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  1. I play the game without sound while watching something on my other monitor so I thought it might be worthwhile to request a setting in the sound interface that enables sound only for the shiny notification. So that even when all other audio is disabled while I'm watching something if, by some very unlikely stroke of luck, I encounter a shiny there will be a sound notifying me so I don't zombie shot them.
  2. Maybe it'll end shortly after they stop making new pokemon games over at Nintendo? So never?
  3. Fixed in new Part 2 link. You caught one I had missed. The software I use to extract still images from the original gif's, imagemagick, messes up with the transparency layer on some of them. I haven't been able really to discern why it does it but the simple fix is to go into the folder with all the still images and delete the faulty ones with black in them.
  4. Are you talking about using the front and back sprites to make a 3d rendering? There's probably no effective way to automate that process. Going from 2d to 3d would require extruding parts of the image to give it the 3d effect and although there are tools to kind of do that automatically, last I saw, they aren't very reliable and would require someone to manually edit the result anyway. This problem would be exacerbated by the fact that an animated gif has a few dozen frames and an automated 2d to 3d tool would probably create extrusions in different points on the different frames which would make it look like an undulating mess. I also have to stress that trying to manually edit every individual frame would definitely not be worth it because there are a combined total of somewhere over 20,000 frames in each the front and back sprite mods.
  5. The reason I didn't upscale further is mostly due to size. Doubling the resolution increases the file sizes a lot and I've already had to split the mod into two parts as Pokemmo doesn't support mods larger than 200 mb. I can post my scripts for automating the upscale process but doing it yourself probably won't be worth it. My scripts are written in bash so you'd need to be using either linux or the windows linux subsytem and one of the tools I'm using is specifically made for Nvidia GPU's. Not to mention most of them are using some form of absolute file path somewhere in the script and so you'd have to manually edit the bash scripts.
  6. *Only Normal Back Sprites Done So Far* A lot came up and so I put working on this mod on the backburner but I'm back with a modified mod and some comparison screen shots. It can be summarized as a 2x upscale of the back sprites found in this mod: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/56472-mod-animated-battle-sprites-from-xy-oras-update-20160824/ It was upscaled with waifu2x but other little things were done to them as well such as spatio-temporal denoising, sharpening, and their borders were thinned and "halo'd" to deal with the quirks of gif's 1-bit alpha channels. The idea behind the mod was that if the base gif's for the client were doubled in advance with a higher quality algorithm then the internal game client's more basic upscaling of the images would not murder the end result so bad. I think it does look slightly better this way but I don't imagine everyone will feel the same. All the processing done to the images made them quite massive so the mod is split into two parts. Part 1 is pokemon 1-348 and Part 2 is 348+. Part 1 Part 2 Comparison photos: Ferrothorn without a mod: Ferrothorn with my mod: Charizard without a mod: Charizard with my mod: Venusaur without a mod: Venusaur with my mod: Metagross without a mod: Metagross with my mod:
  7. Thanks for the reply! It seems a bit unfortunate the developers of the library used by the client aren't yet on board with APNG but I hold out hope that will change in the future. GIF has maintained dominance over animated image formats for a very surprising amount of time but I do think the challengers will knock it down eventually. Whether the format that succeeds it is APNG or WebP is yet unknown but they are both leagues above GIF so either way it will be a big win for everyone. As an aside I think I finally found a good color to be used as a halo for the GIF's I've been making. Now to let my computer run for the next ~13 hours to do the processing on the ~30,000 image files for the game >.<
  8. I was curious if it was in the realm of possibility for the PokeMMO client to support APNG battle sprites for use with mods instead of just GIF? It would make a tremendous difference in creating sprites for use with the client that would have smooth edges while simultaneously decreasing the size of files for sprites which is always a positive. For those unaware the problem with the GIF format in this regard is that it only supports 1 bit transparency which means that a pixel can only be either completely transparent or not transparent. What that means for GIF's being used in PokeMMO is that sprites edges will tend to look blocky and jagged. Where as APNG would not only allow us to reduce the file size of sprites but it would also let us do some smoothing of the edges on sprites. This can be achieved because APNG has a better quality compression algorithm and supports 8 bit transparency which means pixels can be varying degrees of transparent which looks better to the human eye. Just throwing that out there because while upscaling back sprites for my own custom mod, using waifu2x, I found that while the PNG's had smooth edges the GIF would inevitably have jagged edges. I've worked around it to some extent by semi-flattening the image's semi transparent pixels to a shade of gray but that's not an ideal solution. Mod creators would have a much higher degree of freedom in improving this games graphics if they could use APNG instead of just GIF.
  9. So I took a gif from one of the existing back sprite mods and smoothed then upscaled it. Anyone think the difference looks good enough to do the same for the rest of the pokemon? So far I've only done smeargle as a test. I'm thinking I'll be happier with it if I can reduce the thickness or darkness of its outline which shouldn't be too hard but would have to wait for Monday.
  10. Does anyone know if there are Wide Lens in the game and if not if the developers have plans to implement Wide Lens?
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