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  1. This guy makes good suggestions, makes u move around the map, socialize while you farming something...also challenge players to get better so they keep playing
  2. +1 Improves social actions Flags what are undefeated for a long time give more bps flags money whatever so players would look for the best ones If a player gets a challenge there is a cooldown until someone can battle him again More attention to secret bases who are kinda dead (needs a pc tradeable furnitures preview when u wtb)
  3. Same shit as gtl on pc Do it soon, not soontm k
  4. Ariados get buffed too..parasect can get a somewhat support/annoyer/staller set
  5. update movelearns what appear at the pokedex and cant be done (agilty krabby [shards tutors..]) to other moves who already are in the game but pokes cant learn (wow arca, twave pig..). Update moves damage (outrage leech life..). Same w abilitis (cloro venu..) Modify data whos already on the game dont add pokes. Gen 7 just came update somethin pls
  6. I got a wp for shitposting Such a warmful welcome
  7. i wasnt trollin bro, that shit legit
  8. https://s10.postimg.org/8ea3vssd5/screenshot_1474889220.png This shitty forums dont let me instert idk why Thread needs more luv fam
  9. Whos ur fav for the Ballon d'or??
  10. This is ou fam dont expect to face a lot of butterfrees, ppl uses the best pokes. If u team aint ready to take a curselax (and got other options to take another lax sets) ur prolly gettin rekted since is one of the most used pokes in the tier. This makes lax uber? nah, if u arent prepared for a DD gyara it gonna destroy your team too
  11. pp stall it = counter?? woahh if thats ur best answer to lax im sorry but u are bad
  12. +1 got my lovely gastly evolved to a shitty haunter cuz lag
  13. how can a milotic counter a lax lmao spamming surf??
  14. ban swagger its uncompetitive, if ya dont ban it unban focus band quick claw n all that shitty items for nabs just like swagger force rng to happen and faster pokes like jolt manec or electrode abuse of it since can get free turns (+damage) for hit or switch
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