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  1. Wait for the new update, I've accidentally broke it when rewriting the rendering logic for battles. It's already fixed, but obviously need new update to be pushed.
  2. It's fixed in incoming patch along with move learn dialog as well. Sorry for inconvenience as there might be not a way to stop evolution from happening ( other than using stone ) at the moment.
  3. Battle SFX is something we're looking into doing eventually during or after all animations have been done, also they were never implemented before.
  4. Already done that few days ago, will be available on next server update.
  5. Currently it's not working for untradeable items. It's something on our TODO list. Sorry for inconvenience.
  6. Shu

    About chat window

    With 800x600 and battle screen size set to minimum yes, the top bar overlaps when chat is active, but the UI is perfectly usable still. 800x600 is tho a very small amount of space to fit a modern mmo ui. Even phones nowadays run bigger resolution. I'm really surprised anyone is still using that kind of resolution. Lock button at the bottom wouldn't help, because you would have to unlock to change your chat tab which is just bad. I might try to get battle screen higher if there isn't enough screen space, but no promises as of when.
  7. You can still hunt with the mouse, the arrow on message boxes are in fact clickable in overworld.
  8. You did one step right, but you still need to post console.log to get any kind of help tho.
  9. Client update has been pushed on live. Includes fps improvements.
  10. Can you get any GPU monitor to check the usage on GPU? Like that one: http://www.gauchosoft.com/Products/XRG/
  11. Can you check what % of cpu its using when you run pokemmo ?
  12. That has to be some mac os related bug then... @Lazaro23 thanks for the feedback. So to make sure, you have more fps when playing through bootcamp than you do when playing osx? Overall there is an upcoming client patch that greatly optimizes rendering and should improve fps drastically for everyone - in some cases it might be over 100% performance gain. So it should be quite noticeable for everyone running on low numbers. I'll bump again this topic again once the client is pushed to ask for feedback @DJLambo
  13. Go to settings -> Interface -> Show FPS Counter. How much fps you're getting? Also try lowering Anti Aliasing to none if you enabled it and disable overworld in battle. Overall the 3D should not be much more taxing than our old 2d version tbh. So you should be running fine I think.
  14. Animations are broken tho with mods atm, I've fixed that will be pushed with the next client update.
  15. We've went through pile of our floppies already to apply the updates, the rest is on the toaster cpu to finish the job.
  16. They need to be updated by the creators. Also I gave you guys options to do semi-unbreakable themes but no one did them that way :-(
  17. When query says complete and we're done verifying it. If no issues found, then probably in a "bit".
  18. Try removing any custom themes. As that might had caused it.
  19. Shu


    The kanto & hoenn remains 2d. The only 3d stuff in there would be battles.
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