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  1. road to rank one irelia

  2. long time no see but still hawt ♥

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    2. Gawerty


      Getting ready for a big move, and in between my current job and a new job lol. Kinda just hanging out on PokeMMO and stuff again. Anything new going on around here?

    3. Diano


      Well, i was inactive sooo idk, i'm trying to find informations about the news & stuff

    4. Gawerty


      Fair enough haha. That's not horrible though. It's kind of refreshing popping on after a long time.

  3. clapclapclap

  4. FR : Hey salut, il y a des salons aux français sur le serveur Discord officiel de PokeMMO, vas y faire un tour tu y trouveras certainement ce que tu recherches ! ;) - EN : Hi, there are specific rooms for French players on the officiel Discord server, check it out, you'll certainly find what you are looking for! ;) Enjoy & have fun~ Official Discord server invitation : https://discordapp.com/invite/8pMp58J
  5. xd with this new pp u look even more like a troll...
  6. Diano

    that's a lot of ppl

  7. -PTS incoming-


    I expect Sinnoh will be released in a few months ( around October 2019 )

    ( or in the worst-case : between January and April 2020 )


    and i'll certainly come back to the game.

  8. Blue suits your name, senpai

    gratz & sorry i'm prob' late :x

  9. Hello there, Doctor Stone looks pretty interesting. Only 3 episodes right now. New episode every Sunday.
  10. I'll be semi-inactive next weeks until july/august.

    I'll reply to private messages but surely not in time.

    Cya~ ♥



    je pourrai bientôt te rencontrer je pense :3 @Emlee senpaiiii~



    1. Emlee


      Prendre plaisure le soleil de France! 

    2. Diano



      Prendre plaisir au soleil de France ! 


      Fais attention, si on part à la plage je vais nager très vite ! X)

    3. Diano


      Yo, je suis toujours en vie !

      Juste sans internet :c

      J'espère que tout va bien pour toi en tout cas, bisous bisous :*

  11. Good choices! Also, i forgot about the whales in the opening :o They aren't in the anime, weird thing Don't forget SAO Alicization, the next part of this season is coming in October
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