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  1. Since they want to keep UBER tier as small as it can be I think they could release some more powerful legendaries just for dex entry (like Mewtwo and Rayquaza who are always in Uber tier). So, hey, rarity of some pokemon will be preserved!
  2. It would perfectly align with a new patches
  3. Toupi

    Eggs hatch inside PC

    I already saw something similar some time ago. Idea to add a "battle team". You choose 6mons for PvP and you do your own thing while waiting for match. This is another approach to solve the same problem, being restricted while being in queue. Maybe there is a need for some system to solve it.
  4. Toupi

    Earning money from killing wild pokes

    I think the point is to add gold award for playing the game without making it reliable method of generating $.
  5. It was really impressive. Playing this game for the first time and reaching first city filled with people. It was Viridian City indeed
  6. Toupi

    More Pokemons

    Maybe in the future. But you will need to hibernate a bit
  7. Toupi

    Can't rename Pokemons.

    You can name your Pokemon once, after that you need name rater to rename it (for a small fee). First free naming applies only to OT Pokemon
  8. Toupi

    Earning money from killing wild pokes

    It would happen if this is the best way of earning money. Point of eggplant (as i understand it) is to give any cash for battles, not to make it best option. The point of doing it is to weave a bit of money earning to the playing itself. Ppl will get some money while not mindlessly farming Gyms/NPC
  9. Toupi

    [Unofficial] Future Update Changes

    I think I found citation for Zoroark.
  10. Toupi

    Legendary Capture

    I released it by accident :/
  11. Toupi

    Reobtainable Rocky Helmet

    I bet they will make a way to obtain it like other items once it's fully working
  12. Toupi

    Co-op Journey

  13. Toupi

    A New Mechanic For Breeding

    I agree 50% would be to high. As for lower chances they would change shiny prices entirely (which is not the worst thing). Common shinies price would go up to meet dropping price of rare shinies. There will be still difference but much smaller than now. People would use common shinies to try get their OT shiny charizard, but since every one have a chance to get it, it would not be that expensive. Ppl would keep it to have shiny comp instead of selling it back on GTL. On the face of this change, it would move shiny from currency/jewelry for the most wealthy players to the expensive show off/palet swap and collectibles for semi-wealthy. This would cause shiny to be removed more often but also to have lower prices at the same time. Would PokeMMO benefit from this change economically? I'm not the one to answer that question.
  14. Toupi

    Forgot it all apart from IGN

    I believe you can reset your password via e-mail
  15. Toupi

    Vanity Item Suggestions

    On the other side, making Ninja Mask a Face Item would make people lost their heads instead, he he

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