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  1. Schuchty vs zokoru 1h before thé dead line
  2. Schuchty vs Christian in 10min
  3. Schuchty vs bluebreath in 20min
  4. Ign : schuchty Reason : fifty/fifty best/worst player , take the bet
  5. Hi , I don't know if it's a bug or delete contain but if u play beauty contest ( for the ribbon ) u Can make sole combo with unique combinaison of move ( like tpunch ice punch ) and he didn't work It's strange because i'm sure combo work After update when milotic was release in pokemmo ( long Time ago )
  6. So all team will battle colombia get free win ?
  7. Scarf on jolly overkill ? Best revengekill for DD mence / dnite or scarf hydreigon Stone Edge > rock slide , kill gyarados fast I think forgot fire fang if no sword dance , u can't play fire blast with jolly nature ( need neutral atkspé for 2HKO skarm , aquatail or dragon rush are good options
  8. Schuchty vs OtoukiO in 20 min
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