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  1. Tomorrow it will be 1 month since the last NU official with a shiny prize. We had multiple of each tier since then and even ubers scheduled. Wtf is going on?
  2. Thanks for your votes! Is there any possibility to merge my 2 awards without losing the animation for my signature?
  3. More NU officials please. We had multiple UU and OUS since the last one. Qualifiers and Community Combat are nice but don't feel the same like a good ol' officials with a direct prize to look up for
  4. Betting 50k against 500k that: Wynauts Riga and Dooms go strong this week and kick out Komalas and Cuboned!
  5. 24k Encounters of pure shiny hunting. Then I go ev 1 mon and get this shit....
  6. silytoad

    Quick Wishlist

    What peep said is brilliant. I'd like to have a sweet scent Ocarina so I can hunt for a shiny or ev without using my mouse
  7. Yes at the moment I am using that option, but I guess I'm kinda lazy sometimes and wish it could be faster. It's the same with wishing for a hotkey or maybe Ocarina for sweetscent.
  8. First of all thank you for the work you put into making this! It works like a charm for me and really keeps motivating to keep hunting when you see that counter increase. One suggestion would be adding a hotkey to manually add encounters for occasions like hatching eggs.
  9. Nah there was no way I would've won that if not for bug abuse
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