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  1. Like amulet coin , but for ev , effort value x2 for 1h
  2. Polnareff for me The best french guy
  3. Event pvp every week , seasonal pvp too Farming is boring , isn't new And " we can capture a legendary pokemon and be able to use it,although it was not allowed in tournament mode, this way it would not affect the competitive and we would have legendary pokemonto use them in farmear, fight vs friends for fun, etc ...the ivs of the legendary pokemon 25 iv in hp, atk, sp atk, def and sp def, only 31 ivs in speed, nature ramdon orneutral, so each player can put the nature he wants with the change item of the nature of the monthly events." Soon tm for legendary and HA However give me zapdos neutral nature all 25ivs i swear you i change the méta with him Pokemon has 2 aspect pvp and farm the fucking useless shiny ( and i don't know with the dev give shiny comp for farmingEvent ) Here u farm for the pvp player ( shard everstone berry catch ) , if u want farm E4 you need comp and maybe little bit of skill We spend the cash for breed , learn move etc For me bad suggestion Wait and Soon tm
  4. Pick ennemy controleur If you want pvp play amazoness deck it's strong and free To play ( up may 45 ) I think the best pack To open is the pack with anki masked hero, some good card ( and u can build geargia deck ) Wait and see for build synch deck it's new so méta change
  5. if i say stardust dragon , i give you a answer
  6. Lol who think the storyline is harder ? Some uguu or children who have 8years For the e4 all your team is heal After each battle ( so use graveler sturdy stealrock uguu ) About the compétitive aspect , if you want play PvP with a perfect poke After the endgame you're wrong , breed 2x31 3x25+ natured comp it's viable After the endgame new players can have like 2m pokeyen , with this money it's easy to breed some comp Ev is easy with sweet scence some guide on this forum help the newbie Informations about ivs ans ev Can be obtain if you check the resume of one poke or check this forum
  7. No , e4 use masterhax dont'forget it ( machamp no guard dinamick punch / stone Edge it's hard To pass with BP team )
  8. Learn dragon dance to dragonite , buy some hyperpotion and GG
  9. Update ? u wait new vanity ?
  10. 7 may : 2week 7 + 14 ( 2 weeks ) = 21 It's today !!!! And now ?
  11. End of your event ? let me proof 35min it's enough i think i can beat the E4 in 25min
  12. i just want organize a tournament in few hours but i can't ( rip my shiny price ) , no tournament today , and i cant organize my OU , members since 2015 just bullshit
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