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  1. Yeah you need a black or white 1 rom.
  2. Please bear with us, we're about to start applying the updates to the server.
  3. It's just hard to give right estimates. It's not that we don't want to give ETA's. It's rather we don't want to mention an ETA we can't deliver.
  4. That's quite recent data of phone OS market share. So yes you're wrong, and android holds almost most of the market share atm. Also we focus android first, because it runs on java which also means less work for us. It doesn't mean we won't have an APP for iOS. But it's for sure not going to happen first. Also I don't happen to own iOS device so it makes things even harder for me if I want to develop application for that platform ^_^.
  5. I can't really tell an ETA on android since it's on hold. It's something I've put a decent amount of work into but without big results to show off. The main issue android version had was not rendering of the game ( which we made sure while working on gen 5 to be future mobile friendly ). It's amount of user interfaces we have to redesign in mind of touch, screen space across different devices and entirely different gui system from what we use now. We'll continue to focus on PC version for now. But once gen 5 is released and polished, we can think about going back to android work. So not likely for 2017 to happen. But in 2018 it is something I'm looking forward into.
  6. Have a little preview of new elemental type animations for Pokemon Summary UI - they vary depending on main element of the pokemon. People with toaster PC's will be able to disable it in options tho.
  7. No promises on that, I'll squeeze as many as I'll be able to do. But lot's of other required features been taking my time recently. Also Particle System itself requiring constant work was no fun either. It's a bit tedious work when you go from move to move and you stumble on yet another obstacle - a missing movement, dynamics, animation in particle system which then you spend several hours just to get working right. Anyways, name few moves you would like to see working, and I'll see what I can do about getting them in.
  8. Because I'm sitting here in my dark cave, writing the code instead.
  9. I think I first touched research on Gen 5 over 1.5 year ago, mostly 3d maps. But if we're talking development time, that would be close to 1 year now. For sure longer than we all have expected tbh.
  10. I'm hyped that we're going to release something that we've been working for such a long time now.
  11. Good news is, they are being worked on, the bad news is it's gonna take a while, since they gonna have to be done mostly manually and there's 600 of them. The hard part is mostly done, which was getting our particle system to support all kind of different dynamics. At launch of gen 5 there's gonna be a bunch available, but its gonna take a bit of time to get them all completed. Unlike the gen 3 animations, I'm planning on getting them all done, it just takes time.
  12. Shu


    For now it is. Once we have everything moved over to gen 5. This will be way easier/shorter task.
  13. Shu


    Snow Leopard comes with pre-installed java iirc? Open terminal and do java -version. Not sure if it will match the requirements for the PokeMMO tho. There are also ways of installing newer Java on Snow Leopard these require a bit of knowledge on terminal and system. Google around for possible solutions.
  14. Shu


    Also keep in mind this is first release and there are various optimizations planned to be done. So this should eventually run even smoother than it currently is on weaker setups.
  15. Shu


    On macbook air i am getting 60fps. But that the newer one with the Intel Graphics 6000 1.5GB onboard. If I am right on your macbook you have two GFX cards available. AMD as the more powerful one and the Intel GPU as the integrated one. You could check which one are you using right now by: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202053 and setting which to use (not sure on that one) https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202043
  16. Shu


    cd /users/unoma/downloads/Pokemmo-client-PTS-8552 then bash PokeMMO.sh bare in mind the upper/lowercase matter.
  17. Shu


    Run terminal, go to the path you extracted the files to. And write "bash PokeMMO.sh"
  18. Shu


