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  1. Welcome :)   Old games... Snake?
  2. I know it's early but... Happy Halloween! xD

  3. Moveset for Careful and Impish Top ( I got both )
  4. Ellismiguel

    umm Hi? :D

    Welcome   Dat Cyanide and happiness 
  5. God my PC is broke,



      Aww. Is it okay now?

  6. Maybe make the lugia in the battle screen smaller, its head kinda got cut off lol (and maybe a plain version with less lugia pictures, please keep the login screen though) ^^
  7. Nice GUI, login screen got my attention :o
  8. How do ppl run magneton in OU? Pretty sure it needs hp fire/grass/ice but dunno what evs/moves to use
  9. [spoiler] Hi! ;) [/spoiler]
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