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  1. Oiiii, how arechu? =)


    Is your new profile picture a character from a game/anime or it's a drawing? D:

    I really love it tbh!!

    1. Teddi


      Hii! :) I'm fine, how about you??

      I found it randomly while looking for cute drawings tbh. I was asked before if it's from an anime or game, but I honestly don't know, and Google Images didn't help on that. :c

    2. Diano


      I'm fiiine, it's so hot here and yeah, still working from home for League of Legends, Valorant and Legends of Runeterra players. qwq


      and rip, i guess we can just enjoy how cute it is :3

  2. why Kirito is still a f***ing vegetable ahhhhh while his gf is fighting again '-'
  3. y, better valorant lulululz
  4. long time no see~~

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    2. Gawerty


      Pretty good! yourself? I've recently come back to the game! I've been gone for a while haha.

    3. Diano


      Same here but I'm not back.

      I've been too busy with my new job, we have so much new games to support, etc.


      I work for Telus International in Riot Games project.

    4. Gawerty


      Nice! I currently am a delivery driver - making about 2,000 every two weeks. it's live-able but it's not my end goal of course.

  5. ngl, this one is cool



  6. Hey mate, glad you liked it. You're welcome! I would suggest you Violet Evergarden now. But this one is kinda... slow? I let you make your own opinion on it. I personally love this anime.
  7. top 500 irelia euw dab dab

  8. wow, welcome back! a pleasure to see u back to the game buddy! hf with all the new changes!
  9. anyone interested in my Irelia guide? =)

  10. Diano


    Hiii welcome and have fun!
  11. Thanks! Such a good work, as always
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