    That log doesn't look like after the crash tho.
  19. Announcing new gen was a statement. That we're full committing our work towards that goal and therefore there might be lack of any other updates meanwhile, quite important information to the community don't you think? Now if we would remain both silent & lack in the update areas, that would put us in even more awkward situation. We're working really hard on the new stuff, I've dozen of days of over 10 hours/day work, just so we can finish it faster. I am eager to show and tell you more but for now... Soon™ It's worth the wait, believe me. PS. We have the bear, we're just not selling the skin. Bear just needs to grow up a bit so the skin is more valuable.
  20. You can also type "/em_angry" into the chat and get the same effect.
  21. Likely to be added, been on our ticket tracker. Will likely be put for next update I don't see a reason why not to add it.
  22. This was for quite some time on our never-ending TODO list. We'll try to get it included in the next update.
  23. While this is indeed a not a terrible idea, currently we have a lot of other things on the table. We never dumped idea of having mobile client either, it's just that it required a lot of effort to rework entire client in order not make updating double effort for both versions. At one point I was working on it. Was around 2 years ago, the main issue was tho it required A LOT of work on battle mode support and in the end we just pushed it away. There were also some performance issues in regarding how we're currently rendering our player sprites which was one of the bottlenecks for mobile version. That combined plus few other stuff like UI which couldn't be reused from desktop version, pushed the mobile release into indefinitely unknown time-frame. Yes it wouldn't be that much effort to implement something like this, but I would rather just start working on mobile version again than having companion app that only let's you chit-chat and trade. Meanwhile you guys need to satisfy with 2 years old screen -_-
  24. Features General Seasonal cosmetics are now available in the Gift Shop. These cosmetics are available for a limited time during this Winter. Native Controller Support If a controller is detected, a tab in the Settings Menu will be enabled to handle keybinds related to the new input device. Not all in-game GUIs are compatible with controller-only inputs, such as the HUD to open Summaries. Not all controllers may be compatible. If you believe that a controller enabled on your system should function, but is not being identified and used correctly, please file a Bug Report with details about your joypad. Updated Basic Trainer AI NPC Trainers will now automatically use items if they own them. NPC Trainers will now swap their teams when it is deemed appropriate, instead of only doing so on fainting. PvP Matchmaking Removed Auto/Level 50/Level 100 battle search functions. Added Practice/Ranked Game Modes Practice Practice is a Flat Battles mode. All members of your party will be scaled to 50, with an acceptable party level range of 1~100. Practice will not affect your leaderboard standing. Players in Practice are matched randomly. All party sizes (1v1~6v6) are available to enter. Ranked Ranked is a Flat Battles mode. All members of your party will be scaled to 50, with an acceptable party level range of 50~100. Ranked will affect your leaderboards standing. Players in Ranked will be matched with an opponent in their approximate ELO range. Party sizes 4v4 and 6v6 are valid to enter. All clauses listed below are enforced for both Unranked and Ranked. Added automated clause support for the following clauses: Unique Species Self-KO Sleep RNG Item Prevention Bag Item Prevention Evasion Prevention 1-Hit KO Prevention Leaderboards THESE MATCHMAKING STATISTICS ARE A FUNCTIONALITY TEST AND WILL BE WIPED DURING THE NEXT UPDATE. Two PvP Leaderboards have been created: Singles and Doubles. Both Leaderboards are affected by their applicable Ranked 4v4/6v6 game modes equally. Leaderboards track: Wins Losses Win% ELO Rating Leaderboard Rankings are decided based on ELO Rating. Only the Top 100 players will be displayed. Leaderboard Rankings update every hour. Spectating Matchmaking Players may now spectate all concurrent Ranked matches. GUI Removed EXP/Verbose HP indicators for Spectate GUI Added Party Indicators to bottom party. Duels Tournament Mode is now available for Duels. This creates a Flat Battles match which abides by all clauses currently in effect in Matchmaking. Players taking part in Tournament Mode will not be required to heal and will not be teleported on