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  1. ­~ Zenor's EVing Service ~

    Best evtrainer ever <3
  2. E4 Speedrun ($1,000,000 reward)

    End of your event ? let me proof 35min it's enough i think i can beat the E4 in 25min
  3. Schuchty Tournament #1

    Edit PinkLabel Host and play this tournament thx to him ( futur CM <3 ) i give the Price to Pink
  4. why i can't post in Unoficial Tournament ?

    thx bro u are the best
  5. Schuchty Tournament #1

    Hi , pvp player ( pve player are dumb, u are useless, except grind for us ) No tournament this Saturday again , thx staff So i organize a 64 man OU tournament location : sylph co ch 4 Host : PinkLabel <3 1st Price Electrode Shiny ( bad Ivs ) 2st SilkScarf 64 players max 6vs6 OU at 9h PM GMT
  6. why i can't post in Unoficial Tournament ?

    i just want organize a tournament in few hours but i can't ( rip my shiny price ) , no tournament today , and i cant organize my OU , members since 2015 just bullshit
  7. hi , Saturday and no tournament agiain ? seriously i have no life i need some tournament plz ( it's holiday in france too )
  8. E4 Unova fast and few/none item ( with video )

    starmie come on chandelure lock on flame/fire blast , and on fight move, yep starmie can be useless , but the team of E4 change each time u go in the instance so ... if u prefere u can use gengar choicespec/lefto with 4 atk
  9. WTF seasonal 1st price no perfect ? and only 2m , we don't know if hidden ability will be here at the end of this Seasonal so Dragonite withoutmultiscale shitty price , Salamence much better and 3rd prince mantine... 2 dragon and mantine ? a 3rd dragon plz like hydreigon <3
  10. E4 is one way for farm cash and some BP each time u finish E4 ( at lv 100 ) u win 82k $ and 2k BP so after the gymleader and morimoto go to E4 :) NB : All members of the E4 use comp lv 100 ev trained full 31 and pp max so you need the same or UT lv 100 i share one team for minimize the items used : Skarm @lefto ( shedshell vs E4 fight ) ability : Sturdy Impish 252 hp 252 def 4 spé def Drill Peck Wirldwind Spike Roost Blissey @lefto ability : Natural Cure Bold 100 hp 252 def 152 spé atk Wish Protect IceBeam Tbolt Swamper @lefto ability : torrent Impish 252hp 4atk 252def StealRock Toxic IcePunch EQ Starmie @lefto ability : Natural Cure Timid 4hp 252spéatk 252speed Surf Psychic Tbolt Recover Volcarona @lefto ( amulet coin vs the last ) ability : flame body Timid 252Spéatk 4defSpé 252speed QuiverDance FieryDance GigaDrain HpRock Salamence @lefto ability : Intimidate Adamant 4hp 252atk 252speed DragonDance RockSlide DragonClaw EQ Proof :
  11. Curselax team for E4

    Lax skarm gengar/starmie ( with psychic ) U need ground type like hippodown i think , or swamp maybe gliscor but stone edge of tyranitar Can break your team So : Curselax carrefull Body crunch rest curse Don't cry if E4 hax you with Crit Skarm impish Spike Steal rock roost drillpeck/bravebird Use the spike and rock , come on gross and crunch if ttar Gengar timide choice spec Shadowball psychic thunderbolt/sludgewave giga Hippodown impish Eq slackoff roar icefang For garchomp E4 dark use impish or naïve garchomp Dragonite/Salamence Ada DD dclaw eq firepunch/rockslide/roost Goodbulky water like Milotic bold Recover scald icebeam HP eleck For Come on gyara ans water resist
  12. Curselax team for E4

    E4 hoeen kanto or unova ? Personnaly i use for unova Skarm impish lefto Drillpeck wirlwind spikes roost Swamp impish Waterfall EQ icepunch stealrock Blissey bold 100 HP 252 def 152 atk spé Wish pro icebeam tbolt Volcarona timide Hp rock giga fiery dance quiver Drattack Ada DD rock solide EQ dclaw Starmie timide Recover surf tbolt psychic Lefto on all Neverlose and rarely use item execp one leppa
  13. A RacheLucario Appreciation Thread

    we have a dream

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