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  1. Hello there, I may be late but welcome to the game. You will probably find so much good tips in our Guide Tavern. Feel free to check some guides made by the community : https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/26-guide-tavern/ Also, if you need anything else you are free to ask the staff members. They will be happy to help you. Have fun in PokeMMO and take care. Kind regards, Synthesis Thirty
  2. It's crazy how a few persons around the world don't care about spreading the virus at all... Already a moment now but people around me still fcking stupid.
  3. been a while =)

    1. BadBones


      Haha hey

  4. Diano

    Hello :)

    Willkommen zurück! Feel free to check the official PokeMMO F.A.Q. with a lot of answers for a lot of small questions you may have!: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/55128-frequently-asked-questions/ Have fun and good luck to find your way in this game full of possibilities! Kind regards,
  5. Diano


    Welcome back & have fun. Feel free to ask us or the staff members anything you want to know. Take care! Kind regards,
  6. Welcome & have fun, feel free to ask us anything you want to know. Our staff members are really nice & active in case we can't reply. Kind regards,
  7. In case you guys didn't see the official live: https://bleach-20th-anniversary.com/ Hyped =)
  8. even more dead now :D

    1. Diano


      tell me what to change, guys

  9. Dah, hyped for the year <3 We will even have an OAV of Burn The Witch, the anime will surely start after last season of Bleach =)
  10. Replying to players like in the work office but at home, yay.

  11. Can someone censor Coronavirus on the forum please? We see enough infos about it everywhere...
  12. better viridian city a few years ago
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