whiting out. Disobedience will not occur in Tournament Mode. GUI Added a tab in the Summary window for automatically calculated IVs. Added current team size to team GUI. Gender is now shown in the PC's boxes. HTTP Hyperlinks may now be shared in Team Chat. Balancing General Charcoal Sell Price 4900 -> 50 Repels will now repel all levels in the Safari Zone (compared to normal functionality, where it will only repel levels lower than the first party member's level). Breeding Narrowed non-directly-inherited pseudo-random IV range from 0~(averageIV) to (averageIV-6)~(averageIV+3). Mothers may now pass egg moves. Genderless may no longer breed with other Genderless. Economic PAYDAY may no longer be used on wild spawns. Increased payouts of NPC trainers slightly. Disobedience Disobedience will now apply to both OTs and Non-OTs. The chance for disobedience to occur now scales based on the number of levels the over the level cap the caster is. 1 level >obedience threshhold = compounding 10% chance to fail the move. Bug Fixes Fixed several missing egg moves for breeding. Fixed several issues with swarm spawns' locations. Fixed PCs sometimes not loading their contents on login. Fixed a bug where a battle could continue with Baton Pass after the other party had committed suicide. Fixed a bug where Slots Machines could be interacted with from nonsensical directions. Fixed Truant's interaction with Baton Pass. Fixed Flash Fire's activation message. Fixed a bug where status ailments applied by Effect Spore could ignore type immunities. Removed Egg Level in PC interface. Fixed Sandstorm to correctly abide by Gen 3 mechanics. Fixed a bug where player names would not show correctly in dialogues after viewing swarm notices. Fixed several items consuming themselves before checking whether or not they would have an effect. Fixed name change ticket's GUI not rendering sometimes. Fixed status ailment icons to properly be removed when the associated status was removed by a Berry. Fixed status ailment icons to properly be removed when affected by Aromatherapy. Fixed Bounce's 30% paralyze chance. Fixed a bug where Focus Punch would be cancelled by type immune damage. Fixed Eggs being able to use HMs if a chat-linked Summary window was visible with HMs known to the Egg. Fixed a bug where Safeguard would not correctly show wild names. Fixed a bug where the Safari Step Count HUD would not be removed when you ran out of safari balls. Fixed border on Starter Selection dialogue. Fixed a bug where if multiple evolutions attempted to occur simultaneously, the first evolution would be processed correctly but subsequent evolutions would be stuck, forcing a player to relog or deposit the target into a PC before an evolution could occur. Fixed an issue where last online times in the Team window would not display correctly. Fixed Substitute to properly interact with Water/Volt Absorb according to Gen 3 mechanics. Substitute will no longer absorb damage from a water/electric attack if the invoker of Substitute has Water/Volt Absorb. Fixed a bug where Substitute would not negate stat drops/raises in the event that the move that broke Substitute had a secondary effect of dropping/raising stat stages. Fixed a bug where evolutions would sometimes not wait until all messages/animations occurred before evolving. Fixed a bug where Yawn could be passed with Baton Pass. Fixed a bug where if a player was targetted with a skill that had a flinch side-effect while using a substitute, certain abilities which prevent flinch (e.g. Inner Focus) could generate messages indicating that a flinch was negated even though none was occurring Fixed a bug where Uproar would not fail against a Soundproof target if it was already cast. Fixed a bug where Shield Dust would not negate 100% occurring secondary skill effects. Fixed a bug where self-inflicted stat stage drops could be negated by an opponent's ability. Fixed several Protect-related issues: Fixed Roar/Whirlwind interaction. Fixed Outrage/Thrash/Uproar interaction. Fixed Smokescreen interaction. ATTRACT // CHARM // COTTON SPORE // DISABLE // ENCORE // FAKE TEARS // FEATHERDANCE // FLASH // FLATTER // FORESIGHT // GROWL // KINESIS // LEER // LOCK-ON // MEMENTO // METAL SOUND // MIND READER // ODOR SLEUTH // SAND-ATTACK // SCARY FACE // SCREECH // SKILL SWAP // STRING SHOT // SWAGGER // SWEET SCENT // TAIL WHIP // TICKLE // TORMENT // TRICK will now be negated by Protect. Other Added support for string overrides in strings_en.xml for Item Names/Descriptions, Nature Names, Skill Names/Descriptions, etc. Re-enabled TRICK/THIEF/COVET/RECYCLE
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