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  1. Seems that, even with the random Trick shenanigans (that weren't part of the set at all) Togekiss is still able to easily beat Bronzong. He could have at least finished the battle.
  2. First off, it's definitely a 60% flinch chance. I have no idea where you got 57%. Second, I *highly* doubt that the problem is that everyone playing the game is too bad at it to learn to deal with Togekiss. That just isn't even remotely plausible. Third, the comment about your bias was referring to your habit of showing very obvious dislike for any kind stall playstyle rather than trying to look at each Pokemon or situation objectively. Every competitive-based thread I've seen you comment in you've been pushing for changes that hinder a defensive playstyle. Whatever the reason for that being, a biased and unchanging point of view on any topic takes away from the value of your argument. As for the subject at hand, people don't have issues with Togekiss because it can set up and sweep or because it can laugh at defensive Pokemon and checkmate them into the ground or because it can use a scarf to outspeed and flinch to death nearly any Pokemon. People have issues with Togekiss because it can do any of these things with very little effort, player skill, or risk - all to great effect - and it often costs the person not using the Togekiss at least one Pokemon just to find out what set they are dealing with so they can come up with a strategy to deal with it. I also suggested a complex ban but, until hidden abilities are implemented, a complex ban would just limit Togekiss to a pure support role and I think that would be too drastic a change for the community to accept. Outright banning it for now would be simpler and less painful. P.S. In what way is it "the glue that holds the tier together"? That seems like a stretch.
  3. Aard, your bias is showing. As someone mentioned earlier, I think the best way to balance Togekiss would be to reduce its flinch probability. This could be accomplished by a complex ban on Togekiss with Serene Grace. I understand that the TC is hesitant to complex ban anything like this, but Togekiss has more roles and versatility than just flinching slow Pokemon to death. It has fantastic potential as a support, stall, or wallbreaking Pokemon without the 60% flinch rate. Unfortunately, because we still don't have hidden abilities, Togekiss' only option outside of Serene Grace is Hustle which, let's face it, is a pretty trash ability for pretty much any Pokemon. Because of that, the complex ban should wait until hidden abilities are released and, in the meantime, Togekiss should be fully banned from the OU tier.
  4. The reduction in burn damage really doesn't matter much unless you're trying to stall the opponent. I've never had a problem with confusion, either so those can stay or change, as far as I'm concerned. However, the paralysis is what bothers me. It's primary use is to cripple set up sweepers like Gyarados (or anything with Dragon Dance). It can also be useful for stopping naturally fast sweepers like Aerodactyl or Alakazam, but those can be beaten with a solid wall. However, Dragon Dance Pokemon don't even care about paralysis in Gen 7. After two boosts, they're back to their base speed. Dragon Dance sweepers almost always have a way to get an extra boost or two, as well such as Sub or Taunt. While it's true that both of these moves stop Thunderwave anyways, they can be played around and if you manage to land that paralyze, you have crippled their sweeper and avoided being crushed. They also tend to have decent bulk and so can't usually be 1-shotted by anything tough to take a hit such as a wall. Paralysis cutting speed to 1/4 is quite often the most reliable way to stop a Dragon Dance Pokemon. If it only halved their speed, Dragon Dance sweepers would have even more offensive pressure than they already do, which would just be bad.
  5. Have you tried the trash can? There are a lot of nice ones to choose from in the Vermilion gym.
  6. I like these suggestions. Especially the tags one. Very, very few people (myself included) even bother to check whether or not a topic has already been started for a specific suggestion because, quite frankly, the search feature is shite. This would make it quite a bit easier to actually follow that rule. Also, a moderator is likely going to tell you to separate these suggestions into different posts.
  7. At least we don't have to deal with Moody in this game...
  8. While I agree this would be a cool idea and could make way for other features later, the devs don't seem to want anything that's not in the official games. I think it should be first tested by Nintendo and then implemented here.
  9. Am I the only one that thinks this isn't even close to worthy of the time or work it would take? Seems pretty pointless to me. Devs never answer questions anyways because they don't really like us knowing what's gonna happen until it happens. On top of that, this game is not nearly popular enough for a real audience and, quite frankly, anyone calling themselves a journalist for this game seems to me like a joke. Sue me if you feel like it, but that's my opinion.
  10. There's always the path of self control. I mean, it is part of being a human being, no?
  11. What effects do Sticky Hold and Suction Cup have?
  12. 5k? Are you serious? No way is that worth the effort. I can understand having it reduced some, but not that much. It's barely more than 30% of Hoenn. 9-10k seems more reasonable, if it's even reduced at all.
  13. This seems like a very fair and reasonable thing to ask. Seems like more of an oversight in the designing of the tickets more than an intentional effect or technical barrier.
  14. That's 294 combinations to remember even with Pokemon with just a single type. Dual typing adds a whole new level of complexity. Memorizing it isn't hard if you've been playing your whole life like many of us, but not everyone has.
  15. Sometimes the pings are easy to miss and that would require a person to leave their battle chat tab open which most people don't do.
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