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  1. Les vainqueurs l'écrivent, les vaincus racontent l'histoire.

  2.   this guy made my day lol
  3.   15k for pp up and 45k for pp max to Celadon or Lilycove   Reason: So staff wants help competitive community with currently breeding system, but we are not able to pp maxed some moves just because people are abusing with pp up/max prices. Please do something like with tms and their old trolling prices (70k for an eq tm was just insane).   WE WANT PP UP AND PP MAX AVAILABLE IN SHOP FOR THE NEXT UPDATEEEEEEEEEEEE   ty :)
  4. It would be great if it was possible to choose the Wurmple evolution or at least see in what it will evolve since the difference isn't notable between a cascoon and silicoon at the evolution moment.   Rip my 300k+ breed modest wurmple
  5. How is this even possible (bold nature rip)   ps: not mine
  6. Prolly a future nice vaporeon or umbreon    
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