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  1. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/70421-make-your-pokes-happy-small-happiness-guide-wip/
  2. As far as I know they allow users to play separate accounts as long as the accounts are played from a different device. You are not allowed to use multiple instances of a client on a single device, at the same time. This may have changed while I was away, you'll have to wait for an official response. While I'm not going to walk you through how to do this without first knowing if it's even allowed, and without knowing the app/phone, I can tell you that it's most likely because it's technically two profiles....... Even if you do figure it out, you should probably take note that trying to run 2 clients at the same time will be a significant resource hog. I gathered from your post that you simply want to be able to trade pokemon back and forth to yourself, so I feel obligated to point out that you can send pokemon to yourself even on the same account now. These pokemon would still gain the boosted exp. Also note that if you were able to run 2 clients at the same time, they would most likely not function at the same time (one would freeze while "inactive"). I can't verify this, but it makes sense. In all seriousness, I know it costs 1k per mail to send pokemon, but it really isn't worth trying to accomplish what you're asking for here. Not for the average legitimate player anyway. In most cases, ideas like this spawn from wanting to find a way to make a quick buck, recreating alts for collection and selling of things like exp. share, etc.
  3. I could do different colour versions of it and just remove the "zombie" aspects I suppose.
  4. You can type "/lang en" and "/lang es" to switch back and forth between channels you wish to speak in.
  5. Grats on the milestone o/ Accomplishments are a thing to some people, not sure why the sarcastic bitter replies but see you when you reach 2k. :)
  6. Kole


    You should get the map from your mom after you get the pokedex from prof. (It's been a while since I did Unova) It should automatically be placed in your hotkey bar, otherwise you can open your bag to use it.
  7. It would probably help for all those affected to volunteer some information along with the report. Operating system and version? Soundcard(s)? Active playback devices enabled? Other software currently using soundcard? Do you have an onboard soundcard? Do you have an aftermarket graphics card as well? A few things I can throw at you without knowing more information: 1. Open your Sound control panel. Double click your current active playback device. Click Advanced tab. Check that "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" is enabled. Save. Relaunch PokeMMO.exe (close completely). 2. Check that your pokemmo.exe sound isn't coming through a different playback device (ie; headset, bluetooth device, etc) 3. PokeMMO might not be triggering an audio session state. I've seen this with people who don't have the correct codecs installed on their machine or who have faulty drivers for their soundcard. You can try to make sure you have the latest drivers for your audio system but before downloading random codecs off the webs, we should discuss your build here. 4. Make sure you have at least one playback device set as default device. 5. You can try to right click on your current default playback device and click "configure speakers", make sure it's set to Stereo; save/close pokemmo/restart. Feel free to post more information or ask more questions here, maybe we can get this solved for you guys.
  8. You can travel for free, as often as you like, between regions. There are a few conditions. When you arrive in a new region for the first time, your pokemon are sent to your PC. You will keep all your pokemon, money and items. You will not be able to control pokemon who are currently above your max obedience level for the region you join. You can raise your obedience level by gaining badges. Pokemon brought to and from regions function exactly as they do in their original region, except for Unova pokemon, who are too shy to be selected as a follower. You can use a mod to change this though. If you go to a new region for the first time, you are able to go back by talking to your mom. If you gain 2 badges, you will have to wait until you get 4 badges and find a port city in order to return. Edit: What he said.
  9. I'm not saying you did, it was more towards why there are 3 now instead of 1 like there was years ago, if I'm remembering correctly. No need to feel defensive nonetheless, it's a solid suggestion. My post was only designed as a temporary QoL workaround until when/if this gets implemented.
  10. The three sliders let us manipulate each sound source individually and is pretty indispensable for the majority of players. While I understand that you may be playing on android or that you just want a one-to-slide-them-all approach within game, you do have this option outside of game in most cases as seen below. Even on android, you are most likely only going to be active in the pokemmo app while you play, so a side volume button on your phone would also quickly handle it. Note: I'm not disagreeing with your suggestion at all, I'm just offering insight for you or others who have the same problem with how it currently works.
  11. Forgive me if I'm wrong but this really looks like you're trying to get an idea on how you can circumvent security measures, I see no good intentions here. Anything that you would want to manipulate locally, and has no advantage, is available with a simple rom edit. Sprites, music, UI, etc are available with mods or available to the public with edits to local files and even have guides to show you how. To assume that the developers have no safe guards in place to prevent anyone, especially players, to come along and edit their game client as they see fit is pretty silly. Furthermore, expecting the developers to tell you how to succeed in manipulating something that you shouldn't be touching is insane. There is no security threat. Anyone can decompile, disassemble or debug anything and it's probably the most common dead-end to learn that it won't function when you recompile without knowing what they've put in place to prevent this. I would be happy to help point you in the right direction for contributing to the modding community here, but what you're attempting to do is a no no.
  12. Added some new signature styles \o/

  13. I'm for it as well, since I understand why they did it if I have it correct. Evidently the fidelity is much higher, or at least it tries to be, so it makes sense that they have to cut things to fit everything. There is also supposedly a system, much like in Let's Go, where you can interact with your pokemon. A camp system where you can play with, cook for, etc your pokemon as well as similar to Let's Go with simple interactions. It would require a lot more time and resources to go back and add all of the animations for each of the 800ish pokemon.
  14. I think an API and info inside mmo are two different things in this context. I can see the value in an API but also understand that it will probably never happen. The discussion about discord bots was also independent of mmo devs completely, as it would be a user project. Long time Xela, hope all has been well o/
  15. Would be easy to create all kinds of neat bots for discord if only we had an API to work with. Cough.
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