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  1. Toupi


    So you are saying, decreasing shiny rate would not increase amount of shinnies in the game? Im confused
  2. Toupi


    Yes, all of them, as a bonus I don't buy donators. I just don't like grinding. Don't giving a damn about shiny helps, you play game as it is and catch happy accidents. You dont need others approval to show something off You have my approval I listed them as an examples of rewards. I didn't claim you want something like this. I thought it was clear in my previous post. Just wanted to show you how value can decrease because of availability. So what exactly chaining or even reducing shiny rate to 1/15k gonna do? It would still be a slim chance, you would still claim you should find a bunch of shinnies already, you would still want to see code for a proof. For me what you truly want is more transparency in shiny encounter rate. I fail to see how implementing chaining or reducing rate would change that.
  3. Toupi


    There is no method, restrictions or conditions to get shiny(or at least we dont know about it). You buy ticket in RNG lottery and check the result. If you really want to win lottery you buy another ticket, simple as that If i were making two bets with you, one with 5% to win and the other one with 20% to win and you won first but lost second you would also be sure i lied and the second bet had lower chances? I think you get me wrong here. By Power Fantasy i meant type of fantasy in which you are powerful. For example beating best trainers in the region and becoming the very best. It can be handed for free in single player but in multi, players are competing with each other. Yes, powerful not only means literally powerful but also having immense wealth etc. Having something which makes you feel "better" than everyone else, in general. Im not sure if we have any "powerful people" here in PokeMMO. It makes no sense because it's not about grind or money. Those are examples of rewards in the game. -You feel better because you won that tourny, wow was hard but you made it, you rule! -You feel better because you bought that sweat hat and everyone can see how lit you look! -You feel better because you got that rare pokemon recolor(which gives nothing aside from aesthetics), wow you're awesome! Now imagine "tourny" against dumb NPCs which you won while watching Netflix, Cheap hat that is handed to you at start town and everyone having tabs with pokemon recolors. Suddenly they lost value. No matter if it's acquired by skill,money,yen or luck, the less there is the more it's valuable. If you truly don't want to show off your shiny to the others then simply switch shiny sprite with the normal one in the mod and voilà, you have your shiny Maybe, there is no official information about it
  4. Toupi


    And they are free to acquire it. If shiny variant is so important for them then go ahead and work for it, grind like a zombie or find a seller. Having shiny wont make you stronger or won't give you an advantage, it's just for show off. What's the point of showing something off if everyone have that already. This is multiplayer game, not a single player. There are things behind skill wall, there are skill behind luck wall so they seam more important/valuable. With argument like "life is bad i want fun in the game" you could also complain you didn't win tournament or you want specific vanity but they are expensive. If everyone is powerful no one is, same goes with power fantasy.
  5. Toupi


    There is a differences between Single Player and MMO titles. We assume 1/30k rate is currently what most ppl experience but it could be wrong since this value was given looong time ago. Right now, with current rate there are 49 pages of shiny pokemon on GTL. That's a pretty big number for something that's very rare in design. The more there are shinnies the less valuable they are and the less difference between normal and shiny variants. Would be shame to degenerate shinnies from end goal to simple recolor
  6. Toupi


    on what are you basing impact of lowering shiny rate?
  7. Toupi

    Is there an similar command as /dnd?

    it could be separate command, like /afk <message>
  8. Toupi

    Johto Starters

    You just balance your needs(species,iv,ot) with actions you will make to get them ($,time). In your current situation you are willing to pay "$" and "OT" to save "time" and acquire "species" you want. I honestly dont see the problem.
  9. Toupi

    Follower Pokemon Instantly In Battle

    This is only true if follower transition is shorter than the one getting out of pokeball. This could be solved by just playing follower transition when you are able to see a follower so 5gen works only with mod. If taking mod in account to decide which animation to play is something out of question, you could simply leave 5gen with pokeball animation.
  10. I would like it even more as a special/rare encounter in dungeons or something. Just standing in the wild would be bit boring and anti-climatic in my opinion
  11. Toupi

    Doubles Matchmaking

    Topic about doubles, made 2hr ago... something(or should i say someone) is missing
  12. Toupi

    getting promoted to SGM

    Especially when Eevee have only 12,5% to be a female. Risky bet
  13. Toupi

    What time does event end?

    Thanks man... I was genuinely interested who will come on top
  14. Toupi

    Search pokemon by map (route, city, etc)

    No need to spoil or handhold players. In my mind it looked like this: You could click on portrait and be taken to the pokedex entry. This is just a concept. Im not saying it would only display 3 entrances or something
  15. Toupi

    Search pokemon by map (route, city, etc)

    I like the original idea. Pokémon from Pokedex displayed on the map after you hover map-cursor over the location. They could be showed on the side with name dex# and an image or just black square with "?" sign if not discovered yet. Nothing important but something nice to have

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