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  1. i... what? snk? ok, what? uhm, one week i guess...
  2. Someone was drunk in the Invision Community dev team I guess. Because even the "Dark Mode" has a lot of problems to fix. Let's hope they give us a new patch very soon. Would be awesome.
  3. From dark blue to shining yellow.

    Congratulations, @Teddi ~




    1. Teddi


      Thank you so much!


    2. Diano


      You're welcome!

      Well deserved. ;)


      Good luck!


  4. Hello @Tomonbear, Welcome to PokeMMO. I'm sorry to hear that you have issues to launch PokeMMO on your computer. I highly recommend you to send a request to our PokeMMO Staff by using the PokeMMO Support Website. I hope that you will be able to start playing as soon as possible Kind regards, Diano
  5. Oh, also, for the curious ones, you can follow the patch notes of all changes on forums made with Invision Community here: https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/ Note: Keep in mind that we may not see everything listed in the patch notes because our Admin can decide to use some features or no. Kindly regards, Diano
  6. Such a old video I found there. ^^"



  7. Hello everyone, You can choose the Dark Mode at the bottom of the forum (under the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram buttons). Click on Theme, then choose Dark Mode. Kind regards, Diano
  8. Welcome and happy new year.
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