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  1. DarkShade We have given you many ideas, I hope you take some, all are great
  2. Omg the people are on fire!!!!!!!!!! I like this :3 :3 :3
  3. U can do this?(With or without tattoos)
  4. Type: Hair Or Hat Viking Hair We need things like these
  5. It would be nice to make a Valentine's Day event, in which Cupid would need us to get some things to have magic again and to fall in love with people, these objects can be: Hearts, Love Arrows, Love Potion or Diapers? xD. The event could be similar to Christmas but its enemy would be "The Hate" or a monsters. The vanity could be a diaper? xD
  6. It would be great if they made a hat that you can place on different parts of the body.
  7. Name: Rasta Hat/Bob Hat Slot: Hat Image: Or
  8. A hat about the grinch is good a idea for christmas
  9. They can do this...maybe. With color or not,looks great
  10. The hab of Sheer Force is working? because my Pokémon is being damaged by Life Orb
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