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  1. [PSL9] Player Registration

    IGN: Schuchty Timezone: GMT +1 Tiers : OU , UU , Doubles Fluff: nothing to say Most Preferred Manager Mkns / kizhaz
  2. [PSL] Hall of Fame

    fuck u jj i love u
  3. The best Pokémons to make a solid Team.

    for balance team or stall breed ferrothorn and jellicent with gliscor ( or hippodown now because gliscor can't acces to roost )
  4. I do not see any attack

    Not all implented U Can see usual move like tbolt icebeam flame
  5. Reset the leaderboard

    hi , with th update come Unova and some new poké ability , move and items so the metagame is very different that why i think the leaderboard would be reset .
  6. For Real Pvp

    You want play some Poké with no ability like reuniculus ? Scizor without technician ? Or machamp who miss Dynamic punch ? HA Can come in few months but fix ability and the tutor soon is important
  7. For Real Pvp

    New update , new méta for the PvP , some news breed with the new tiers But the new ability didn't work ( no guard , Mystic guard technician , i think all 4/5g ability ) New items can't be avaible ( or didn't work exemple if Rocky helmet ) The PvP is now just bullshit The TT is next week so i sugess fix PvP !

  9. Racist i live in france and i can't watch your live ! This video includes EMS content, which is a mouth in your country for copyright reasons. RACIST !
  10. [RÑG] Random Noob Gamers

    ledian AND dragonair plz
  11. [RÑG] Random Noob Gamers

    Trade picture of meeting vs good informations like adress of Zebra or picture of nadelia ans water
  12. [RÑG] Random Noob Gamers

    Nop because beautiful for xploz = fat

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