generating said encounter is permissible (grass, fishing, swarm, etc.) 3. Each participant must be the OT of every one of their Pokémon. 4. You may not breed. — No egg moves. 5. No EV training — The host will provide EV reducing berries for any stray EVs gained while grinding for evolution. 6. Everything else not stated in the previous rules is permissible. — Evolving — TMs/Tutor — Held items Areas & Available Pokémon Pokémon Tower Mt. Pyre Old Chateau Lost Tower Celestial Tower Prizes: 1st Prize 1x31, 4x27+ Choice of nature and 4 moves & ₽ 2,000,000 2nd Prize ₽ 1,000,000 3rd-4th Prize Level 100, max attack Choice of 4 moves & ₽ 500,000
  3. Skarmory can learn Spikes, Stealth Rock, Toxic, and Whirlwind/Roar
  4. Date Sunday, 14th November 2021 Time 1PM CT (Time Zone Converter) Location Lostlorn Forest, Ch. 3 Duration 1 hour for catching another 10 minutes for players to submit entries Scoring Total Sum of IVs + Nature Bonus = Total Score Pokémon accepted as valid entries Zorua Nature Bonus Modest +3 Timid +5 Rules To win 1st-3rd places that are sorted by low to high, you need to submit an entry that scores the highest To win 4th place you need to submit an entry that scores the lowest You can only submit one entry All Pokémon must be caught within the event time and at the event location All Pokémon must remain unchanged You must be the OT of the Pokémon You must link your entry to the host via whisper to submit it In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by earliest catch time 1st Place Prize Semi-Comp (1x31, 5x27+) Choice of nature and 4 moves & 1,000,000  2nd Place Prize 500,000 3rd Place Prize 250,000 4th Place Prize Level 100, max attack Choice of 4 moves & 250,000
  5. Details Single Battle | Swiss Style | Random Date & Time Saturday, 13th November 2021 1PM CT (Time Zone Converter) Clauses Standard Tournament Clauses 1st Place Prize Semi-Comp (1x31, 5x27+) Choice of nature and 4 moves & 1,000,000  2nd Place Prize 500,000 3rd-4th Place Prize 250,000
  6. However, may I also suggest simply putting as many exp. shares as you have available on all your party members so the exp. is spread super thin?
  7. Event Description They're there; hidden in plain sight. Be it by fumble of design, reasons of balance, or perhaps even some cruel joke by their creators, they exist: Pokémon whose appearance doesn't match their type. Your job is to expose them for what they are, and don't worry; I believe you'll find the reward quite the treat. Date Sunday, 24th October Time 10AM CDT (Time Zone Converter) Location Old Chateau Ch. 5 Prize x5 for the first confirmed discovery of each round. Rules There will be around 12 rounds (as many as we can stuff into an hour) composed of the host giving a hint towards which Pokémon should be caught. The hint will be in the format of "A [INSERT ACTUAL TYPE] in [INSERT APPARENT TYPE] clothing." (ex. "A water type in dragon type clothing" would be Gyarados.) For a submission to be accepted, it must be linked in Normal chat at the event location. Due to the inherent subjectivity behind saying a Pokémon looks like it should be a certain type, a round may have multiple acceptable entries as long as they fall within reason. Submissions must be caught during the round. Catch time and OT will be checked.
  8. Details Single Battle | Swiss Style | 6v6 | Lv. 50 Tournament Mode Date & Time Saturday, 16th October 2021 9AM CDT (Time Zone Converter) Clauses Species / Sleep / Evasion / OHKO 1st Place Prize AND 1,000,000  2nd Place Prize 500,000 3rd-4th Place Prize 250,000
  9. OK, so regarding the last bit, are the movesets based on Let's Go? Well, for the most part, no. Learnsets are generally based on generation 8, but Geodude didn't actually make it to generation 8, meaning we had to go off the next most recent main game in the series...Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Why does it learn Sand-Attack by level up then? Because the devs made it so if a pokemon could ever learn a move by level up in some game, it could learn it at that same level here. This of course leads to some awkwardness like Tentacool learning Water Gun at 22 like in generation 1 despite learning Water Pulse 6 levels prior, but for the most part, the more moves you can get by simply leveling up the better in my opinion. Now back to the main topic, sure a moveset of Sand-Attack/Mud Sport/Bide/Rock Polish might be a poorer moveset, but why are you singling out Geodude? There have been several wild pokemon in official main series games that had even worse movesets, and I'm not talking about pokemon where that was the whole point like Abra or Magikarp either. At least it can actually kill some thing with Bide.
