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  1. long time no see but still hawt ♥

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    2. Gawerty


      Getting ready for a big move, and in between my current job and a new job lol. Kinda just hanging out on PokeMMO and stuff again. Anything new going on around here?

    3. Diano


      Well, i was inactive sooo idk, i'm trying to find informations about the news & stuff

    4. Gawerty


      Fair enough haha. That's not horrible though. It's kind of refreshing popping on after a long time.

  2. Suggestion: PokeMMO: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core elements in future updates ;)
  3. I used to love reading these honestly.
  4. everytime I log in, I always see this lmao. 



    1. Diano



  5. This would be pretty cool honestly; I haven't gotten into any tiers in PokeMMO in the past, but I could see it being really fun to include some of the lesser seen tiers, and some kind of prize payout for x amount of players per "season" would only provide more incentive for players to participate.
  6. Nerfing it is almost the only real option there is; because it makes getting money just that much more easier than it should be in an MMO environment, if money payout is way too high for anything; then prices will rise exponentially to meet that money pay out increase over time and it'll make the economy that much more unfriendly for new players or players trying to get into the economy for their first time.
  7. The only concern I'm worried about out of all of this is this simple thing, will the gap with new players and old players be a barrier that is impossible to pass? Will the rich stay rich and the poor stay less than those who are rich already? If the answer is no, then I don't see a huge problem...YET. Naturally; I feel like the Berry Sale Price should be lowered slightly; because it is really high with literally zero risk involved.
  8. I'm not saying that it isn't a problem, but I can equally guarantee that there are plenty of players in China whom aren't like that; and I can also guarantee that if they really wanted to, the current China player-base would find a way around it. Besides that point, all of these issues exist globally, not within just China, granted it may not have been as noticeable or harmful due to less noticeable saturation, but it was there. They'll (The PokeMMO Team) is likely working on various ways to solve the issues at hand.
  9. That's a brutal and inefficient way to solve a issue like this.
  10. ...Oh. I see my name, but fail to remember what I actually did.
  11. Isn't he though? Santa is the realest of us all. Also, is it considered dying, or is it considered living?
  12. I don't think the game itself is dying at all, I think time has matured it's content slightly, and attracted the attention of several wider ranges of audience than it has before. The release of Black and White was a well-planned strategical move that was bound to attract a wide mass of people.
  13. This is actually nicer than IPBv3 - Themes can be streamlined or updated eventually to work with IPBv4 as well as far as I recall reading up when I was reading about IPBv4.
  14. I'll be sparse ingame for this week, exams and what not, if you need me, pm me via the forums. Serious pms only please :)

    1. Diano


      Okay, good luck with the exams ^^

    2. CaptainFlorient


      Hello, Gawerty. Welcome back? =)

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