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  1. Hoyyyyyyyy Welcome and have fun there, pal!
  2. from rito gamès to kakao games, let's gong

  3. Remember to spread kindness.

    Simple, but necessary.<3

  4. I have no idea why I didn't continue Golden Kamui years ago, it's actually really cool! Recommended!
  5. Spy X Family >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Also, in case someone didn't see this bomb waiting to explode: https://twitter.com/Un4v5s8bgsVk9Xp/status/1533283644227260416 Hunter X Hunter anime should be back soon! Well, to be honest, I don't know what to expect or no. Let's see how it goes! If you want to understand more about who is behind this Twitter account, you can easily find informations everywhere around the internet.
  6. hi, how have you been?

  7. Thanks and sorry! Here is the official tweet! https://twitter.com/TeamRWBYProject/status/1507527756128604165/photo/1 English account here: https://twitter.com/TeamRWBYPrj_en
  8. Breaking news! It's official! RWBY getting its anime adaptation!! Source: Crunchyroll https://www.crunchyroll.com/fr/anime-news/2022/03/24-1/rwby-gets-tv-anime-this-summer-from-studio-shaft-crunchyroll-to-stream-both-dub-and-sub
  9. Diano


    my last one was in team events, but you can keep yourself updated here for the official ones: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/36-pokemmo-official-events/
  10. Diano


    sheesh, wb, all this: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/5-updates/
  11. Shadows House is actually cool! Highly recommended!
  12. Oy, it's confirmed, SNK's final season will end before the last manga's chapter. ALSO, Classroom of the Elite will get a season three!! Season 2 in 2022, Season 3 in 2023. Let's hope for the best!
  13. it is! it was just... so random to see for everyone XD just like spice and wolf getting a new animated season 😭
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