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  1. I thought the silent "h" was obvious for ppl :S
  2. Well you are for sure right that those are NOT the same bridges. However, this image could be made by Rachel but that does not mean she draw or painted it. Probably it's just edited photo of suspension bridge and all colors,contrast and fog was added by her. If this is edited photo then it cannot look like bridge from the game(it could be possible if game-bridge was inspired by real bridge) because she tweaked it to look like she wanted and does not add shape to fashion it into something else(it's like sculpting and painting difference). Things does not need to look the same to point at each other. If Kyu would post a "New Generation" Topic with image of some mon/feature/move/ability from gen5, we would be quessing it's about 5th gen(even though he didnt say or show number 5 anywhere). Sneak peaks almost never show fully what they are "announcing". When developers or producers sneak peak something, they show only a silhouette or maybe some screenshot of yet unfinished product. They leave hints for community to spark an interest and let future users to discuss over it, share with friends/family and stuff. But they never show something obvious. Bridge is probably only symbolic and does not to need to look like the one from the game. If gen5 is the case I doubt anyone will go extra mile to made them the same because it's not only a extra work but it also ruin a mystery "lol it's just this bridge from gen5, case closed, update when". tl;dr; Im not saying it will be gen5 100%, but bridges does not need to be the same to point at gen5 or gen4 or whatever.
  3. I just wonder. Will we get like a new "bit" of expression once a month or not :S 1000months is a long time, not sure if this generation of PokeMMO players will live till then :I
  4. We will get PTS first anyway, and after that, week or two to polish anything that came out during it. I mean I would understand if they postpone final launch because of that but PTS can be released before seasonal ends if this is the case.
  5. How ironic :D
  6. Ok you little rascals, papa Toupi will teach you about important internet stuff, so buckle-up and get ready for Cyberspace adventure! First things first, before we tackle this topic it's good to ask yourself how do you understand "soon"? You might quickly answer that it's something that will happen in near future. Which might be correct but there is a hidden question lurking within this question - "what is near future?". And the answer leads to the core of concept! "Near Future" can mean everything. It might mean tomorrow or next week or next year or in next 1000years. It depends on point of reference. Observing people who wield "soon" like grandmasters of this art is great idea to grasp concept a bit more firmly. A textbook example of one of aforementioned virtuoso is Blizzard. What they do is just putting a "soon" with everything they annouce. At first people were thinking that the "thing" is coming soon because Blizzard said so. But that is the hollowest hope there could be because the date of release is for sure not "soon" as they were promising. The sad truth is that devs mercilessly abuse trust of their fanbase. They shamelessly work on the "thing" they annouced to not release half-finished product even though thirsty fans spam entire forum that they want the "thing" NOW! In the future if you will ever lack a knowledge about something just google it! If you dont know what does "googling" mean, don't worry more lessons about internet are coming soon. <wink wink> see what i did there? Now, dont i ever see you again on the internet not knowing your stuff! Class dismissed. *-I made few changes in your quote to give me a little bit more respect
  7. we are all afriad of your threat. I think devs the most. This is like the first time when i see "pokeMMO is dying" post on this forum. It must mean something :O I hope devs will take seriously your threats and deliver update asap!
  8. This is your first encounter of "soon" in the internet isn't it? xd
  9. Precisely. MMO about being a bridge and dealing with pesky fog is also on the table.
  10. We are disscussing over 5/6generations but they never confirmed implementing a new generation. Yes, Kyu posted "New Generation" topic but looking at his Dev Blog I feel we are closer to "We rewrite entire pokeMMO client! it's a new generation of pokeMMO, how awesome is that" and bridging PC and Android platforms. Especially while taking in account time they predicted for implementing plans from " Client rewrites and you" part and what Kyu wrote at the end of that post: "I've expressed my disdain for new regions in the past, mostly because they don't offer enough return on the time invested, but they're the natural progression after a significant amount of Legendaries are available.". But who knows, maybe they changed their mind or came with different solution for introducing new generation without implementing the whole region(maybe with dungeons and/or other creative stuff). We can only be sure when update hits Testing Server.
  11. Im more optimistic with the dates tbh. It's true that they annouced Emerald a year before release but i don't think they would be all this mysterious over starting work on something or update that will not happen in "near" future.
  12. Ooh poor naive summer child. They already reveal when they plan to implement stuff they are working on. And i think we will not get anything more till the update(Maybe some sneakpeeks when hype will fade a bit). RacheLucario confirmation Desu confirmation Aside from that i can feel in my old bones that 11.03 will be magnificent day.
  13. I have something much better. When you take first words from all Kyu's responses in this topic you get: Which looks like gibberish at first look BUT when you take first letters from those words and shuffle them a bit you get: Interesting, isn't it?
  14. The future source of chaos :P