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  1. Merry Christmas to all of you strangers on the internet
  2. I wont go into anything detailed nor will i design anything. But, some sort of save option for particular outfit combinations for those with many vanities to scroll through or for those who like to constantly switch between outfits, would be nice.
  3. This is not for me, but for Pabloalonso (who does not currently have a forums account) Number 33 - Pabloalonso
  4. Someone took my number 8 ;-; Sad times.... Number 16 pls, AwesomeCaleb
  5. Thanks ^.^ Fast & trustworthy service, recommended \( ° ヮ °)/
  6. which means shiny pokemon are even more fair
  7. Shiny rate is fair af, wdym?
  8. Heart shaped hair pieces (like the Sleigh bells) and Cupid's Bow :3
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