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  1. I know this exist but I don't see where you can see there stats. And for now the battlesystem is poop but in the san diego comicon it was said in the future update they will be coming out with trading system a 1v1 battle system team leaders for gyms and extra functionalities for pokestops etc a lot more stuff they didn't go into detail, but which I'm very excited about. There main focus before anything right now is the servers and bugs for the moment. After that there second focus might be bans for people trying to use hacks and exploits etc.
  2. You can try 15 mph, has been working for me anything above that won't register. Empty parking lots your best bet. My current team btw:
  3. I'll be coming back but with a new acc since I cant remember my old ones ): And does anyone know how I can possibly play from my phone while my computer is on?... I did it before just can't remember the exact programs etc I used... can't find the exact thread about it either.
  4. Well, what has changed since 2 years or 1 year ago? I'm trying to look at the change logs and whatnot but can someone dumb it down for me like the most key things they changed that effected casual players or pro players the most.
  5. Been gone for 2 years.. is it worth it to come back? I only remember one out of 3 of my accounts. I might have to start from scratch... wonder if this game will still be fun.
  6. Woa nice pixel art man o: And welcome!
  7. Smellcome back, and you are probably not the only one to back mouth or be rude to a GM or dev w/e in game. This game's rules/restrictions are a lot more strict than most games out there so people don't expect to be silenced or warned about their behavior/actions and act out because you know.. this is the internet and people tend to act worse in the webs than in real life. Anyway hope you enjoy your stay back!
  8. Smellcome back! o/ Cya around.
  9. Smellcome, and I hope I'm not misunderstanding what you said about customizing the game, you trying to change the storyline or just the way the game looks? You can only mess with the way it looks I don't think you can mess with the storyline in this online version. :P
  10. Hello and smellcome! o/
  11. Smellcome and enjoy your time here. I'll also be starting the storyline myself today.
  12. Hello and smellcome~ was that last bit part of a reference from a movie, me love you long time? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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