  10. I agree with the idea but don't agree with the metric. I'd probably go by the number of badges a player has. Not sure whether to sum up how many badges players have across regions or just do the number of badges they have in that region though. Obviously a person with 8 badges in 1 region and 1 badge in another has a bigger advantage than someone with just 1 badge, but a person with 3 badges in two regions wouldn't be equal to a person with 6 badges in 1. Maybe use both? 😕
  11. Allow me to tell you a story. Once upon a time, this game only had GBA regions (Kanto and Hoenn), and thus we were stuck with pokemon, moves, and abilities from gens 1-3. Then in November of 2017, the devs finally succeeded in implementing gen 5. However, as can be imagined for a project of that magnitude, not everything could come at once. None of the gen 4-5 abilities were available out the gate, but they were eventually implemented in a wave of updates. Sheer Force was implemented in August of 2018. At this point, all abilities from gens 1-5 have been fully implemented. Bugs have cropped up on occasion like Sheer Force ignoring focus sashes, but those have been patched by now. This has been story time with Mr. Positive.
  12. Other way around. Additionally, Teddiursa can be found in the Hoenn Safari Zone - Area 6.
  13. Play vs. AI is the very reason behind our team's inception! From the beginning to the end of the month, team members are encouraged to propose Pokémon sets. In order to properly assess them, each Pokémon will be used in battle. The method of evaluation will be using these Pokémon in matchmaking. Submission Time: October 1 - October 31 11:59 PM (CDT) Results: November 7 Rules: — Anybody can participate. — Entries will only be accepted if they are posted in either this thread or the set proposal channel of the discord server. — Be detailed. Sets must at the least mention the tier the Pokémon would be used in, the moveset, ability, nature, EV spread, and item of choice, but do mention additional details such as if Wish support is expected or if rain needs to be present, etc. — Sets must be outside the meta. Therefore all sets must either be a pokemon with little to no usage in the specified tier or a popular pokemon but with a unique set. — No duplicates. Ever. If a set has already been submitted, be it from a past month or by somebody else in the current month, you can no longer submit any variation of said set. — A maximum of 3 sets per person will be accepted. — Any entry must also include your in-game name. — Entries must be submitted within the timeframe. — Entries will be judged based on a balance of unorthodoxy versus effectiveness. Prizes: 1st Prize ₽ 1,000,000 2nd Prize ₽ 500,000 3rd Prize ₽ 250,000 * All participants will get semi-comp versions of their sets.
  14. 2 in Floaroma Town 2 on Route 205 (near Floaroma Town) 2 on Route 205 (way to Eterna Forest) 4 near Fuego Ironworks 4 on Route 205 (shortcut to Eterna City via Cut) 4 on Route 205 (Eterna City side) 2 on Route 206 (under Cycling Road via Cut) 4 on Route 206 (south of Cycling Road) 4 on Route 207 4 on Route 208 2 on Route 209 (near Hearthome) 2 on Route 209 (south of Lost Tower) 4 in Solaceon Town 4 on Route 210 (Solaceon Town side) 4 on Route 210 (Celestic Town side) 4 on Route 211 (Celestic Town side) 2 on Route 215 (middle of the route; need Cut) 2 on Route 215 (near Veilstone City) 4 on Route 214 4 on Route 213 4 in Pastoria City 2 on Route 212 (near Pastoria City) 2 on Route 212 (west of Backlot's Mansion) 2 on Route 212 (south of Backlot's Mansion; need Surf) 4 on Route 218 4 on Route 221 4 on Route 222 4 on Route 224 4 in the Fight Area 4 on Route 230 4 on Route 229 4 on Route 228 4 on Route 226 (need Rock Climb) 4 on Route 225 (need Cut) For a total of 114 new berry patches.
  15. Event Description Players will engage in a series of 1v1s utilizing ground types for rights to the title of Viridian Gym Leader. Details Single Battle | 1v1 | Lv. 50 Date & Time Sunday, 3rd October 2021 2:00PM CDT (Time Zone Converter) Rules All battles will be between the reigning King and a willing Challenger. Should the King be defeated, the Challenger will become the new King. Should the Challenger be defeated, they may not challenge the King again during their current term. This cycle will continue until either the reigning King has defeated all willing Challengers in their term, or if the event has lasted for an hour, in which case the current King will win by default. Participants may only use Pokémon that are ground-type or part-ground type. No further restrictions regarding stuff like IVs, EVs, moves, etc. Substitutions between battles are permitted and in fact encouraged. Prizes Semi-Comp, choice of nature and moves AND 1,000,000 100,000 for any who successfully become King
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