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  1. :D I gots gangs of free time now. I'm a computer lacky for the schools... I hardly do anything so yeah... here I shall be.
  2. The pope is coming back baby. Get ready to hail them Pokegods.
  3. Supported! The only reason someone should even go against this is because that person just like to argue about anything and feel all ideas but their own suck. PROVE MEH WRONG!
  4. I don't even want my money back <. just fix the damn rate>

  5. Amnesia Brace is soon to be almost useless. I've been donating to a lie... GG pokemon you stole my money :D

  6. in that case wouldn't the trade forums just shut down? and I'm sure people could use it in value discussion. I know it's mostly shiny pokes being priced there but still and I guess one could use it when seeking competitive assistance for their poke.
  7. I'm sure a lot of you remember the Auto IVS Calculator app from back in the day. If not... it was before we the in game IVS calculator. It would scan your pokeman and calculate the IVS range like most online ivs calculators. There was another feature on this app. It would keep a database of every pokemon you scanned. This made it very easy to post multiple pokemon on the forums, mostly in trade. I kind of miss this... I think we should have the ability to copy and paste evs, ivs, moves, ability, and so one from in game. You could like put a button the the summary page. It would be nice to have the database but I don't see that part being necessary. I would focus on just the copy and paste aspect. I think this could increase activity on the forums in the trade section. The only con I can remotely see is a huge boom in ditto shops. I'm not sure if this has been suggested before. If so. I apologize for nothing. :)
  8. I really could have used one of these a few times.
  9. inb4 Amnesia Brace becomes useless next update.

  10. Your "location" instantly gave away who you are, lel

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