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  1. Toupi

    Halloween event 2018?

    Fond memories of last year shitshow caused by lack of halloween are pouring to my mind <3
  2. Toupi

    but for why tho

    You get punished if you break the rules. Shocker. Who would know it works like that.
  3. Toupi

    Why III and IV gen....

    We are currently in gen5 with option to play through Kanto and Hoenn regions. Gen5 rom is requirement to even launch the game after all.
  4. The problem is, written text as a tutorial is like worst and most boring way to teach anything in game design. This is interactive medium. We have story which everyone is going through anyway. It could (and should) teach basics of comp play. Right now it's medium difficulty pve experience. Quite easy for good players, and too hard for ppl who used to beat region with charizard. It's more like test rather than learning experience. I know there is little space in story to insert tutorial bits but this is the main issue in my opinion.
  5. Toupi

    Destiny Bond

    I believe it works like protection, 50%, 25%, gobuylotteryticket%
  6. Toupi

    Trainer Food (Some temporal Buffs)

    We would get fat pretty fast with those short durations
  7. Toupi

    Battle Frontier.

    I think it's just time and work issue
  8. Even 1hr works. They grow bored pretty quickly
  9. Toupi

    How can this happen?

    Your Rayquaza escaped because he is too badass to hang out with losers like us. Not because someone dc
  10. This could be very useful to battle a friend mid-story
  11. Toupi

    Level Lock

    Why would you want to do that? Your pokemons can't overlevel past obedience limit of that region
  12. Toupi

    Emailing system

    This is another level of laziness xd
  13. Toupi

    rate of poke moves

    I think he meant it proc'ing too often in his opinion
  14. Toupi

    Legendary Pokemon

    Yes, but do you know And other details. Noone does, so there is no basics on complaining already
  15. Toupi

    time to mess with the economy again?

    Im not specialist or anything. For me it looks like: - They want to reduce thrash on GTL (4weeks->3weeks & max listing 300->250) - Encourage ppl to list more items in 1 stack (min fee 100$-150$ but max stays the same). Maybe to avoid situation in which someone lists 200 berries in stacks of 10 to fill first results I dont know why min price for pokemon was rised. Maybe so new ppl wont "sell" mons for -100$? Dunno Why do you think those changes will affect economy in any way?

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