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  1. Click your name at top right, click Settings, click Signature. Use something like imgur to host your image and add the link. Also, instructions unclear. Made a zombie.
  2. So as to not leave anyone hanging, we (ZomB) were informed that the event host has quit the game. I have no choice but to assume that this, and other events, should be considered cancelled for the time being. I cannot speak for the host, only ZomB sponsorship.
  3. Kole

    Value Advice

    Looking for some value ideas for a Shiny Tyrogue (unironic doing for a friend)
  4. Both of you might benefit from changing the default keyboard used while playing PokeMMO, as android's default keyboard doesn't play nice with this game at all.
  5. Looking forward to it, see all of you there o/
  6. Safari: Seek & Destroy I (3/14/2020) Winner: ForMyFriends (150k)2nd Place: Poufilou (50k)
  7. Event Details Phase One Participants will join the team in a randomly chosen region's safari for a catch event that will last 30 minutes. The team will meet in the safari office building, or right outside, and no one may enter until the event starts. During the 30 minute catch time, the goal will be to catch the strongest pokemon possible for a tournament style battle afterwards. Players may search for pokemon in grass, surfing, fishing and via rock smash. Intermission Once the 30 minutes is up, a participating staff member will en
  8. Date & Time Monday, 9th March 2020 Time Zone Converter 1:00pm CDT 2:00pm EDT 11:00am PDT 6:00pm GMT 7:00pm CET 3:00pm ART 4:00am AEST Location Lostlorn Forest, Unova - Channel 2 Duration 1 hour for catching Another 10 minutes for players to submit entries Scoring Total Sum of IVs + Nature Bonus + Species Bonus = Total Score
  9. Clefairy Tales Tournament IIII - 3/7/2020 1st Place Prize: $150,000 2nd Place Prize: $50,000 Winners 1st: HeavyWeather 2nd: NateHigg
  10. Hide & Seek History 3/5/2020 Winners Round 1: Takaimei: Found by Pastimiliano in 9m - 50k Kole: Found by Poufilou in 14m - 50k Round 2: Takaimei: Found by Junani in 9m - 50k Kole: Found by Ungaikyo in 10m - 50k Round 3: Takaimei: Found by Poufilou in 7m - 50k Kole: Found by Ungaikyo in 3m - 50k Round 4: Takaimei: Found by CilanOats in 7m - 50k Kole: Found by Poufilou in 12m - 50k Round 5: Takaimei: Found by Pastimiliano in 13m - 50k Kol
  11. Hide & Seek: "Name" - Base Version Description In this version Kole and Takaimei will hide somewhere in an announced region while everyone who is participating waits in a building near the meetup location. There will be 1~10 rounds wherein the leaders hide and team members attempt to find them. Each round is worth $50k and the winner will be determined by the first person to find, and then trade, Kole or Takaimei first. Once both leaders are found, the round ends and we will select another region or hiding place and begin the next round. Rounds: 1~10 Pri
  12. It's just a personal theme I made called ZomB.. it isn't finished yet, but I will release it eventually here on the forums.
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