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  1. Hello friends

    No. Mobile client with proper interface. The only re-creating thing would be performance issues. But dont take my word on it. I probably designes as many mobile games as you Why do you even would want to release it on Google Play Store/App Store. I dont see PokeMMO on steam or similar platform. Whenever someone decide to play Pokemon Fire Red they dont install emulator on PC, they do it legit way on gameboy or download emulator and rom for their smartphone. That's (probably)why it's easier to convince someone to play, it's more fitting way to play pokemon. As i said before even if i were a specialist in this field(which im not) I couldn't tell if this is worth or not because i can't see "engine"(devs and their work) of PokeMMO. I would be missing one vital piece of information. You can't tell if it's worth to put extra cargo on your ship without knowing how expensive is fuel and how much you will be wasting with that extra cargo. You simply dont know what subtract from that cargo value. Im not encouraging to put it in the shops, quiet opposite of that. It will be probably advertising same way as they advertise the PC version right now. As for reasons I will go with what i already said 1) ppl are more attracted to the mobile version (if they want to relive Fire Red, they will install emulator on phone, not PC) 2) Well standing to fight with competition for those players who want to play multiplayer pokemon game on their phones. No matter how good PokeMMO is, it will lose if someone looks for game on their phone (which hooks to 1st reason)
  2. Hello friends

    I dont care how old are users and supporters of this game. For me and you it might be better quality of life, for devs it might be quiet big profit. Thought we argue over posible future of PokeMMO on mobile/not on mobile. No one was saying anything about right here and now. I think here we have source of our lack of understanding. Im not arguing over deleting PC version, deleting all accounts and throwing new mobile version focused on mobile audience to the shop to see how it floats with apps available there and brand new "casual" audience. Im arguing over apk version of PokeMMO. Not PokeMMO converted into typical free app from Google Play Store. Just PokeMMO but with option to play on other platform(mobile). Pokemon Showdown is not in stores, they dont compete with other titles of mobile games. They just have option to play it mobile which i really enjoy on WC, sometimes on breaks or while traveling. Are there "casual" showdown users? yeah, are there showdown users who take it seriously? also yeah
  3. Hello friends

    Well I can't argue with preferences and personal taste. I for example dont think this is somekind of perfect UI design that enhances experience. UI is UI and I never saw UI that does what you claim PokeMMO's do. UI needs to be easy to navigate even for someone new. Is our current UI this way? maybe, the way it currently is, is alright. I bet we could do worse or better. And i don't blame you for that. Always bigger and more stationary platforms are more comfortable than smaller and more mobile. Closest example is: I didn't write this reply on my telephone because writing it on keyboard is much more comfortable and faster. But that doesn't mean writing on PC is always better from writing on phone. You can't take your PC on the bus, train, walk, to doctor waiting room etc ^All of those arguments are basically reasons why ppl play on mobile platforms and why some of you have more expensive version of PC called laptop. I dont think we should support arguments with our prejudices torward one platform or another. No matter how high you uplift yourself because you play on the "greater" platform, it wont change the truth. The truth is ppl are playing on mobile devices. Every free to play title has an option to spend quiet a lot on some in-game currency that will run dry before you reach somekind of end game. And ppl still do it. The more wailords in PokeMMO, the better. Have you ever advertise PokeMMO to your friends? They are usually turned off by the stationary requirement to play it. Most of ppl(I for example play on emulator so not everyone) played pokemon on gameboy(and later on phone). It's natural to prefer something less restrictive from something more restrictive. On mobile you can play it from time to time when you are bored whenever you are. In my case i would choose battle on PokeMMO over battle on Showdown app 10 out of 10 times. I have no idea so I can't take voice in this matter. I must disagree with this. I dont know what makes you say that. Maybe your top-notch definition is outdated or some application damaged your trust. Even if developers decide to release it on Google Play Store and App Store (They dont need to, they can spread it the same way they spread PC version, and avoid whole pain in the ass of submiting application to the store, especially App Store) they wont be starting as a new title on the store. They already have playerbase which will use it. And let's be real, both shops (especially GP) is filled with liquid shit and it's not that hard to stand out as a good app. But i would not go this way. Long story short: Mobile version is natural way of growing for games like this. The real downside, is time spend to develop application, and later time spend on maintaining this version. Is it worth the profits? I dont know and i doubt anyone of us can tell that, especially when we are not even in driving cabin of this bus called PokeMMO.
  4. From time to time in my conversations with friends, the topic of pokemons floats and I usually recommend them PokeMMO. They usually asks one important question on which I don't know an answer: "How does PokeMMO stays afloat and is not taken down by you-know-who". I always explaining them for how long PokeMMO exist but still I'm wondering why we survived for this long outside of radar of company who is known to sue everyone and everything over even most minor thing. If this is not something super secret I would be really grateful for explanation (explanation, not "perhaps")
  5. Hello friends

    You do know about Pokemon emulators on mobile devices? The UI and pokemmo stuff needs a solution to fit to mobile but it's still not that hard as you might think, the mobile version would look a bit different.
  6. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    @Matoka started this symbolic countdown but i wonder if he ever thought what to do when we reach "O" and update will still be in shipyard not ready for PTS :D
  7. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    We have split without IVgen moves. How can you be worried about fcked up meta? xd
  8. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Why not just send a photo
  9. Hello friends

    I think I should blush and stop browsing forum this early
  10. Hello friends

    I would love to play it on phone in situations where I can't reach my PC. It's not like you will be unable to play on PC when they ever release mobile app. Why so negative and against it?
  11. Box Choice Item

    is it consumable or not?
  12. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    for sure. The same way ppl hang in Mauvile after Hoenn launch. The question is Castella or Nimbasa? Castella have upper hand for being port city but come on, who would choose some weird bug guy over cool electric gym leader? Especialy when both previous hang spots are cities of electric badge (not mentioning Virdian the ancient hang spot, because it would ruin my argument)
  13. Forfeit Button

    Then why surrendering in the first place? It's over any way. I think forfeit button should be added to save real time and not some mere seconds
  14. Forfeit Button

    There is "ban" system for leaving because you hurt your lol team this way. In pokemon you are team of your own so you are only one who is suffering due to bad connection. I don't see a reason to additionaly punish user with restrictions

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