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  1. This would be pretty cool, not going to lie.. Although I think it's probably been brought up before now. Just a very quick search pulled up these threads; may be some good ideas you could incorporate from these as well? Team or Achievement Badges/Emblems Achievements System and More
  2. Are you saying that the color of the text I use is too hard on your eyes? Also, my comment was satirical...but please - feel free to teach me something. o/
  3. Doubles do seem like they will be a lot of fun. I honestly can't wait either. Might actually make my start in PVP once Doubles exist lol.
  4. Not to mention that the Johto region will be significantly more difficult to implement here than one would think. PokeMMO has traditionally (to my understanding anyways) obtained most of the assets like NPCs, Maps, Storyline, Tilesets, etc from the ROM Files that we are required to download to even access whichever region we were trying to access. Johto includes a future-version of Kanto in every game that featured Johto (Gold, Silver, Crystal, Heartgold, Soulsilver) - There's going to need to be an addition step there when the region DOES go into development in the future.
  5. This is a really nice picture!
  6. Will we be seeing a huge meta-changer like the implementation of Fairy Type? I ask this because with this update we will be primarily a...what, up-to Generation 5 Pokemon with the Generation 8 move-pools? Fairy type was an inclusion in Generation 6, but I know that a lot of the ROM-hacking scene over on various Pokemon fan-communities have managed to make the inclusion of Fairy type fairly trivial, doesn't it stand to reason that we wouldn't need to see Generation 6 to technically be able to do Fairy type? Or is Fairy type not really a thing because PokeMMO would prefer it not too be so? I know fairy type was kind of controversial.
  7. Welcome back to the game! I like yourself am also a 2012 player. There's not much I can say that hasn't already been said by everyone else, but this game has grown leaps and bounds since then and you'll have a great time. I'd heavily recommend finding a team, as a lot of the best parts of this game come from the times you spend with your team. Good luck!
  8. If I interpreted this correctly (Something along the lines of Team Cipher trading/selling Shadow Pokemon [a concept from Pokemon Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness] to Teams in the various regions in PokeMMO and the player having to either fight the respective teams boss or grunts whilst they are using Shadow Pokemon for some kind of event currency reward) Shadow Pokemon were always a cool concept to me; and I wish they had more use than they got in those two games. I think what you are trying to suggest would be unique, and in concept it would be really cool, but I don't know how or if something like this could be done.
  9. In the Pokemon world, each region has their own local Pokedex that is archived by the local professor for said region; and is compiled by all of the professors of every region. The National Pokedex literally is just a collection of each regions data regarding their local (or not so local Pokemon... looking at you Kanto.) - I can only imagine that a International Pokedex would be the same thing. National means "of, relating to, or characteristic of a nation" whereas International means "Of, relating to, or involving two or more nations." From what we know of the Pokemon World, a region is just a part of one big nation, as this has never been expounded upon (at least to my knowledge) this would make the terming "National Pokedex" more accurate. It would be interesting if many regions were in one Nation, and then many regions were in another Nation. It would open for some unique game play ideas that I don't think Nintendo have considered yet. Please correct me if I am wrong however.
  10. I really like this idea. It gives a bit more of a use for friending people; and with the addition of a privacy option, it will enable people to play by their own preference. I think additionally it should be automatically enabled that it doesn't tell other players where they are, and that they should have to enable it first. This way, people who like Eric said previously are uncomfortable with their location being blasted out to their friends at their friends leisure won't have to all go in and change the setting and rather, should enable it as they would see fit.
  11. long time no see~~

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    2. Gawerty


      Pretty good! yourself? I've recently come back to the game! I've been gone for a while haha.

    3. Diano


      Same here but I'm not back.

      I've been too busy with my new job, we have so much new games to support, etc.


      I work for Telus International in Riot Games project.

    4. Gawerty


      Nice! I currently am a delivery driver - making about 2,000 every two weeks. it's live-able but it's not my end goal of course.

  12. long time no see but still hawt ♥

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    2. Gawerty


      Getting ready for a big move, and in between my current job and a new job lol. Kinda just hanging out on PokeMMO and stuff again. Anything new going on around here?

    3. Diano


      Well, i was inactive sooo idk, i'm trying to find informations about the news & stuff

    4. Gawerty


      Fair enough haha. That's not horrible though. It's kind of refreshing popping on after a long time.

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