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  1. Anyone has confirmed if protector is obtainable from rhyhorns and dawn stones pickuping in berry forest?
  2. Poor man he had so good intentions and this people comes and throw shit on him, be strong Esannu! but tbh you should find another method to make profit...
  3. Being artistic i guess EDIT: i enjoyed it btw
  4. Well this is posted on general discussion and not in the guide tavern, so he's free to just tell a history about it instead of guide.
  5. That's called supply and demand boy.... but tbh, where the hell is this demand of pokeballs at 250$ from? lul
  6. [TV] Dragonball

    Toyotaro + weed = dragon ball super manga i do still love it tbh. is fking epic when goku did hakai.
  7. PC in Secret Base

    no excuses. I remember that a laptop as a portable PC was planned to be implemented years ago, what happened with that? you can just remove healing function i guess.
  8. [MOD] Anime & Pokemon Music by Startear

    the music is great! but there are some details... the duel music es the route 1 music and the pc music is like a hideout music, can you fix it soon plz? is just some renamings i guess.
  9. Johto and Sinnoh?

    johto suckz and sinnoh will be added later for the rest of pokemons that doesnt appear in unova. Thats because sinnoh will be a piece of cake for the devs after they have all done with unova
  10. The next generation is ...

    how do i say that i love you?
  11. PC in Secret Base

    Omg yes please, i want to know your new excuses about this.
  12. Implement Kyogre and Groudon

    it would be great to see a groudon vs kyogre duel....where ofc we know who will win.
  13. PvP Island Open Wilderness

    its very crazy, i like crazy things....but not very crazy.
  14. Flame/Toxic Orb?

    exactly, my man.
  15. Flame/Toxic Orb?

    and eviolite plz....

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