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  1. [MOD] Gen 5 Follower Sprites (2.3)

    Hey, probably stupid question and i feel like i already know an answer but can i see other players 5th gen followers if both of us have mod installed?
  2. Looks like christmas update causing problems and they need to postpone fixes since they want to launch it in one patch :> All aboard the hypetrolley!
  3. character name limits

    hey don't overgeneralize, I don't hate you. I find your suggestions to be hilarious
  4. PvP tournaments are horribly designed.

    But ppl use friends to scout anyway, no need to stall for that. Stalling is/was pretty good, that's why ppl did it
  5. Implementation of the remaining pokemon

    1. Rest of 4th Gen pokes will be coming with sinnoh 2. Obviously matter of time 3. Obviously matter of (bit longer) time
  6. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    You could go the way you wanted to do it but additionaly to that add craftable HIdden Ability pills made from dungeon stuff(amount of that is up to the balance). Pills could be made only for specific pokemon (like mega-stones are exclusive to 1poke) or for group of pokemons (for example pill made from dungeon stuff from the first dungeon will change ability for arcanine,typhlosion,torkoal and Pansear). Calling it "Pill of <dungeon name> with text explaining which pokes can use it. This way you control which pokes get HA and avoid confusion Dungeon stuff could be found inside dungeon or pokemons with HA could hold them or there could be a collector outside colleting HA pokes and giving that dungeon stuff in return(whatever fits balance, could be all of that with resonable amount and %). This way dungeons are still attractive and lure players even more because for rebreed you need 1 HA-mon and to craft this dungeon pill you need at least several runs/mons. Players can choose to spend their time breeding or running dungeon (depends on what suits them) Dungeons get more attention, Players with comps have alternative option. Everyone seems to be happy. Are there any big cons to this idea?
  7. Teleport+Dig Ocarina

    You have already way of not taking pokemon with dig/teleport with you (escape rope) I dont see a difference in using pokemon to sweet scent and using ocarina (on the same rules ofc, 6uses or so and you have to recharge)
  8. Im just waiting for kyu to bust in and announce those are unplanned changes and they will be fixed in the next patch. This is not something out of equation these days :D
  9. Teleport+Dig Ocarina

    Teleport or Dig Ocarinas makes escape ropes useless and unwanted so Sweet Scent occarina with rechargable uses is more probable imo
  10. Trick/covet/theif have they changed?

    new sturdy counter confirmed. Prepare for massive sellout of pokemons with sturdy on GTL.
  11. Healing moves outside of battle

    I dont get why HM moves with Recover are OP
  12. moving to a new ball

    but why?
  13. PokeDex filter for Seen, Owned, Caught OT

    We could even go one step further with fancy filters and add generations filters
  14. "Lucky Loser" clause for finding items

    I think he means one time 100% so after 2,000 encounters you have 100% for the 2,001st and back to normal on 2,002nd

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