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  1. Toupi

    Motorcycle buff

    Make it run on gas
  2. Toupi

    Trainer Sprite Battle Stance Cosmetics

    DS will probably say it's too much work but idea is cool. Way to expand on the idea of customizable battle avatars
  3. look 2posts above to see your answer. It's planed for the 2nd half of May. Remember it will be just beta. You will need to wait longer to use it on live server. If you cant wait to play on your mobile, the best strategy is just to forget about it ETA and be "suprised" by forum post
  4. Toupi

    Get rid of full restores for gym leaders and E4

    Im not against full heals, I just complain on mindless usage of this item by NPC. You deal more than 50% of his HP with a single move and he keep healing himself praying for you to get bored or something :D
  5. Toupi

    Get rid of full restores for gym leaders and E4

    For players with good leveled mons this is just sucking their PP and time worth of 3rounds. For newer players without proper mons this is a challenge. The problem is, in this challenge muscling through the problem is much more rewarding than outsmarting it. I fail to see how this fits to "we want to prepare new players for PvP and future Pve content". The only lesson it teaches is: take strong mons or you will waste time killing something out of your 2hko reach. Which only applies to Pve anyway since you can't fully heal your mon out of blue in PvP. I hope dungeons wont be build upon this logic. Boss that you need to kill twice or burst in some way? ok. But pls dont do some random NPC that use potion only to annoy and because they can.
  6. Toupi

    Shiny Breed Item

    Here is the other part of a quote
  7. Toupi

    Obediance Level

    I think the issue here is inconsistency between what Gym leaders are saying and what is the truth
  8. Toupi

    Please create a F.A.Q.

    Ppl are lazy. They will just pass answers to each other instead of doing it themselves
  9. Toupi

    Disobedient Pokemon

    Good to hear someone complaining about difficulty in a different way than the rest of ppl. Most ppl complain on obedience because they can't faceroll with their overleveled Charizard. This is false. You can still train and catch pokemons from other regions. They will stop listening only when they are above obedience level. Disobedient pokemons are feature in handheld games, here they make you unable to overlevel by accident (as long as you progress through the region, you have to go extra mile to make pokemon disobedient). Why obedience is a thing even here? Because 1shoting everything is boring and they want to keep you engaged to play their game. And what is the best way to engage players? let them learn how to play pokemon.
  10. Toupi

    Pelipper 100% cheat

    This would be true only if every new generation was better than all previous one. Going with this logic you would never pick anything from generation before. There was major power creep here and there but saying stuff from gen 7th are better than predecessors is a stretch.
  11. They don't have to put it on Google play store (if this is what you mean)
  12. First and second abilities are in the pokemmo but not HA yet. It's not that hard
  13. Toupi

    Looking for Czech Community

    Don't worry if you don't find anyone on the forum. Only a small % is using it anyway
  14. Toupi


    Cool story bro, I like Aggron and Ampharos and they are already in the game. It was nice to talk about that
  15. Depends if being a part of beta tests is more important for you(or your channel) than those few $ you would spend on donation.

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