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  1. o/ welcome back 

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    2. Tritios


      bushido, thats that old-ass team isnt? sry but i think you might got the wrong guy lol cuz i was never in that team. anyway nice to see you active again. 

    3. fredrichnietze


      i think you misunderstand me. im in that old ass team and was back in 2013, dont you remember? just saying like, you're back and im back, and most of the old bushido guys came back and this is awesome and like hi

    4. Tritios


      That's what I thought at first haha, yeye I 'member. Good times

  2. Value Advice

    I'd say way more than 500k, more like 1-1,5m imo
  3. Value Advice

    pretty sure one was sold for 3 mil cash a few days ago.. Also values on shiny tangela, wrumple, cascoon, loundred and crawdaunt? All bad IVs was thinkin 2, 2.5, 2, 1.5 and 4
  4. Hola Senioritas!!!
  5. TV Series Hub

    lol, i noticed. but how can you not compare them? ye most shows will look pale in comparison, but i wouldn't call that a valid excuse to be a worse show. And I'd say they are the same type of show theres just another atmosphere. They both heavily revolve around the game of politics. Ones just dark whereas the other one very good hearted. Been a long time since watching the 3 first season, but i didnt notice lel. typical European suddenly having tons of opinions about the US election when trump shows up. But I'll admit watching them over each other wasn't a good idea, and probably the most important i should've dropped it when i figured i wouldn't like it anyway instead of finishing and hating it more and more. But I'll agree on DS as an OK show, as if agreeing on how good the show was the point of discussing it hue.
  6. TV Series Hub

    Watched these side by side, and designated survivor fell so fucking short. Might be unfair considering how golden House of Cards is, but Designated Survivor was boring and dull and waayyy to good-hearted. I hated Jack Bauerman, was way to perfect, always making the right calls, being so loving to his family the perfect father and kind towards all of his coworkers. couldnt relate to him for a second. That Asian spy chick was kinda cool or atleast cute, but there were a few to many CSI moments, "Enhance that shitty picture". AND WHY WERE SHE CONSTANTLY GOING ALONE. The premise sounds real good tho to bad they didn't manage to pull it of better. But House of Cards is a beast, i felt the trump vibes the first episodes of season 5, fear overshadows all other issues. but the sheer cynicism and power hungry people are really entertainment to watch. Love and Hate Frank so much, Claire too, really all of them. Excited for season 5, Girl-power amirite
  7. Pokemon Direct

  8. [Sig] Incog's Trial Sigs

    @Havsha I made a sig earlier, but it was apparently deleted. so i made another one thats not that lewd
  9. @Dougington Masume-kun Look forward to Maid-dragon its a blast. @Diano I already said it in my last post but Konosuba is so great. just posting the plot doesnt justify it since its not a big part of what makes it good. I'm sure most of you have seen tons of Gifs from this show all over. But the absurdity is probably one of this shows best traits. Its a really refreshing take on the stuck in a MMo. I love Aqua, best character. How she always manages to fuck up, but still trying so hard to do good deeds. Im a bit more worried about Darkness and Megumin, And i hope we get to see more jokes from them, not just the same both have repeted for 2 seasons now. While i love Darkness fucked up fetishes, and megumins love for explosion-magic its gonne get old eventually.
  10. Recently watched Re:Zero myself, pretty decent. Had it ups and downs, Finished Masamune-kun, it was OK, not much more some funny moments and cute scenes but meh plot and story. Dropped Youjo Senki after the first episode, just not my cup of tea. Heard alot of good things about it tho. Saw Acco, dont understand its praise, it was decent, kinda boring tbh but cool enough. Maid Dragon was sooo good, loved that show. Adorable, funny and great animation, it was a real good time. Loved konosuba aswell, one of the funniest animes ive ever seen, and i love its animation, wish their faces was more detailed tho... And Litle Witch Academia, not up to date yet, watched like 10 episodes i think. A litle slow at the start but its getting real good now. I love the animation so much, characters are great and the atmosphere is just amazing. Winter season was great. Love Tyrant from spring season looks good aswell, Gonna watch Attack on Titan, but not having too high expectations.. And berserk for the lulz.
  11. Ye its alota fun, i derpep up and watched season two, Noragami Aragoto, before the first one. It did make alot more sense that way wierdly enough. Also Nora best girl.
  12. Only watched lilke 5 episodes. Its pretty generic but its funny. MC is cringy but interesting enough to keep me watching and girls are cute, so good enough for me. Its easy and light entertainment but definitly not the best show this season. I love Konosuba tho its hilarious. Little witch academia looks real cute too.
  13. fuck, i love me some Your lie in April
  14. Because Hanukkah. Everyone Happy Lets all rejoice Praise be the Queen Tritios

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