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  1. Ma partie préférée : ━━━━━━✧❂✧━━━━━━ A l'aide je suis bloqué ! https://www.pokebip.com/ ━━━━━━✧❂✧━━━━━━ French qualidad tout ça.
  2. I copied content of front-scale.txt into a manually created front-y.txt, and tried : (example) 649= -10 and other values like 10 -5 2 40. Nothing changed
  3. Hello, I am dumb or there is no file named "table-front-y.txt" when u dump files i only got "table-summary-scale.txt", "table-back-scale.txt", "table-front-scale.txt" As i can see it should be one : Table Notes: There are several table files in the /sprites/battlesprites/ folder which modify the way sprites are rendered. I recommend you use the 'Dump Moddable Resources' utility to see how this table functions. It is editable with a standard text editor. table-front-y.txt - Modifies the rendered Y position for front sprites. (PNG Only) table-front-al
  4. Hello guys, i just started to make some userbars for my team and now i want help you to create your own with photoshop. I DO NOT TAKE ORDERS I DO NOT EXPLAIN HOW PHOTOSHOP WORK, YOU NEED A LITTLE OF KNOWLEDGE Summary : 1.Examples of what you can do 2.Photoshop .psd's 3.Tips 1.Examples : Here are somes userbar i've created : Here is the list of what you can Edit/Add : -Background (3. for help) -Text (Color and position) -Whatever image you want (go at 3. it can help) -Animation -Outside
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