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    PTS = Public Test Server and it's usually only available for testing major updates before the update is released on live. If you play on the PTS your progress can not be transferred to the live server and the PTS database will be wiped after the test.
  2. How does the Arceus encounter work? Like Mewtwo and Rayquaza?
  3. These encounters may have some other mysterious attributes. ^ from the patch notes
  4. Personally, I like that the game is harder than the original games, but not every player is like that. My girlfriend eventually stopped playing because she wasn't able to get past some of the later gym leaders. I offered to help her but she would only get stuck at the next hard NPC battle again, so she lost interest. She just wants to enjoy the story and catch them all. Cant make everyone happy, I guess...
  5. After not really having played the game for a year or two, I recently log on more frequently again and I've noticed a rather signifcant increase in player population compared to let's say 2016. Is that correct? Will the admins ever publish official numbers? From what I've read on these forums and seen in game, especially a huge increase of the Chinese population has contributed massively to the overall growth of the PokeMMO community. I am really happy to see PokeMMO doing unexpectingly well. I expected this game to slowly lose popularity and eventually stay in maintainance mode or even die. Awesome to see that the opposite is the case. Did only the Chinese population increase that much or is it an overall trend? I'm also curious about the effects of the increase of PokeMMO's popularity on future development. I assume more players also means more budget for developers, so can we expect new major updates more frequently? Are there now more people involved in game development? Was is neccessary to upgrade the game servers to handle higher player numbers? Also, what effects did this have on the Community? Seems like shiny hunting is pretty popular among new players. What about PvP, are there now more high quality PvP players? Are there now more new players participating in automated matchmaking? Not that character names can reveal a player's nationality, but when I was browsing the tournament history I didn't really notice many "Chinese-looking" names. Oh and are there any plans to upgrade community web pages at some point? Like adding subforums for languages other than English or using a less generic website style (this ultra clean blue/white layout with hardly any reference to Pokemon or the game [yeah I know they want to avoid copyright issues] is kinda boring in the long run, in my opinion)? And how about making certain in-game data accessible via the community website? On many MMORPG websites it's possible to see PvP ranks, inspect characters, etc. This could increase the community interaction outside the game... Anyway, looking forward to seeing this game continuing to develop and seeing the community growing. Keep it up folks!
  6. Is she hot tho? haven't started playing the new gen yet so I dunno who she is
  7. Will they cause problems? Or will they just partially work / not work any more? I guess I'll see it myself as soon as I log in... But maybe someone who tested it on PTS can let me know beforehand.
  8. I have no problems with Eviolite. I only used it as an example because it was mentioned before. You may be right but isn't this exactely how it's done on Smogon? Pokemons with certain movesets or certain items are in different tiers than without those movesets / items. Just like Mega-Evolutions are in different tiers their non-Mega versions. At least this is what someone once told me, but to be honest I never checked if this was actually true. So please correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. Just for clarification: We are not talking about "banning certain items which are considered overpowered", are we? We are talking about restricting it to "every mon must hold a different item", so I don't understand why some people mention "ban Eviolite" etc. Anyways, in my opinion an Item Clause will make battles more predictible and therefore less interesting. If you figured one of your opponents' mons is holding a Choice Scarf, you also know that no other mon can hold another Scarf. Obviously, it'll also limit our teambuilding options. And yes, I too hate Leftovers x4 teams. A better solution is to ban certain mon+item combos into higher tiers. For example Porygon 2 + any item except Eviolite = UU, but Porygon2 + Eviolite = OU.
  10. I only played Gen 1-4 but from what I've been told the Gen 5 storyline is pretty good. I'm looking forward to Gen 5, finally something completely new (for me personally, at least) to discover! Also, to me it's pretty clear that Gen 5 is coming,... otherwise the bridge reference doesn't make sense and also Kyu's statement that they'd go straight to Gen 7 if it wasn't currently impossible due to 3DS rom issues underlines that the devs want to work on the newest Gen possible (which would be 5, since 6+7 are 3DS). I wonder how traveling between regions will look like. Will we play Kanto and Hoenn in 2D graphics and Unova in 3D graphics?
  11. I think your idea serves a different purpose than what I posted, or more specifically, it's targeted towards a different group of players. My suggestion is mainly to help newer players getting started and older players to try out something new but without decreasing the value of own comps. Allowing individually created "perfect" comps to be rented may be an effective money sink but I believe it would devaluate player-owned comps and it also would mean that rich players are basically able to play PokeMMO like a battle-simulator (i.e. Showdown) and I don't think that's the idea behind MMOs where character progression should be the main goal.
