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  1. Thanks and sorry! Here is the official tweet! https://twitter.com/TeamRWBYProject/status/1507527756128604165/photo/1 English account here: https://twitter.com/TeamRWBYPrj_en
  2. Breaking news! It's official! RWBY getting its anime adaptation!! Source: Crunchyroll https://www.crunchyroll.com/fr/anime-news/2022/03/24-1/rwby-gets-tv-anime-this-summer-from-studio-shaft-crunchyroll-to-stream-both-dub-and-sub
  3. Diano


    my last one was in team events, but you can keep yourself updated here for the official ones: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/36-pokemmo-official-events/
  4. Diano


    sheesh, wb, all this: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/5-updates/
  5. Shadows House is actually cool! Highly recommended!
  6. Oy, it's confirmed, SNK's final season will end before the last manga's chapter. ALSO, Classroom of the Elite will get a season three!! Season 2 in 2022, Season 3 in 2023. Let's hope for the best!
  7. it is! it was just... so random to see for everyone XD just like spice and wolf getting a new animated season 😭
  8. they gonna make "some changes" to the end of snk, in the anime. sooo, as Munya said, it might end sooner, without movie (well, i'm anime only so idk what to expect, like, AT ALL 👉👈)
  9. What is it you would like see customized/made? We have Kyubey hat, I suggest Mimikyu hat How would you like to see it customized/made? Just like the Kyubey head but it's Mimikyu
  10. oy, reviens jouer à l'occasion (même si je suis moi-même pas très actif en jeu <.<)

  11. Enjoy! By the same writter, I can recommend you Platinum End: https://www.crunchyroll.com/platinum-end It's clearly not on the same level, but it's really not a bad anime. You will notice some Death Note "vibes" in a few episodes. "I will give you the hope to live." Kakehashi Mirai lost his parents in an accident and lived in misery with the relatives who took him in. Having lost hope in everything, he jumped off the roof of a building on the day of his middle school graduation. But then he met an angel...
  12. Oy bud', take a good drink and have fun!
  13. Diano


    Oy, have fun on the forum!
  14. Welcome, take a drink and enjoy your stay, bud'!
  15. Memories can be painful when there is no way to link the present to them.

    But I guess everything has to change and evolve, right?



  16. Hello, I was so scared about the game because the trailers were... special? But I've been playing this game since the first day now. The graphics are not that... yeah, beautiful. But hey, if you forget about them, what do you think about the game itself? I'm curious about your opinion. On my side, I'm just curious to see "what's next?". It should be the beginning of a new Pokemon era, right? (well, ok, the boss fights are A LITTLE BIT disappointing, but it's ok-tier)
  17. Omg. 

    I won.




  18. Oy, pokemon trainer, welcome and have fun!
  19. PokeMMO on Twitch isn't bad at all, if you stream it, lemme know, I will follow with mucho pleasure! ♥

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