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  1. The problem with using a third party timer is that you gotta manually set up that shit ; a built in feature integrates seamlessly takes no effort to use i don't wanna use another piece of hardware and or software to know when my shit's hatched lol. That's poor game design imo and highly inconvenient.
  2. I mean in the traditional games you used to be notified when an egg hatches with a full screen animation and all that jazz in an online MMO game that's not practical and would largely be annoying if implemented that way. I think an implementation like a notification sound something like the keyword chat notification sound feature the game has implemented (see below): Even some kind of small icon/animation on the screen would do the trick. I think there's a lot of breeders out there and just regular people would appreciate a feature like this it would be a nice quality of life update that saves time.
  3. Wtf maybe i should go help them find some more !
  4. Literally just caught this baddie 4960 encounters. Btw @redspawn this is our child u spoke him to life !
  5. Wait botting is still a thing in this game ? Lmao
  6. Based on what you've done i think you should add double battle support for dark grass pokes since their life bar positioning is different and currently flags as a single encounter by this encounter tool. Just my thought for a little improvement but overall this is already a great tool i use it a lot when hunting.
  7. Man been hunting this for like 4 days....grats tho
  8. I think even tho this suggestion has been made a few times before this guy had a valid point for making this thread. All BS aside the fact is that there are many people that have a vested interest in shiny hunting within this game not withstanding the amazing mod that most of us use, myself included( that has a few issues) which we are undoubtedly great-full for. The simple fact is this is more than a doable functions that the devs can implement or at least give consideration to without having to give any insight into how the shiny rate functions. It would pretty much work the same way the current third party mod works but without all the issues its predecessor faced. Yes Dinkle gave kinda shaky reasons why we need an in-game counter but his heart was in the right place. PS: On a side note since we got the unova update the third party encounter has been even more broken it counts when it wants or doesn't even count at all I've tried re downloading/stetting it up over 10 times and it was working perfectly before the unova update. So yeah i have a vested interest in this suggestion !
  9. The name of the thread is shiny existence not "this is my shiny" :/
  10. Yeah pretty much click and drag for the selection and it does the rest, uploads and auto-generates the links etc well for gyazo at least
  11. Sigh...8044 encounters shoulda been a shiny freaking beldum rip fkn sky rat @Parke
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