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  1. This guy makes good suggestions, makes u move around the map, socialize while you farming something...also challenge players to get better so they keep playing
  2. +1 Improves social actions Flags what are undefeated for a long time give more bps flags money whatever so players would look for the best ones If a player gets a challenge there is a cooldown until someone can battle him again More attention to secret bases who are kinda dead (needs a pc tradeable furnitures preview when u wtb)
  3. Same shit as gtl on pc Do it soon, not soontm k
  4. Ariados get buffed too..parasect can get a somewhat support/annoyer/staller set
  5. update movelearns what appear at the pokedex and cant be done (agilty krabby [shards tutors..]) to other moves who already are in the game but pokes cant learn (wow arca, twave pig..). Update moves damage (outrage leech life..). Same w abilitis (cloro venu..) Modify data whos already on the game dont add pokes. Gen 7 just came update somethin pls
  6. I got a wp for shitposting Such a warmful welcome
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