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  1. Yo how's it going?


  2. Click your name at top right, click Settings, click Signature. Use something like imgur to host your image and add the link. Also, instructions unclear. Made a zombie.
  3. So as to not leave anyone hanging, we (ZomB) were informed that the event host has quit the game. I have no choice but to assume that this, and other events, should be considered cancelled for the time being. I cannot speak for the host, only ZomB sponsorship.
  4. Kole

    Value Advice

    Looking for some value ideas for a Shiny Tyrogue (unironic doing for a friend)
  5. Both of you might benefit from changing the default keyboard used while playing PokeMMO, as android's default keyboard doesn't play nice with this game at all.
  6. This event starts in 45 minutes from now :)
  7. Looking forward to it, see all of you there o/
  8. It's just a personal theme I made called ZomB.. it isn't finished yet, but I will release it eventually here on the forums.
  9. I created something for my team to help organize pheno hunts, but wanted to share with the rest of the community. It's a simple web app that shows a map of Unova and breaks it up into 10 sections, equally timed. It's pretty self-explanatory but feel free to ask questions if you need. https://pokemmodex.com/events/hunts/pheno/
  10. To be clear we had a different idea of what independent odds mean as it applies to pokemmo shinies and were relaying information given by the developers over several posts, covering several years. I don't believe "roasted" applies here, at least certainly not intentionally. I do welcome the discussion and any input from developers, however.
  11. Kole

    Team Improvement

    While I agree with adding new team functions, you might want to change your post to be more legible so other people can easily read it and upvote or comment. "Pokemmo lately is very repetitive and some of us get bored of the same after the same,That's why I advise you to create a system in the clans / teams, of gymnasium creation, you already know a room where you can have 8 gyms of the team or something similar, In addition they should also add more types of permissions such as mute, alert call: this would be like the text of the GMS in general ** testacar **, among others, I hope you hear my opinion will be of great help to keep the game more I live and it sounds like something easy, I hope it will be. Thanks for reading my text: D"
  12. I don't pvp that much, but can you not use your battle boxes to duel?
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