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  1. powerdrib

    Gen 6 pokemon

    No let them first finish other important things like dungeons and hidden abilities
  2. When you are in battle you can see how far your mons are setup by just hovering above them
  3. Team Name:SimplyLëmonadë Team Tag:LËM Registered Players: Purpleturkleton, Powerdrib, TohnR, SakuStein, PkmtrainerJD, Team Captain:Powerdrib
  4. Seaking? that pokemon doesnt evolve through trade it doesnt even evolve anymore surely you ment another pokemon
  5. pls give use a english explanation to what you wanna suggest
  6. Go in the center and talk to the grunt
  7. In-game name: PowerdribCountry: NetherlandsTiers signed up for: UUDiscord name: Powerdrib#7269
  8. Event 8 Mischievus Ghostbusting The Catching event called Mischievous Ghostbusting will come to you this summer. Cool down with us in SimplyLemonade ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This event is over, congratz to the winner! Location: Lost Cave Ch 3 Date: 03/08/2019 <- dd/mm/year (which makes more sense) Time 10-11 PM CEST Timezone Converter Submissions can be made to Dwaasje till 11:15 PM CEST -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- POKEMON: Misdreavus +2, Haunter +0, Gastley + 0 Nature: Timid/Modest +2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prize: 1st Dark Elfbot Set + SemiComp Mismagius KenDude ( 145) 2nd Fight Elfbot Set DreamyChan (144) 3rd Poison Elfbot Set Powerdrib (135)
  9. Event 7 Getting Moist The Catching event called Getting Moist will come to you this summer. Cool down with us in SimplyLemonade ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Location Undella Bay Ch 3 Date 8/24/2019 Time 5pm PST -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- POKEMON: Mantine +3 Wingull +0 Nature: Calm/Bold +2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prize: 1st Dark Elfbot Set + Semi Comp Wingull 2nd Fight Elfbot Set + 20 leppas 3rd Steel Elfbot Set 1. Rev - 142 2. Green- 142 3. Dreamy(Emoduck) - 137
  10. Shiny Corner ~SimplyLëmonadë Powerdrib TohnR Willfred Rev TWOTAM Saku Tanty Lin Noah Crafton Turk AustinMMO Riley Akira PkmnTrainerJD Noerro KoleNMaster Event shinies SimplyLëmonadë Rev- Turk- TwoTam- to be continued.
  11. Team Name: SimplyLëmonadë Team Tag: LËM Registered Players: TohnR,TWOTAM,SakuStein,purpleturkleton,Powerdrib,Endlaves,Misdou,Cloudpiercer,Noomuch Team Captain: Powerdrib
  12. Have you tried to reinstall Pokemmo?
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