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  1. The name of the thread is shiny existence not "this is my shiny" :/
  2. Yeah pretty much click and drag for the selection and it does the rest, uploads and auto-generates the links etc well for gyazo at least
  3. Sigh...8044 encounters shoulda been a shiny freaking beldum rip fkn sky rat @Parke
  4. @JLxKaos congrats bro what's next ?
  5. Congrats bro ^ ^
  6. I do believe in fairies :D
  7. Thanks for the support :D
  8. Wanted a shiny onix/sandslash i guess this will have to do :/ 9642 encounters pretty sure i didn't record a few thousand tho
  9. Congrats bro you giving me hope on finding one its lit af yo
  10. Man was this randomly bred ?
  11. This just happened 5th OT and 3rd shiny for the year:
  12. Literally just caught this green beauty
  13. Literally just caught this
  14. Caught this earlier today

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