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  1. Name: Diano Team (Optional) : [MòóN] Specific Quotes (If I know you well enough, I'll probably choose for you): Hey call me bob [insert a lenny] Donation (Optional): idk Note : Absol please.
  2. Fast! Accurate! Unbiased!

    It's Roy Rogers PokeMMO News Corporation!



  3. #Unova_hype
  4. Name : Diano. Team (optional) : MòóN. Background (optional) : I let you choose. Render (Pokemon/Character) : Soma Schicksal. Additional information (optional) : I have 100k for the signature. Personal note : Merci d'avance.
  5. Nothing special.
  6. Oh thanks, I remember that I have to watch it now, haha. (I've watched a few episodes a few months ago)
  7. Hello, The openings & ending of animes are nice. But the OSTs? They are just wonderful. Let's share your favorite OSTs. I start with 'Vogel im Kafig' :