  12. Introduction: First of all, I think we can all agree on the fact that it is very time consuming getting into competetive battling if you are a new player starting from scratch. Second, I believe we can also agree that for the majority of people PvP is the only real option if they want to enjoy this game longer than the few hours it takes to complete the storyline. And while I am aware of the fact that there are also players who enjoy shiny hunting or breeding or battle frontier and don't like PvP, I'm pretty sure that's not much of enjoyment for the average player. When I orginally started playing this game, I convinced a couple of friends (I believe we were 8 people, if I remember correctly) to play PokeMMO. All of them were Pokemon fans and we all were interested in joining the PvP community. Eventually, all of them except me and my girlfirend stopped playing the game after they realised how time consuming it was getting into competetive gameplay. The time between the moment you finished the storyline until you can finally start your first serious PvP battle is just too long to be fun, in my opinion. First, you have to spend a lot of time becoming familiar with all the game mechanics which are different from the original games (e.g. breeding, berries, tier lists, later gen battle mechanics). After this you can start building your first team and it's not like you could use some of your storyline Pokemon, no you have to start from the very beginning. Grinding money, catching wilds, breeding, EV training, grinding Battle Points,... and all of this at least times six. In most situation all of this will take even longer because you will be doing some newb mistakes everyone of us has done... It's just so many hours you have to spend grinding until you can finally have fun. Oh and it's not like it's done once you're through this, no, you will most likely get wrecked because your first team sucks because you're still a noob and aren't yet familiar with the meta... So you'll have to start all over again. Well, that was quite a lengthy introduction, but here is my suggestion: 1.) Rent a Pokemon from NPCs: Create NPCs who offer you to rent a Pokemon after you beat E4 in both regions. They offer some of the most common mons of each category and each tier. Categories would be "Special Wall", "Physical Sweeper" and so on. IVs should be by no means perfect but something like 15/15/15/15/15/31, so they are worse than average selfmade comps. They should come at level 50 with a good EV spread and with a common moveset but without any items. A player can rent a maximum of 3 Pokemon at the same time (so he/she can't build a complete team only with rented mons). Renting a Pokemon will cost for example 10k per 24 hours and has to be payed in advance (I know that's not much, but it should be affordable for new players to rent two or three mons for a few days after all). Rented Pokemon can't be used for breeding, don't count for your Pokedex, can't be traded, sold, released ... etc. Rented Pokemon will be automatically returned after the days you've payed for, so you will always have to have at least one own Pokemon in your team. I also think it would be a good idea to change the offered Pokemon every ~ 2 weeks or so to have little bit of variety. Here are some OU examples: Special Sweeper: Jolteon (HP Ice, Thunderbolt), Espeon (Psychic, Signal Beam) Physical Sweeper: Flygon (Dragon Claw, Earthquake), Gyrados (Dragon Dance, Waterfall) Physical Walls, Skarmory (Spikes, Whirlwind), Weezing (Pain Split, Will-O-Whisp) Special Walls: Chansey (Counter, Seismic Toss), Umbreon (Wish, Protect) 2.) Rent a Pokemon from other Players: This could be a new feature of the GTL. It's basically working the same way as renting Pokemon from NPCs but the player who offers his Pokemon can decide the price per day and the minimum or maximum number of days. Movesets can be changed but after the mon is returned to it's owner, the moveset changes back to how it originally was. The rules for these Pokemon are more or less the same as the ones rented from NPCs with the addition that they can not be renamed (so the owner can leave his/her own little "signature" which is visible in battles if he/she wants to). A player can't offer more than 2 Pokemon at the same time. Offering a Pokemon in the GTL will include a small fee and there will by a cooldown before being able to offer it again. Advantages of such a feature: New players can much easier try PvP for the first time New players will get an idea of the some of the most common Pokemon and movesets New players can experiment a litte to see which Pokemon fit best for them without risking to much More experienced players can also try out something new ("I always wondered if a Milotic could be a good addition for my team, let's try it!") You can more easily try out a new tier you've never played before. Renting from NPCs is another money sink but it's optional. Nobody is forced to use it. A new way for breeders to generate a steady income with their breeds. Ulitmately I strongly believe this will lead to a much more active PvP community and an overall increase of new players getting into competetive battling!
  13. I like the idea but how would you deal with someone loosing on purpose because he/she has a deal with the betting people? i.e. "You bet on my opponent and I will loose on purpose if you give me 50% of the money you win!".
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