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  1. hey ur gay :)

  2. Gimme a Palossand hat. would look something like this:
  3. A man can dream. I still dream about a cancel button getting implemented but I guess i need to set my aspirations a bit lower and hope for a hat that has a cancel button on it.
  4. Nah its all about the sandcastles.
  5. Am I late? I think there is one thing everyone is missing. Yes we see a bridge but what does that signify? Some would naively answer "A structure carrying a road across a river or other obstacle" but they would however be wrong. When looking at structures like this the most important thing to think about is the environmental impact. And now you may be wondering if I'm suggesting the construction of this bridge would destroy natural habitats and endanger pokemon species, but again you would be incorrect. Instead you must ask, which species lives under and thrives around bridges? The
  6. I don't know if this makes me a bad person On second thought I don't care if it makes me a bad person its fucking funny.
  7. You fed as Poppy. What the hell were you doing for that to happen?
  8. I'm still waiting on the day where riot releases a skin on eve that costs at least 975 rp and doesn't look like shit. Diana can wait.
  9. Was expecting dogs / birds / regis and wasnt expecting latios and latias, is it possible to know which ones are being considered? Is it just the ones with 680base stats that we aren't getting? Also I know you probably can't say exacts but just to make sure, are they going to be implemented in such a way to where they will be usable with comp being able to choose natures / ivs / hidden powers?
  10. I'm sorry. I don't have pictures of my birth. It never happened, I'm a fraud.
  11. I would but staff wouldn't appreciate pictures of my lil' baby pee pee
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