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  1. Diano


    Welcome, hf bud
  2. Looks like we gonna have a void event!
  3. Simple, but super effective.
  4. BUMP - Bleach Exhibition !!!! https://bleach-exhibition.com
  5. Diano


    The real one?! Haha, welcome and enjoy your stay. ~
  6. same goes to jinx, had no idea about her real name next acts gonna be awesome, especially with the WOOF WOOF (am i good to censor spoilers? haha)
  7. NEWS FROM NICOLO Wanna be happy-sad about Arcane? Season Two production won't take six or seven years like the first one. BUT, we sadly won't get it in 2022. Expect season two release date in 2023 mini'. Source: https://twitter.com/niiicolo/status/1462225669551575042
  8. Well, it's official. Season 2 in production. [DON'T CLICK IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED ACT 1, 2, AND 3 OF SEASON 1]
  9. nah, only three acts of three episodes but the cliffhanger they gave us in the last act was crazy, so we may have a new season
  10. Diano


    Heya! Such a nice message for the devs! I think Desu used some black magic or something, that's why we can still play PokeMMO today... Ahem! To obtain your Donator Status with all the bonuses you can get from it, you have to open the In-Game Gift Shop, and check the tab with the tickets to purchase. If I'm not wrong, you can also buy it with other players with your In-Game currency. Enjoy!<3
  11. Agreed! We have " no info " about the last act. The teaser doesn't show that much, compared to the act 1&2 teasers. The number of possibilities of what we are going to see is crazy... WARNING FOR EVERYONE READING THIS MESSAGE - DO NOT CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN ACT 1 AND ACT 2:
  12. Here is my tier list! [NOT THE FINAL ONE]
  13. oh woa


    just cried a river while thinking about everything i lived in this game since 2012




    was a good time huh

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