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  1. Iv'e been dying to suggest an item,since I just got 25 post to voice my vanity item. It would be american-indian hat and aviator sunglasses.
  2. someone here in forum also suggest that amnesia brace should be trade-able , which is a good idea and hope will also be implemented :)
  3. will be a hit if is implemented since a ton of players are breeders xD
  4. Hi all. I just want to suggest something to improve amnesia brace, in real life $10 is real big for me, buying a 1k rp item that forgets xp and retains ev is good, but it can be better right? I like to suggest it as having an macho brace effect, which doubles ev (ea:marill gives 2 ev's,with amnesia gives 4 ev's) . I hope all the authorities would think about it :). Have a good day
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