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  1. Hi , I don't know if it's a bug or delete contain but if u play beauty contest ( for the ribbon ) u Can make sole combo with unique combinaison of move ( like tpunch ice punch ) and he didn't work It's strange because i'm sure combo work After update when milotic was release in pokemmo ( long Time ago )
  2. So all team will battle colombia get free win ?
  3. Scarf on jolly overkill ? Best revengekill for DD mence / dnite or scarf hydreigon Stone Edge > rock slide , kill gyarados fast I think forgot fire fang if no sword dance , u can't play fire blast with jolly nature ( need neutral atkspé for 2HKO skarm , aquatail or dragon rush are good options
  4. Schuchty vs OtoukiO in 20 min
  5. Enchanteur vs Schuchty in 10min
  6. Poufilou vs draico 1/05 23h UTC +2 ( in 24h )
  7. Yep you can, if ralts male
  8. IGN : schuchty Country : France Tiers : OU UU NU Double vgc 2020
  9. Next bigEvent should be eggs
  10. Like amulet coin , but for ev , effort value x2 for 1h
  11. Polnareff for me The best french guy
  12. Event pvp every week , seasonal pvp too Farming is boring , isn't new And " we can capture a legendary pokemon and be able to use it,although it was not allowed in tournament mode, this way it would not affect the competitive and we would have legendary pokemonto use them in farmear, fight vs friends for fun, etc ...the ivs of the legendary pokemon 25 iv in hp, atk, sp atk, def and sp def, only 31 ivs in speed, nature ramdon orneutral, so each player can put the nature he wants with the change item of the nature of the monthly events." Soon tm for legendary and HA However give me zapdos neutral nature all 25ivs i swear you i change the méta with him Pokemon has 2 aspect pvp and farm the fucking useless shiny ( and i don't know with the dev give shiny comp for farmingEvent ) Here u farm for the pvp player ( shard everstone berry catch ) , if u want farm E4 you need comp and maybe little bit of skill We spend the cash for breed , learn move etc For me bad suggestion Wait and Soon tm
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