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  1. Tritios' Berries and Shinies

    Syke!! added
  2. Why can't berries grow faster?

    nah, system is pretty good imo. and you can go way longer between watering. atleast for the not very thirsty berries, over 12 hours. for the thirsty berries i think its like 11h or something. its a hassle if you got a day job. but it only takes 10-15 mins to water the berries, but its good cash.
  3. Wut. We won tt? Gj guys! Pkel #1
  4. Happy birthday miek
  5. PP Up/Max for BP or something similar

    The recipe is the problem, it's dumb as bread. In pure expenses it only costs around 7,5k to make one pp up. But the berries you would need to harvest is worth 39k. Give us back 5 powder for each sitrus berry etc.
  6. What generation does pokemmo follow?

    i thought all pokes got the new base stat buff not that long ago. And yes its intented, think the change in gengars ability was deemed unecessary iirc.
  7. PokeMMO Gameplay size

    There is no in game setting for changing this, you have to change your screen-resolution outside the game...
  8. Gym Leader Rematches Guide

    they where the same for me aswell the 3-5 first runs, now they change every time i rebattle.
  9. Gratulerer med dagen @TheChampionMike!!
  10. Leppa Berry Yield

    The time after the berries are ready are wilt time, which is now 8 hours for all berries. It's weird that you still got 7 berries on some plants cuz it means you didn't fuck up. Might be a misspelling in the patchnote or was changed with the latest update...
  11. NTMs Magic Powers

    Yeah I did, silly me. Merry Christmas then
  12. NTMs Magic Powers

    Hyped!!! but two days only? well its not like i got other stuff to do these days
  13. PC boxes

    Just to clarify, yes you can change the tabsize just by changing line 152 from "button-small" to "button-supersmall".
  14. PC boxes

    I want to try to modify the UI, so that i can see all the boxes at the same time without scrolling. Not sure if its even possible but you can modify the size of your inventory by changing some numbers in some documents, so i would guess its possible to either make the box icon smaller or increase the entire PC frame. Sadly I cant read XML so most of it look like greek to me. Does anyone else? If you're not sure what im talking about, there are lots of .xml files you can open and edit in notepad and do shit like this. unshamefully promoting my guide Files are under Pokemmo > Data > themes > default

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