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  1. yo, was going to recommend Mushoku Tensei but nvm, the second part of season 1 is reminding me how cringe some parts of this anime are... so, watch Takt No Destiny instead! why? the animation (and actually the story is interesting, with good OSTs and voice actors)
  2. It's my own opinion but the anime Eighty Six gave me a new experience of war. It shows us the consequences of humanity's fascism and of war. There is a bunch of cliches for sure, but the studio took a way to keep us with them until the end. I mean, sorry for the Mecha fans, but I hate Mecha animes. But here, it wasn't a problem for me. The chara design, the animations, the story, and the musics, everything was perfectly matching. Well, to be honest, the new season looks scary. Only one episode available right now (two in some hours), but the story is taking an... unexpected way. Why not, but still scary. And axx, it's sad, but I think the popularity of this anime is high because Hiroyuki Sawano worked on some songs (according to most of comments I saw since the first trailers). It's not the only reason, but it's 100% one of the main reasons.
  3. just watched first episode of Eighty Six - Part 2 HYPED
  4. kek, master on pokemon unite, ez

  5. Diano


    welcome and enjoy ur stay bud'
  6. smth you must listen (with headphones on ofc)
  7. C'est bon ça ! If you don't have enough free time, you will have more released episodes to watch later! Almost forgot this anime exists, but it's a good one tho'!
  8. been a while, hi go for the anime adaptation of tokyo revengers
  9. happy pride month btw

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