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  1. The situation where the ID matters and not the character name was already in the game. For example, if I brought an old Kole OT from account 1, over to account 2 where I have name changed now to Kole and name changed old Kole to KoleII, and breed using the original Kole OT it will show up as Kole* on the new character, despite having the same name. I can only assume this would result in shinies having Unknown OT as well. This has happened to me many times already
  2. Now that the game is live, I checked and so far I have not seen this being the case, but I haven't gone through all my boxes/characters. Maybe someone can explain it better..
  3. Can someone clarify? Scenario: Player has character name "Bob". Player buys name change ticket and renames "Bob" to "BobOld". Player makes a new account and/or character. Uses original "Bob" name again. On the new Bob, all old (original Bob, now BobOld) pokemon will become Unknown OT? Please tell me I have this very wrong.
  4. You should be able to do this yourself with your theme in the meantime. I can have a look and show you code edits, if it's something you would want now.
  5. Clefairy Tales Tournament I - 1/19/2020 1st Place Prize: $150,000 2nd Place Prize: $50,000 Winners 1st: Talikku 2nd: Reptarjr A little bit of fun after the event was over lol
  6. Clefairy Tales Narrative The back story Basically something about princesses being captured and turned into clefairies and forced to battle for their freedom. I'll write this up eventually, or one of you creative people can write something if you want. ;) Information This is a tournament using 6x0 IV Clefairy pokemon with Metronome move only. The Clefairys will be provided before each match by a team staff. We will use Challonge to determine who battles who, in a Round Robin "2 out of 3" style single elimination mode. Team members will need to sign up in-game or on discord at least 20 minutes before event starts. We will @everyone on discord when it's time to start sign-ups. Everyone will meet in Vermillion Ch2 at the time of writing this. It might change. Tournament Protagonists Aurora - Quiet natured, graceful, responsible. Enjoys taking long naps and short battles. Belle - Gentle natured, curious, outspoken. Fearless, not afraid of any beast. Cinderalla - Quiet natured, optimistic, determined. Grew up with evil siblings, will never back down. Rapunzel - Lonely natured, courageous, feisty. Frying pan ready, takes life into her own hands. Rules & Regulations DO NOT alter the Clefairy in any way. This includes leveling, adding items, etc. Heal your Clefairy at a PC after every battle, before you trade it. When you challenge your opponent, leave the duel to default settings. Do not choose clauses. When your match ends return your Clefairy to the team staff you got it from and wait for your next battle. Show up on time and do not leave during the tournament. If you're not present, it's a disqualification. Do not start battles until you are told to do so. Do not battle anyone other than who you are paired with, not even as practice or fun. When you arrive at the tournament, make sure you only have 1 random pokemon in your team. You will trade that pokemon to a team staff member when you receive your Clefairy and it will be returned after every match. Make sure this random pokemon is your OT so it's easier for team staff to know where it came from. Do not use items during duels. This includes potions, X items, etc.
  7. This will be an updated list of consolidated services offered by the team or affiliates, for team use.
  8. Use the following list to find appropriate team staff members for recruitment or event coordination. Leader: Kole Co-Leader: Takaimei Executives: Commanders: Officers:
  9. This is where I'll post info for the team's lottery.
  10. This is where I'll put the info for the team's E4. Coming soon! EDIT: To clarify for those prepping mono teams, the mono types listed above are just example placeholders for formatting. All types are available for use.
  11. This is where we'll keep a list of team shinies and flex them.
  12. The team's shiny hunting schedule will be here.
  13. Stop by and say hello to the team here. :)
  14. The leppa market has tanked already with recent nerfs anyway. My only input on this would be that I would personally be ok with having a sweet scent ocarina, even if it meant it used 3x the normal amount of leppas per use.
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