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  1. Welcome :)   Old games... Snake?
  2. I know it's early but... Happy Halloween! xD

  3. Moveset for Careful and Impish Top ( I got both )
  4. Ellismiguel

    umm Hi? :D

    Welcome   Dat Cyanide and happiness 
  5. God my PC is broke,



      Aww. Is it okay now?

  6. Maybe make the lugia in the battle screen smaller, its head kinda got cut off lol (and maybe a plain version with less lugia pictures, please keep the login screen though) ^^
  7. Nice GUI, login screen got my attention :o
  8. How do ppl run magneton in OU? Pretty sure it needs hp fire/grass/ice but dunno what evs/moves to use
  9. [spoiler] Hi! ;) [/spoiler]
  10. Shard hunting will go by so much faster if this was implemented. Nice idea :)
  11. So much people finding shinies... Hope I find 1 :/

    1. FinnTheMember


      :( poor Ellis , i hope i can find one before you xD



      yeah. one of them is joel. :D

    3. Ellismiguel


      Shiny ditto 2lucky

  12. Squirtle posted it a month or 2 back, dont remember the exact date though   Just checked when I saved it. August 23   It exists so im guessing it counts? :P
  13. Some1 just caught a shiny 2*31 impish pix (And only 88 Hrs). Working link:     EDIT: Also does Squirtle's shiny mew count?  
  14. To get another OT shiny (and yes, I know shiny rates in PokeMMO were modified ;-; rip 1.5k hrs)other than a stupid rat, afraid of rats irl <_<
  15. EVs for an Impish Gligar (Also can't think if i want to run support or SD, need halp >.>)?
  16. Dang this mod is nice :)   Edit : How do i activate it o.O? Cant find Mod Management. My ds sprites option in settings is turned off...   EDIT2: Nvm found it xD
  17. LF more events that aren't at 1-5 am in the morning :s

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ellismiguel


      LF Asian CM then



      Make an unofficial event Ellis... well who knows? You've got a lot of money though. x)

    4. Ellismiguel


      lol i want to be in an event not host 1

  18. Why are there so much good offers on forums but in-game...?

    1. CaptainFlorient


      The best traders of PokeMMO are mainly on the forum. ^^

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