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  1.   I'm curious, what did you pay for it ? Just asking   Edit: Page king
  2. Say welcome to my 2nd OT after tangela   [spoiler]     [/spoiler]
  3. Ps4 sucks and i dont want to pay to play online, thats bs
  4. My PS3 started working again so I'll play for a while, I might come in game soon, cya guys o7
  5. Hey, I like your sigs and I would like to get one please.   Text: [VVVV] xXKhryon Character/Pokemon/Whatever: Shiny Charizard Background: Something that fits well charizard Anything else?: make charizard badass please   Thanks.
  6. Hey, I need a new sig and I really like how your sigs look.   Name to be displayed: xXKhryon Team Tag to be displayed: [VVVV] Mood of the sig (i.e. playful, destructive, serious): Badass Render (aka picture): Shiny Charizard Misc.:     Thanks for the sig and your time in advance.
  7.   Oh, you should update this Riga is 3rd now hue
  8.   huemora why you so dead   Edit: Page king hue
  9. Best UUs physically defensive walls ?   Please and thanks.
  10. fuarrk this shiny showcase   #1 shiny showcase in the forums
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