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  1. They confirmed it on the other server.
  2. I mean, my Khan had just used EQ, but she's not THAT strong.
  3. Somebody tripped over the power cord.
  4. Hello all. I've returned to the game after almost a year off. My old team is no longer active, so I'm looking for a new team to join. If anyone is looking for members, hit me up in game: Articein.
  5. Took an absence for about a year. Finally back. Glad to see we are still fighting over the shiny rate. And yes, I still think it's a vast conspiracy...of course, I have never encountered a shiny.
  6. Soooo, chesars is now getting a shiny per day? WTF, I'm more bitter than a millenial SJW snowflake the day after Trump won. I would say "congrats", but something tells me that word no longer means anything to chesars.
  7. Finally! Caught a shiny Charmander today. Oh wait, nvm...it's not shiny. And it's actually a Spearow. Carry on.
  8. Okay, so I hadn't played in about a month or so, and I just got back on today and updated. Now, my controller will not function within the game no matter what I do. I'm using an XBOX 360 controller that is working perfectly outside of pokeMMO, but when I go to the in-game settings to set the controls, the game won't recognize any inputs from my controller. Is this a common issue, or is there something wrong with my client after the update? Thanks for any help.
  9. The shiny rates are perfect, and whichever devs came up with the current system are true geniuses. I'm going to buy another donator status ticket just to show my appreciation. Keep up the good work, staff!
  10. I'm getting triggered by all of these micro-aggressions from those with shiny privilege. Check your privilege, bigots!
  11. Obviously, some players have figured out (somewhat) how to manipulate the dynamic shiny rate. Chesar just posted another shiny in the other thread. When people are getting 5, 6, or 7 shinies in a one month period, there is definitely something going on.
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