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  1. PokeMMO Community Survey Results

    I was lost. I treat it as a way of entertainment. Now i see you were right from the start oh wise one
  2. 'Casual mode'

    God dammit, bring that difficulty level down! The last challenge of region, consisting of 5 best trainers of the region is causing problems for me >:| I want brain-dead NPC in PokeMMO so i can quick attack my way to victory! (They still alow you to setup but it's not enough) I hope devs will do something for dungeons since I want my legendaries without any effort at all
  3. I have a doubt.

    I believe he is complaining on NPC sprites in Hoenn. Go get a SoulSilver or HeartGold rom and they will look better. Additionaly you will be able to have a pokemon following you. How cool is that!
  4. Pokemon stats/EV

    For pokemon on lv 100: between 0IV and 31IV there is exactly 31 points difference in total stat For Chansey 0IV Att= 15, 31IV Att=46 0IV HP=610, 31IV HP=641 between 0EV and 252EV there is exactly 63 points difference in total stat For Chansey 0EV Att= 46, 252EV Att=109 0EV HP=641, 252EV HP=704 ofc there is also Nature which adds additional 10% on top of that, so more stats the bigger this 10% is
  5. Oh no he got us :O answering to this, "bumps" the thread which results in... I don't know what. For sure bumping does not improve anything about this topic. It could bring more eyes to watch but I'm not sure if being connected with this kind of threads is a good idea for you
  6. Permanent Trading XP Boost for OT & Ribbon/Mark

    Ppl will handle it the same way trade-evolutions are handled. You trade it to your mate and he instantly give it back. I'm not sure if it would encourage lending pokemons.
  7. BW2 and Diamond

    What's wrong with keeping Johto as Half Life 3 of PokeMMO?
  8. Phenomona in WellSpring Cave

    There are 150spots across Unova and phenomena is present only in 1 at a time
  9. Questions

    as far as I remember it will be easier to pass HA because there was a huge discussion and shitstorm after ppl realized they will need to rebreed all* their comps. Kyu commented they have no ETA nor concrete idea how they will resolved HA passing and problem is not with rebreeding but with breeding itself and they will need to do something with it (genderless breeding and no waiting for eggs). But I dont remember when this discussion was so i can't quote anything.
  10. New Tournament Idea

    pretty time consuming but sounds fun
  11. Unranked limited changes of pokemons

    Get a wall breaker Pokemon
  12. Make NPC rebattle great again!

    He reffers to generated money. So money created by game to pay you for whatever you have done. Trading with other players does not increase/decrease amount of money in the game.
  13. Recent bug

    Finally a counter for that pesky scouting
  14. [Comp Guide] Speed Tier Guide

    bump will this guide receive any update? Im asking because It's super usefull to plan stuff

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