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  1. I'll be semi-inactive next weeks until july/august.

    I'll reply to private messages but surely not in time.

    Cya~ ♥



    je pourrai bientôt te rencontrer je pense :3 @Emlee senpaiiii~



    1. Emlee


      Prendre plaisure le soleil de France! 

    2. Diano



      Prendre plaisir au soleil de France ! 


      Fais attention, si on part à la plage je vais nager très vite ! X)

  2. Good choices! Also, i forgot about the whales in the opening :o They aren't in the anime, weird thing Don't forget SAO Alicization, the next part of this season is coming in October
  3. i give up, u guys are too fast for me when it's to help ppl :c (i was writing to the guy in FAQ but eh)

  4. Ja, but some ppl may like it, so, i share xd
  5. Hello there, https://www.futureme.org/ I'm bored.
  6. soo we'll have bijuu fights in a pokemon gym interesting
  7. still weird to say tokyo ghoul has ended.. also, "Gate" worth my time?
  8. Great but the animation could be perfect if it was faster i think
  9. Holy shit, i haven't seen something that beautiful since a moment! Have fun with the requests! :3
  10. I would like to nominate @SneakyTeddi (if i'm allowed to nominate a staff member) and @RysPicz
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