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  1. Or you just wait until dungeons are out cuz that's when ha are coming out
  2. This is a suggestion that is a good one. even if it had any form of fee to pay
  3. Imagine doing something in a game. If you dont like the breeding process go play showdown than prices are fine. since the Matchmaking update breeding has become way cheaper
  4. like an egg cracking sound
  5. means it all relies on your teambuilding
  6. 'Lets Mix it up Rules every participant can only use maximum of 2 pokemon of the following tiers NU,UU and OU rotation between teams is allowed Details Tournament | Single Battle | Date Friday, 11th September Time 9pm Cest | 3pm EDT | Time Zone Converter Registration You can reach me ingame and via discord registration closes 10 minutes prior to start tournament. (im flexible)  Clauses Tournament mode is a must Tournament Clauses Explained Banned Mons * Chansey + Blissey * Blissey + Cofagrigus * Cofagrigus + Chansey 1st Place Prize 500 RP 2nd Place Prize a 2*31, 3*27 breed of your choice with Powerdrib OT ev trained and movesetted aswell 3rd place 250k
  7. Or you join a team so you can also make screenshots with multiple people
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