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  1. Everyone who loves Street lights, i came up with great back item idea! ... A lamppost
  2. get ready for 1time use lucky eggs! Boosts exp by 50% for 24h. Boost is stackable
  3. I would not be so sure :P Decision like this come late in development
  4. Why not just "Shorten the animation/text of stat changes"?
  5. Rain does not "increases your sense of smell." if this was a truth you would smell everything better, yourself, your friends, flowers and not only specific earthy smell of ground. The smell is partially plant origin but it's connected with water management during drought and not with luring insects/animals
  6. I see problems with this. There are 2politics in posting pokemons on GTL after hunting: -release worthless pokemons and post only ones that have a chance to sell now or later -post even the worthless because you risk little if they dont sell but they give you pocket money to cover pokeball expences OR it's againts your nature to getting rid of something where there is a chance to earn a little. Donating pokemon is very similar to releasing it(if we are taking donator point of view). 2nd group wont do it because they prefer to risk and earn something. 1st group i guess prefer to release worthless mons on go to not clog up PC or just release instead of going extra mile to "release" it in specific place. New feature does not allign with any of aforementioned group. Ofc there are invidual cases of ppl who like to just help others. The only benefit i can see is new players might be lucky enough to get pokemon that is not present in story they are currently getting through or getting mon that is present in that region but they get it much earlier. Let's face it, they wont get some cool pokemon like 2nd gen starters, Whismur and maybe Wingull(if they are lucky) is best what they could receive from this system. When i was starting in PokeMMO I had mons in my team that i could not obtain that quickly under normal circumstances and i just bought them from Trade channel. Ppl getting through story have money for buying trash pokemons if they want to. I dont see better way to spend money in PokeMMO when you are just newbie who played pokemon when he was young and like to spam Earthquake at everything. Im afraid this feature requires work to implement but does make PokeMMO better game/place to be in. If you like warm feeling in your heart you can just fly to area between starting location and 2nd and give those mons to random guys without a bike and wish them to have a nice day.
  7. Im not the sharpest tool in a shed so this may be the reason why i still dont get it. Could you write an example of it? For now i understand that you on purpose select any move and then think what to do when your oponent is thinking, with this difference that your stoper is not running. Maybe im too casual for this but is stoper time really that valuable resource that you risk wasting turn to save (in best situation) few seconds? Is it common to win due to timer ends for someone?
  8. Just confused/lost at their arguments over stalling using cancel button
  9. I thought if you cancel move on showdown the previous one will be executed if you dont manage to pick a new move before your opponent moves. So: -You clicked on Growl -Your opponent is still thinking -You change your mind and want to suprise him with Tackle, so you click Cancel -Your opponent make his mind Now, If you clicked on Tackle before he picked a move you will obliterate him with Tackle BUT if you was still thinking when he makes his move then Growl is executed.
  10. Looks like im the only one who didn't like spamming on trade every ~1min instead of putting stuff on GTL and go doing my own stuff. Same goes with breeders, now i hunt OT and breed with mons from my PC and GTL instead of farming them in grass (because i wont find what i need on trade chat). GTL has huge amount of offers against ~15 maybe 20 presented on trade chat. Trade chat also forces you to sell at best 6pokes at a time and do nothing in mean time, just staying somewhere and ctrl+V when your message gets lost in trade spam. I agree with selling/buying comps problem but since im breeding my own stuff and i usually dont sell my comps I personaly dont encounter it too often. When I do it is hard to sell those but im not sure how trade chat improves on it. The only pro i could see behind trade chat deals was personal trade but if i had to choose again I would still go with GTL.
  11. I think if you will keep replying to each other in this manner we will soon reach post=page ratio :D Not only that i dont see a point in this conversation. One side is using feelings as argument and the other is using logic. You wont get to any compromise/conclusion in this situation
  12. I dont have information on what value does this system generate for PokeMMO so i can only speak about my feelings. The system will probably be used by ppl but i dont feel like usage is the honest indicator of value. The same way if you would spawn NPC who sells comps for competetive prices it would also be used but that does not mean it's something good or fitting for PokeMMO. It just feel cheap. At least for me, if i see pay-to-win or watch ads to gain something in the game it's signal that probably this game is focusing on generating money and not on game itself. The game needs to earn for itself but I dont think it should be doing it no matter the method. I dont think im alone in it and everyone is repeled by ads/survey that require you to download content, give phone numer etc. I know that i have option to not use it(and i will not) but it is still in the game and cast a bad light on the game. From the bright side at least we dont have ads after every battle or after staying online for specific amount of time. As i mention before, i dont really know how much "good" does it generate so i can't tell if this is worthy of losing a bit of "dignity". tl;dr: At the end, it's devs decision to keep it or not but I feel like it lowers appeal of PokeMMO just by the fact that you can watch ads to gain something, like in any cheap and simple mobile game with pour-large-amount-of-money-to-play-it politics.
  13. Imo this is like only legit reason to put those tutor. But still, they should be restricted only to gift pokemons.
  14. Im afraid forcing ppl to play specific tier may upset them. It's punishing players for not playing all tiers (because he can't obtain specific items if he play only 1). I think good old first* win/game awards extra BP/other rewards** is better system (boost is separate for every tier). It does not punish you for not playing all tiers but it will reward you if you choose to do it. *-might be bigger number like 3, but then it could take too much time per day to be efficient with those extra rewards **-like PvP Mystery box once a day for winning in each tier