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  1. me and jostarr in 10 min
  2. i take ! and @SugarPain my $$$ uguu ( 500k ) IGN : Schuchty
  3. @SugarPain own me 500k @SweeTforU own me 100k i own 50k to @Havsha i own 50k to @LKrenz @xXBlu3BreathXx own me 100k
  4. arcanine sassy or relax if sassy he can beat doom and typhlo but flygon cb can be problematic and gyara with 168 speed u jouke ? gyara need 252 speed except if u play arcanine relaxed because Blaziken she have only espeon for RK vs Blazi
  5. u know houndoom with hp eleck crunch pursuit and flame sweep all your team ? maybe play dusk with EQ or Focus Punch i think change growth for synthesis on venu because you are wall , u have nothing for jolt hp ice too venu can stall but with hp ice he beat you and he outspeed all your team so i think in last play porygon bold u can come on doom jolt and flygon ( if no superpower ) take care vs typhlo eruption choice spec/scarf u don't play spike or pursuit so he can ez RK Spike 'll be a probleme too i think u can only play this team for fun , but it's not viable for a tournament
  6. take
  7. OU tomorow 22h GMT+1 prepare your ass
  8. you and me 6vs6 u can choose the tiers i rape without RNG because u suck and 1m on my win
  9. Sparta vs Schuchty in 10 min
  10. Schwifty Shiftrys (0) vs The Boosted Monkeys (0) OU: Tranzmaster vs eloyriptor 500k OU: Kevola vs belieberboy 500k take by @SugarPain WIN UU: Giantpipe vs Miguelez 100k take by @BlackJovi WIN UU: overToasted vs Axoa 500k NU: SejuaniSupport vs Lazaaro 100k Doubles: DoctorPBC vs LordofAngmar 100k DPP: Zozoth vs XPLOZ 500k SM: SirVector vs Telf 100k The Machoke Artists (0) vs The Driftveil Dragonites (0) OU: Schuchty vs SpartacusGD 500k OU: enchanteur vs Legendl 500k UU: yangsam vs Havsha 100k take by @SweeTforU WIN UU: Arimanius vs Predakiller 100k NU: Gbwead vs BurntZebra 100k Doubles: EYL vs JIce 100k DPP: Raaidn vs KaynineXL 100k SM: KingBowser vs NataliaHeart 100k The Brave Blazikens (0) vs The Hungry Salamences (0) OU: LeJovi vs Kriliin 100k take by @Havsha WIN OU: Erayne vs Aerun 100k UU: DestructX vs Frags 100k UU: Sebat vs Mlhawk 100k NU: DarylDixonTWD vs xSparkie 50k take by @Havsha WIN Doubles: Bilburt vs StriderXD 50k DPP: Kimikozen vs Gunthug 100k take by @BlackJovi LOST SM: Cogeid vs Kizhaz 50k take by @BlackJovi LOST The Flocking Buzzwoles (0) vs The Gain Train (0) OU: Maekaaay vs Walpayer 100k take by @BlackJovi Fuck activity win OU: Rynners vs yosoyarca 50k take by @LKrenz LOST UU: BlueBreath vs ZDFire 100k take by @xXBlu3BreathXx WIN UU: Wiriketchup vs Fabbrooo 100k NU: Mnemosyne vs Parke 50k DPP: SweeTforU vs Oltan 100k
  11. @Xatu you are comp players ? and blaziken mixed full speed sweep your team GG your 1st idea was good Metagross Gyarados Umbreon Weezing Swamper Heracross U want play agility gross ok but u need 108 in speed ( stat) for outspeed arcanine Relax Ursaring adamant and with agility heracross ada Scarf ) fuck the LO play lefto u need the Bulk and the normal resist of gross so : Metagross @lefto ev : 112 hp 252 atk 104 speed Meteor mash Tpunch Agility EQ For gyara : Why play DD if u have agility gross ? u are adamant , u need 2 DD for outspeed the 200 BS in speed ( jolt and gyara ) it's hard U can run on CB gyara 252atk 252 speed 4 def Waterfall return/DE EQ crunch Umbreon , calm umbreon so fuck the speed on umbreon and run for stalleon calm 252 hp 252 spe def with Pursuit idk if u want Wish but if u have play Pursuit wish protect tox if not Pursuit moonlight Toxic Healbell Weezing your stall def classic 252 hp 252 def pain split wow Tbolt ( u need tbolt for counther othergyara ) SludgeBomb/flame Swamper 228 hp 252 atk and 28 speed Sub tox EQ icepunch/rockslide/waterfall Sub is good option because you have nothing for weezing u can come on weezing if u predict the no wow ( and if he wow u can heal bell with umbreon ) your sub and weezing can't beat you if u play icepunch u need pp max And Heracross i think scarf hera 'll be good in your team good RK Adamant 252 atk 252 speed Megahorn low kick rockslide EQ/pursuit
  12. Nemo win
  13. Schuchty vs Nemo in 30 min